Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Free For All: Polls show Feuer 10 points ahead of Trutanich, Change in Mayoral Race, and Zine for Controller in the bag

Feuer maintains lead in City Attorney race

The latest SurveyUSA poll shows City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer maintaining a comfortable lead over the failed incumbent.

Feuer's lead is now 10 points, down from the 19 point lead he had following the primary, but significantly, his rival's challenge appears to be stalled despite ramping up the rhetoric. If Trutanich is able to sustain the .5% a week rate at which he is converting undecided voters to his candidacy, he will nevertheless still lose the election, as generally expected.

Greuel eclipses Garcetti in Mayoral Race

For the first time in what is undeniably the closest race in May 21 general election, Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel has taken the lead over rival Eric Garcetti. The SurveyUSA poll shows Greuel now 3 points ahead of Garcetti, but with a 4.4% margin of error, the race remains too close to call.

Zine comfortably heads Galperin for Controller

The one race that seems to be certain is that for City Controller. The SurveyUSA poll shows Councilmember Dennis Zine continuing to build on his lead over rival Ron Galperin. Zine is now 13 points clear of Galperin, well up from the 6 point lead he held two weeks ago, and the trend clearly continues to favor the former LAPD Officer as the City's next Controller.

See SurveyUSA's latest poll for the detailed breakdown of all three races.

Fear Factor prompts untimely, rash, over-payment in LAPD mistaken shooting settlement

The LA Times reported that City Attorney Trutanich ok'd a record $4.2M settlement in the case of the two newspaper delivery women mistakenly shot at by LAPD officers during the Dorner manhunt.

While few would question the propriety of settling the claims made by the women, many are questioning not only the timing of the settlement, but the amount. The speed of the settlement seemingly flies in the face of the current City Attorney's 'Porcupine Defense' policy which has routinely and deliberately stalled, delayed and otherwise obfuscated legitimate claims against LAPD.

Equally, the amount of the payout; $2.1M for each victim seems excessive in view of the lack of life threatening injuries, as well as the lack of any suggestion that the shooting was anything other than a negligent mistake.

Cynics see the true motive behind the rapid and excessive payout as nothing more than a deliberate attempt by an incumbent faced with losing his reelection bid, to curry favor with voters. The case clearly was one that needed to be settled, but did it need to be settled four weeks before the election? And did it need to be settled for such a high sum? Most say 'no' to both questions.  Most likely the fear factor prompted the failed incumbent to squander scarce resources as he faces the reality of being out of a job May 22.

What say you?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

More lies from Trutanich as reelection hopes fade further

With less than four weeks to go before the May 21 election that will seal the fate of Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich, the doomed incumbent appears determined to finish his first, only and final foray in politics exactly as he started; lying.

In a private email sent out to Trutanich's supporters, the failed incumbent stated that front-running City Attorney candidate, Mike Feuer, had 'misled the public and members of the media, including KABC talk radio host Doug McIntyre, by repeatedly saying he met, discussed and consulted with the “Ethics Commission” about his controversial contract with City Hall insider John Shallman. The Commission is the five-member appointed watchdog of the city’s campaign finance and ethics laws.'

But when it comes to misleading, it seems that it is Trutanich who has added to his long list of lies with his private email (the missive is not published on Trutanich's website). Trutanich claims that Feuer was lying by when he said he had met, discussed and consulted with the Ethics Commission regarding the legality of his bonus fee agreement with his campaign manager John Shallman. That is untrue. As Trutanich knows only too well, Feuer discussed the fee agreement with the Commission's Deputy Chief Director.

On Wednesday, May 3, 2013, Mike Feuer was interviewed on KABC 790AM's morning talk show 'McIntyre in the Morning.' During the interview, Doug McIntyre posed a series of questions to Feuer. They were questions Trutanich had submitted to McIntyre, and according to Trutanich, they were questions that Feuer could not or would not answer.

One question was a challenge to give the name of the person at the City Ethics Commission who had approved the bonus fee agreement. Despite Trutanich's assurances, Feuer answered the question naming the Commission's Deputy Executive Director, David Tristan, as the person who 'signed off' on the contract.

For Trutanich to now try to claim that getting the approval of the Commission's Deputy Executive Director is a 'lie' because it is not the approval of an individual commissioner or the entire five member panel of commissioners, is completely and utterly misleading. Trutanich knows full well that questions on ethics rules are properly addressed to and answered by the Commission's staff, and that includes its Deputy Executive Director.

It does appear that as the May 21 election draws closer, Trutanich is becoming increasingly desperate as the reality of his downfall draws nearer.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Realignment lies plague Trutanich as Feuer campaign spotlights hypocrisy of failed incumbent

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's attempt to run from his hypocritical position over AB109, the so-called 'Prison Realignment' measure that he was in favor of before he was against it, prompted the Mike Feuer campaign to issue a sharply worded statement throwing the spotlight on the failed incumbent's shifting position.

This from the Feuer campaign:


For Immediate Release
April 19, 2013

Contact: Dave Jacobson
Shallman Communications


LOS ANGELES, CA-- Saying, "Trutanich is so desperate he'll say or do anything to hang on to his job," Mike Feuer's City Attorney campaign today exposed incumbent Carmen Trutanich's disingenuous and cynical opportunism on the issue of prison realignment.

During his failed bid for L.A. County District Attorney, Trutanich sought the endorsement of Gov. Jerry Brown--who proposed the realignment plan. At the time, Trutanich was a vocal and outspoken proponent of realignment.

Trutanich's support for realignment has been widely documented by numerous media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News and LA Weekly.  For example, "Carmen Trutanich was for Prison Realignment Before He Was Against It," (LA Weekly-November 15, 2012); "Carmen Trutanich: Realignment is an Opportunity," (LA Daily News-May 14, 2012). Trutanich was even videotaped by the Los Angeles Times stating that realignment is a, “shift of rehabilitation down to the county level, which is more appropriate…My goal… is to become a partner…to implement AB 109 in the spirit in which it was imposed…we cannot start crying, the sky is falling.”

Now that he's grasping for any issue to boost his sinking re-election effort, however, Trutanich has abandoned the position he held just months before. In desperation he's even resorted to wildly mischaracterizing the plan he had supported, falsely stating, for example, that under realignment tens of thousands of prisoners were released early from state prison. But Feuer has called him on it, noting how cynical it is for the City's top lawyer to so mislead the public.

"It’s abundantly clear that residents have had enough of Trutanich's lies and failures," said Dave Jacobson, Feuer campaign spokesperson. "Whether it’s realignment or any other issue, residents want a City Attorney who's honest and stands by his convictions. Unfortunately, these are qualities that Carmen Trutanich does not possess and it's why we need a change of leadership in the City Attorney’s office. Mike Feuer will bring the change which Los Angeles so desperately needs.”

For further information about the Mike Feuer for City Attorney campaign, please visit:


As the race for LA's next City Attorney enters the final four weeks, Trutanich must have hoped his deception over his support for AB109 would fly under the radar, rather than attract the attention of the media. This is the kind of media attention Trutanich likely fears will derail his reelection bid.

During his failed DA campaign, Trutanich was plagued by media coverage of the many 'truth challenged' statements he made. In his defeat statement, he blamed his defeat on a "major league onslaught" by the media that highlighted his demagoguery over issues like: 
  • the City Controller's right to audit, 
  • violation of his 'Pledge to Serve,'  
  • false claims to non-existent police association endorsements, 
  • failure to pay his debt to LA's Best After School Program, 
  • attempted use of a 'false and misleading' ballot designation,' 
  • false claims of 'being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers,' 
  • bought and paid for YouTube views for his DA campaign, 
  • Sheriff Baca's illegal in-uniform endorsement,' and,
  • his absurd accusation of 'suspicious political activity' by DA Steve Cooley regarding the loss of his DA personnel file.
(The above is a partial list)

The media, however, likely detects the scent of a scandal over Trutanich's AB109 hypocrisy, as well as the all too coincidental endorsement by Gov. Jerry Brown the day after Trutanich unleashed his manifesto supporting AB109. Whether we will see another major league onslaught remains to be seen. It could that the media have already written off the threat of Trutanich's reelection and decided that he has sufficiently sealed his fate by his own actions, without the need for further assistance. Editors have probably reviewed final drafts of their 'End of the Trutanich regime' op-eds, and are ready to go to print at around 9PM on May 21. 


Monday, April 22, 2013

USC Price poll shows Feuer leading Trutanich by 11 points

The latest poll commissioned by the LA Times with USC Price, shows City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer on target to oust the failed incumbent in the May 21 runoff election.

Feuer's 11 point lead is reflective of past polls and the primary election result, all of which show that the power of incumbency has no value in this race. Feuer has 37% of decided voters, Trutanich 25% and 38% of undecideds are up for grabs.

Rarely has any incumbent been unable to claim a lead, albeit a small one. The LA Times reported that 'The city attorney could still make headway with the substantial number of undecided voters. "The race certainly hasn't been decided," said USC's Dan Schnur, director of the poll. But he is in a tough — and somewhat unusual — position for an incumbent seeking reelection from voters who do not appear to be particularly unhappy, pollsters said.

"It's an uphill road for Trutanich," Schnur said. "This is not an angry, throw-the-bums out electorate, so you would assume [there would be] a better landscape for an incumbent."

What is significant, perhaps, what Schnur did not say - that Trutanich's record of failure and 'truth challenged' statements has cost him support he might otherwise have. Trutanich's disastrous finish in the DA primary marked him indelibly as a liar who has no regard for his own word. Any hope Trutanich may have had that voters would suffer from short term memories was dashed when he finished a distant second place to Mike Feuer in the City Attorney primary.

Although Trutanich has fared better in post election polls, and at least statistically he appears to have a chance at hanging on to the job he did not want when he had his sights set on becoming DA, most experts agree that he is finished in LA politics.

Chris St. Hilaire of M4 told the Times that 'Trutanich was losing among Democrats, independents and Anglo voters "and that's a huge problem for him." A large number of voters who said they were undecided before the March primary election ended up voting for the city attorney, St. Hilaire said. In the May runoff, the new poll shows Trutanich would need to win undecided voters by almost 2 to 1 to overcome Feuer, he said.'

With Trutanich lagging in fundraising and lacking a campaign strategy that seems incapable of doing anything more than firing off ethics complaints, he has no chance at winning the undecided vote by the 2 to 1 margin he needs.

In all likelihood on May 21, in the only poll that matters, Trutanich might convert as many as half of the 38% who are currently undecided, with the other half going to Feuer. But even if Trutanich can rehabilitate his public image to the point were half the undecideds broke for him, that would still mean Feuer finishing with 56% of the vote, and Trutanich losing with 44%. 

A stunned Carmen Trutanich was forced to do the 'Walk of Shame' as his
hopes of using the City Attorney's office as a springboard to the DA's office
were dashed to smithereens by voters who rejected him.
The expectation is that shortly after 9PM on May 21, while most focus will be on the closely contested Mayoral race, the City Attorney race will show Feuer in an unassailable position. Trutanich will likely slip out of the back door at his victory party, rather than be forced to face his supporters and repeat his June 2012 walk of shame.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

LA Times endorses Mike Feuer for City Attorney

The Los Angeles Times has repeated its endorsement of City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer to replace the disgraced incumbent in the May 21 primary election.

The Times Editorial Board wasted little time on dismissing ethics complaints filed by the twice failed incumbent who has his own ethics issues to contend with. They did, however, weigh in heavily in favor of Feuer when they contrasted his record as as an 'honest broker' with the incumbent's stellar record of falsehoods and failures noting that he 'has had four years to demonstrate his abilities in those areas, and he's failed, disappointing many of his early supporters, including this page, which endorsed him in 2009.'

They added that 'Trutanich has alienated city leaders with threats and bluster and has pursued cases that get him headlines but matter little to residents.'

'Voters have noticed and already have voiced their disapproval. Last year, when Trutanich broke his pledge not to run for district attorney, he was solidly rejected.'

'The next city attorney will need to be a counselor to agencies and an advisor to the new mayor and City Council. To be successful, that person will need legal acumen and political skills, as well as integrity. Feuer brings all of that, and thus should be the easy choice of city voters.'

Yes, Mike Feuer is an easy choice for voters, they've twice voiced their disdain for the failed incumbent and realized that Los Angeles needs a City Attorney who his a leader not a liar, and a thinker not a thug.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Trutanich crumbling under pressure; accuses Dragnet of criminal conduct, challenged to 'Put-up or Shut-up'

A small group gathered on the south lawn of City Hall to witness Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich's announcement that former Mayoral candidate Kevin James was giving his endorsement to the failed incumbent.

According to a report on the Mayor Sam blog, James stated that he was supporting Trutanich because of front-running City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer's support for AB109, the so-called 'prison realignment' that is now causing an increase in crime due to the flood of prison convicts on the streets of Los Angeles.

James was apparently unaware of Carmen Trutanich's earlier avid support for prison realignment, another 'misstep' during his disastrous DA campaign.

Trutanich devoted an entire page of his 34-page manifesto 'Blueprint for Justice in L.A. County' to his support for Governor Brown's crime wave stimulus package budget saving measure, saying it was 'an opportunity to fundamentally transform our correctional system.'

What Trutanich did not say in his tome was that the day after announcing his support for Gov. Brown's plan to open the prison gates to so-called non-violent convicts, Gov. Brown announced his endorsement of Trutanich in his failed bid to become DA.

Coincidence? We did not think so. Neither did LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus who reminded Trutanich that he was a early supporter of AB 109, to which Trutanich replied that his job was to "make lemonade out of a lemon," perhaps that's just Trutanich-speak for 'lie.'

Maddaus wasn't the only scribe attending the Trutanich-James lovefest on the lawn. Mayor Sam contributor and Trutanich supporter, Scott Johnson reported that: 'The subject of AB 109 was also the basis for A question directed  at Trutanich by this blogger, that cited a recent comment by LA Dragnet Blogger and LA County Deputy District Attorney David Berger, which he stated the reason for Trutanich's support of AB 109, was predicated in Trutanich's desire to get California Governor Jerry Brown's support for his losing District Attorney Campaign. Trutanich responded that "Berger is a cyber stalker" and his relationship with Governor Brown predated AB 109.'

Cyber stalking is a crime. Perhaps Trutanich did not know that, after all, the part-time, night-time, unaccredited law-school educated incumbent is better known for bullying and lying than his legal acumen. In fact during an early interview with LA Weekly's Gene Maddus that did not go so well,  Trutanich grew 'annoyed' and blurted out 'I am not a thug!' Maddaus reported that Trutanich's Chief Deputy Bill Carter then 'pipes in: "Y'know, Nuch is actually an intellectual."' I kid you not. You cannot make this stuff up.

But to return to the point, it does appear that Trutanich is crumbling under the strain of running a campaign doomed to repeat his Hindenburg-like disaster of 2012. Trutanich has given a laundry list of reasons why he failed so spectacularly last year, steadfastly refusing to take any personal responsibility for his third-place finish in the DA primary, instead casting the blame at his former campaign manager John Shallman.

But one reason that Trutanich did not address in his blame-shifting ruse was to address the numerous times Trutanich has made accusations of criminal conduct in failed attempts to stifle opposition or intimidate law abiding citizens. Early on in the Trutanich regime the newly elected City Attorney performed a stunt shockingly reminiscent of Joe McCarthy when he publicly accused Staples Center operator AEG of 'criminal aspects' arising out of the Michael Jackson memorial. No charges were ever filed against AEG after the conclusion of his year long 'investigation.'

Not long thereafter, Trutanich is also reported to have threatened to jail Councilmember Jan Perry and a number of LA Building and Safety employees over allowing AEG to install digital billboards at their LA Live theater. Once again, the threat of criminal proceedings resulted in no charges.

Then there were the undeniably irritating and inconvenient Dream Act protesters, who were threatened with 'a year in jail.' All charges dropped.

Do we see a pattern here? Trutanich appears to use and abuse his position of power to threaten and intimidate dissent. Trutanich may not like what is said about him, but the fact is that everything published in the Dragnet is either supported by links to the original content, or constitutes fair comment. It's called the First Amendment right to free speech.

Well hear this Mr. Trutanich, you have publicly accused the Dragnet of committing a crime; Cyber Stalking you say. I say 'Put up or shut up!'

You will either issue an arrest warrant based on your accusation, or you will issue a complete and public apology by personally purchasing full-page advertisements in the LA Times, LA Daily News, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise, and the Daily Journal.

The ads will have a heading in 2 inch capitals stating 'I, Carmen Trutanich, am a bully, and I am a liar' and containing the admission that on April 18, 2013 you made a statement to the media accusing the Los Angeles Dragnet and/or it's author David Berger of 'Cyber Stalking,' a crime, and that your statement had absolutely no basis in law or fact, and that you apologize unreservedly for abusing your position as City Attorney by making a false and untrue accusation.

You have seven days to issue satisfactory assurances that you will issue the aforesaid apology, in the manner described, failing which all legal rights and remedies are reserved.

Oh, and you might also care to make good on your promise to pay the $90,000 balance of the money you owe to LA's Best After School Program, those kids deserve better from you, so does Los Angeles.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trutanich campaign on the rocks

In a move sure to raise a yawn as the slow motion train wreck that is the Trutanich official re-election campaign trundles along to his third political defeat on May 21, Carmen 'I am a Liar' Trutanich has received the endorsement of Kevin James.

The Mayor Sam blog broke the news of James' endorsement, perhaps the result of one of Trutanich's more effective 'Family Guy' entreaties.

Trutanich settles lawsuit with former campaign manager

The LA Weekly reports that Trutanich has 'settled' his lawsuit with his former 'ambassador of Quan,' campaign strategist John Shallman.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the 193,234th press release from the failed incumbent hailing another Hindenburg-like success; the deal's confindential. Draw your own conclusions, but if we've learned anything about Trutanich, he's never shy about bragging and exaggerating his litigation exploits, so this one must have hurt Trutanich.

Trutanich weighs in on Boston Tragedy

The people of Boston, still reeling from the very real tragedy that visited their streets on Monday, must be as outraged and offended as we all are that 'former marathoner' Trutanich sought to use a national tragedy to bolster his failing campaign.

In yet another feckless press release Trutanich expressed his 'sincere condolences' to the victims of the Patriots' Day terrorist attack.

Perhaps Trutanich has his eyes on a run for political office on the East Coast where the electorate may not have heard of his monumental failures and breaches of trust? He certainly needs to find fresher fields after he is unceremoniously removed from office following his May 21 defeat.

As they say in legal circles 'res ipsa loquitur,' everywhere else they say 'How low can you go?' Lower than Trutanich?


Monday, April 15, 2013

Polls show Mike Feuer on target for 12 point victory, LA braces for billboard lawsuit loses

Latest SurveyUSA polls shows Mike Feuer leading City Attorney race by comfortable margin

SurveyUSA's poll of likely voters continues to show City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer
with a seemingly unassailable lead.
On March 27, 2013 a SurveyUSA poll showed Los Angeles City Attorney candidate leading the incumbent by an amazing 18 points. Their latest poll shows Feuer's lead has lessened to 12 points with Feuer at 46% (down from 49%), the incumbent at 34% (up from 31%) and undecideds at 21% (up from 19%).

Overall, LA voters seem fairly decided that there will be a change in leadership at the City Attorney's office. If the undecided vote were to be evenly divided between the candidates, then the outcome of the May 21 election would show Feuer winning with 56% of the vote, 12 points ahead of the incumbent at 44%. However, many experts agree that Feuer's margin of victory may ultimately be less than 10 points, perhaps as low as 5. Either way, the outcome of the election seems certain, and LA will elect a new City Attorney on May 21.

City of Los Angeles braces itself for onslaught of billboard litigation

Failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich was issuing press releases faster than a late night pitchman's get rich quick scheme, hailing the news that he had won the lawsuit forcing Clear Channel and CBS Outdoors to shut down their digital billboards.

While the court ruling will provide the campaign with something to brag about, the success of the lawsuit will likely come at a price budget-strapped Los Angeles can ill afford. The reality is that the next step in LA's troubled history with digital billboards is a flood of lawsuits claiming loss of revenue from Clear Channel and CBS Outdoors based on their belief that they were nonetheless permitted to rely on the 2006 deal struck with the City, even if the deal was a bad deal for the City.

If the lawsuits are successful the City's losses could run as high as hundreds of millions of dollars. That, however, is unlikely to trouble Trutanich; he wants something to brag about in the run up to the election regardless of the cost. As for that cost, he won't have to share that pain as he will likely have left the City of Los Angeles after losing the election and returning to his Long Beach residence.

His inability to find a resolution to the issue of digital billboards is in many ways similar to his disastrous handling of medical marijuana; he devoted the scarce resources of the City Attorney's office to what he perceived were 'election issues,' while re-assigning lawyers from solid, well-proven public safety programs such as the School Safety Program and the Neighborhood Prosecutor Program.

The City Attorney's Office after Trutanich; Part I

With the likely rout of the incumbent in the May 21 election, some are wondering what will be left for LA's next City Attorney? That the office is in tatters is unquestioned. Despite claims of million dollar victories, the finances of the City Attorney's office may not be as robust as would be expected. In plain language, where has the money gone?

In August 2011 LA Times reported on an attempt by the incumbent to divert a $2M check from the DA's Office to Sheriff Baca. The $2M was approximately half the settlement with an outdoor advertising company for 'Unfair Business Practices,' and under state law the proceeds are suposed to be shared with the prosecutorial agencies where the unfair practice took place  - the City and County of LA in this case.

While the attempt to divert the money failed, the bigger question is what happened to the $2M that went to the City Attorney's office? That along with other similar settlement checks, such as one paid by Ralph's for overcharging, another by CVS for mishandling medical waste, all must have swelled the City Attorney's coffers as they do not go to the City's General Fund.

Yet despite the riches of those lawsuits, there isn't money to by toner cartridges and paper for printers and deputy city attorneys have to buy their own office supplies. Where has the money gone? That's a question that Mike Feuer may find himself asking before July 1. 

City Attorney Debate - Wednesday, April 17

Valley Village Neighborhood Council will be hosting a City Attorney Debate Wednesday night, April 17 at the Colfax Charter Elementary School Auditorium, 11724 Addison St., Valley Village, CA 91607. The debate starts at 7PM.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Free For All - Greg Smith endorses Mike Feuer, Trutanich fundraising tanks

Greg Smith Endorses Mike Feuer for Los Angeles City Attorney

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer rounded out a week that saw his campaign win the first round of post primary fundraising by securing the 'highly coveted endorsement' of his former rival in the primary election, public safety attorney Greg Smith.

Smith garnered 17.54% of voters in the primary election, a solid block of voters who will be decisive in the fast approaching May 21 runoff election. With Feuer already leading the polls, many of Smith's supporters may have already decided to support Feuer, but Smith's endorsement puts the issue beyond doubt.

Significantly, Smith cited the incumbent's lack of focus on the 'right priorities' and his lack of judgment dealing with 'victims of discrimination' in Los Angeles. 'After personally speaking with Mike after the primary I saw first hand the stark differences between the two candidates and I developed tremendous respect for Mike Feuer's intelligence, integrity, command of the issues and vision for the office. The stakes are too high for me to continue to sit on the sidelines. I'm very confident Mike Feuer has the legal and leadership skills to make a great City Attorney.' Smith said in a media release issued by the Feuer campaign.

'I really appreciate this endorsement from public safety attorney Greg Smith,' said Feuer. 'Greg ran a strong campaign and he contributed a lot to the discourse in the primary election. His support underscores the growing consensus among Angelenos across our city that it’s time for new leadership in the City Attorney’s office. I’m delighted to have Greg's support and look forward to working with him in the days ahead.' he said.

Smith's endorsement must come as something of a blow to lowly second place finisher Carmen Trutanich, who had subjected Smith to his 'Family Guy' ploy to try to secure Smith's support.

Trutanich lags behind Feuer in first fundraising round.

In another blow to the fast fading reelection hopes of failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, the City Ethics Commission released details of his fundraising in the 30 day period following the primary election; Figures show Trutanich raised only $203,600 in donations, well short of the $308,000 raised by Mike Feuer's campaign.  With matching funds, Feuer has over $650,000 available for his campaign.

Feuer released his figures by way of a media release a day before the filing deadline, a sign that he was confident that he had outpaced his rival. Trutanich, however, declined to say anything other than the figures would be filed by the close of business on Thursday. As we close for press, no statement appears on the Trutanich campaign website, perhaps a sign that they agree that there is little to brag about - these are hard figures that even Trutanich cannot fudge.

The City Attorney's office after Trutanich?

Is this what City Hall East's 8th Floor Executive Suite will look like on July 1, 2013?
With Mike Feuer leading the polls, endorsement stakes, and fundraising performance, the smart money is on a change of leadership in the Executive Suite on the 8th floor at City Hall East.

We will begin a series of articles probing the mess facing Feuer on July 1, 2013. That's the date he has to deal with what has been left behind by the failed incumbent. Morale in the office is at an all time low, and the reasons go beyond the obvious. As usual, the Dragnet welcomes information concerning 'inappropriate relationships' in the office, which is understood to be of concern to many.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Double Trouble hits Trutanich Campaign

Failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's reelection campaign remains solidly on course for the iceberg field that sunk his almost namesake. Two stories in Wednesday's LA Times will do little to raise the hopes of the few remaining supporters of the man known to LA Times readers as "Carmen 'I am a Liar' Trutanich."

One article shows that leading City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer has raised $650k for his campaign in the 30 days since he trounced Trutanich in the March 5 primary. Tellingly, Trutanich declined to reveal any information about how little money he has been able to raise, but told the Times that he will release his report by the close of business Thursday - the deadline for filing his campaign finance report with the City Ethics Commission.

In all likelihood, Trutanich declined to reveal poor figures until Thursday evening in the hope that it will escape the attention of readers on Friday - a day politicians typically chose to release bad news. With Trutanich lagging far behind Feuer in the polls, and his reputation damaged by loses in the last two elections, fundraising is understood to have been difficult for Trutanich.

The second article outlines a further accusation of ethical misconduct by Trutanich. This time the alleged misconduct centers on the employment by Trutanich of Dan Raskov, who through his Santa Monica based company, Intelligent Content Inc., receives $4,175.00 a month of taxpayer funds for his part-time job working at the City Attorney's office 'to write newsletters, apply for grants and perform community outreach and other duties for the city attorney’s office and Trutanich.' The Times said.

But the Feuer campaign asserts that Trutanich's part time employee is actually a political campaign worker, and 'produced what it called evidence that Raskov has also been involved in campaign duties, including email showing his involvement in setting up candidates' debates in the primary for the city attorney's race and in Trutanich’s failed race for Los Angeles County district attorney last year. It also provided a photo of Raskov attending a candidates' forum earlier this month.'

'“This is hypocrisy at its worst,” Feuer campaign spokesman Dave Jacobson said in a statement released by the campaign. He said Feuer has filed Public Records Act requests with the city attorney’s and controller’s offices seeking details about Raskov’s work, including invoices and other information about what services he performed under the contract.'

The Times reported that 'Raskov could not be reached for comment but Sandy Cooney, a spokesman for the city attorney’s office, said Raskov is a “part-time, contracted city vendor and is not permitted to engage in campaign-related activity while on city time.”'

'“Should he be engaged in activity associated with campaign-related events, he is doing so on his own time and not on the city’s,” Cooney said. He added that the city attorney’s office is “in the process of determining if there are documents responsive to” Feuer’s public records request and would provide any such documents “within the time frame required by law."'

The Trutanich campaign told the Times that 'Raskov has a right to volunteer with the campaign on his own time. “We trust he is doing the right thing and have no reason to believe he has done anything other than what is proper, campaign spokesman John Schwada said. Schwada added that Raskov “is so much a volunteer that the regular campaign staff does not — I repeat — does not direct or manage his activities” in the campaign.'

Regular readers of the Dragnet will recall that last year the Dragnet exclusively revealed that Raskov was listed as 'Campaign Manager' in Trutanich's District Attorney candidate questionnaire, submitted to the Association of Deputy District Attorneys.
Raskov, who earns $4,175 a month for a part-time job at the City Attorney's office
is listed as 'Campaign Manager' in this questionnaire.
The Dragnet also published a photograph of Raskov attending a Candidates' Debate taking notes for Trutanich, who did not attend the debate.

Trutanich's tax-payer paid campaign manager takes notes for Trutanich
at the District Attorney candidates' forum
Because Raskov receives his pay under a special contract, he is exempt from the 15% pay cut that other City Attorney employees are forced to take. Trutanich has also exempted himself from the pay cut, claiming that his wife and four adult children 'live on my salary.'

Trutanich's attempt to explain Raskov's blatent campaign duties as 'volunteering his time' really fails to pass the straight-face test. It remains to be seen if Trutanich will respond to the request to produce evidence of what Raskov has actually done for the City Attorney's office when he is not 'volunteering his time' for campaign duties. So far, the only evidence appears to be a newsletter on the City Attorney website. However, that newsletter is dated June/July 2012 and does not credit Raskov as writing any portion of it.

Throughout Trutanich's Hindenburg-like DA campaign, he was plagued with accusations of untruthfulness and misleading claims. It seems that the City Attorney campaign will follow the same course.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mike Feuer picks up major endorsement from LA's Firefighters

Exclusive: Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer is set to receive the endorsement of Los Angeles Firefighters in his bid to oust failed incumbent Carmen Trutanich, reliable sources inform the Dragnet.

Hot on the heels of the LA Times article showing Feuer far outperforming his rival in the all-important race to secure influential endorsements, the Feuer campaign is expected to announce that LA's Firefighters have thrown their support behind him.

The endorsement is probably the most significant of Feuer's endorsements to date, and could cause the Police Protective League to rethink their decision to stay on the fence. PPL spokesman Eric Rose told the LA Times that 'the organization "does not plan on getting involved in this race." That could change, he said, because the group's political arm is "constantly evaluating all the races."' Certainly, the Firefighters' decision to back Feuer could cause the PPL to re-evaluate their position and give their backing to Feuer.

Both the Firefighters and the Police have historically backed up their endorsements with serious independent expenditures - in 2009 the PPL spent $750k on tv advertising and mail in support of Trutanich. With the prospect of that kind of support being placed behind Feuer, his current 18 point lead in the polls could well expand further. 70% of voters rejected Trutanich in the primary, and it is not beyond the realms of probability that the general election in May will show Feuer winning by a similar margin.


Trutanich dumps 'longtime' campaign supporter

'Longtime supporter' and/or Landlord kicked-out at campaign office kickoff.

A sparsely attended 'kickoff' for failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's new campaign office was significant not only because it signaled a change in campaign leadership as reported yesterday, but also because it revealed a split between Trutanich and his 'longtime supporter' Mort Allen.

The Studio City Patch reported that Trutanich was looking for a 'storefront' on Ventura Blvd.
'Longtime supporter' Mort Allen wanted to provide the office space, but has been kicked out.
Some recipients of newly installed Liberty Campaign Consultant's 'team leader' Patrick Furey's email may not have noticed that the campaign office address had suddenly been changed from the purpose built subdivided 'storefront' on Ventura Blvd., to a fairly nondescript office building suite immediately to the west of the 405 freeway on Sherman Way.

Trutanich has moved his campaign office away from 'longtime supporter' Mort Allen's
location on Ventura Blvd., to an office suite in this building on Sherman Way
A smattering of campaign yard signs evinces the location of the Trutanich campaign office.
The reason behind the split between Trutanich and Allen was not stated in the announcement about the opening of the Sherman Way office. Indeed, Allen may actually be unaware of the split; as of today's date the Trutanich campaign office at 'Allen Realty Plaza' was still displaying Trutanich's cheesy campaign signage.

Trutanich's former campaign office at Allen Plaza was still displaying campaign signs while
the Trutanich campaign 'kicked-off' its office on Sherman Way.

The Allen Plaza tenant directory still lists 'Committee to reelect Carmen Trutanich City Attorney'
occupying 'Suite A,' despite Trutanich appearing to have abandoned the location in favor of an
office suite on Sherman Way.
One reason for the split may be concerns raised in the past over irregularities in the payment of rent for the campaign office. Campaign finance records filed with the City Ethics Commission during Trutanich's 2009 campaign appeared to show gaps in rent payment and inconsistent rental amounts, in what became known as the 'Rentgate' scandal.

According to records recently filed with the City Ethics Commission, Trutanich reported paying Allen $1,000.00 on January 11, 2013 for what could be rent for the storefront, however, it is not clear what period of time that payment covers.

Trutanich has reported making a sole payment to 'Allen Realty Plaza LLC'
for ''Office Expenses,' however, it is unclear if that relates to rent or other services.
Campaign finance reports are due to be filed with the City Ethics Commission and will be closely examined to see if Trutanich has made any further payments to Allen for the storefront and its signs.

Another reason for the split could be the issue of the unlawful signs that Trutanich continued to display at the location for two years after he had vacated the premises following the 2009 election.

Once Trutanich ceased to occupy the premises, his large billboards required a permit for 'off site' advertisements. However, Trutanich had issued a citywide ban on all new off site advertising and his own billboards appeared to be in violation of his own law. In what became the embarrassing 'Billboardgate' scandal, pressure from the the media and the Ban Billboard Blight movement forced Trutanich to remove his offending signs.   

Given the apparently troubled history regarding Trutanich's association with Allen and his Allen Realty Plaza location, his poor showing at the polls, and his almost daily, laughable accusations of 'ethics violations,' perhaps Trutanich took heed of new advice (perhaps from his new campaign consultant) and finally, if ignominiously, decided to sever ties with Allen.

Now that Trutanich has moved his campaign office, his campaign signs at Allen Realty Plaza need to be removed. Their continued presence is not only a blight on Ventura Blvd., but appears to represent a violation of Trutanich's ban on un-permitted off site advertising. The message is clear. Mr. Trutanich, tear down those signs.



Monday, April 8, 2013

Trutanich makes late campaign change; hires new campaign consultant, loses endorsements

Rumors of rifts within the 'official' re-election campaign of failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich appear to be validated. Last week the Dragnet reported that Trutanich may be looking for a new campaign consultant in the wake of his swingeing failure to attract more than 30% of the vote in the primary election, leaving him an embarrassing large and seemingly unassailable 14 points behind leading City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer.

Although any split between Trutanich and his stalwart campaign consultant Rick Taylor is understood to have been strenuously denied by both Trutanich and Taylor, sharp-eyed recipients of an email announcing the 'kickoff' of the Trutanich campaign office will have noticed that the email was signed by 'Patrick Furey, Field Director, Trutanich for City Attorney.'

Patrick Furey is not a name associated with Rick Taylor's Dakota Communications, but is a name that some will recognize as part of the 'team' at rival political consultants Liberty Campaign Solutions LLC.

The retention by Trutanich of Liberty's services will do little to change the outcome of the May 21 runoff election which Mike Feuer is expected to win handily. It does, however, provide Trutanich with a scapegoat for his disastrous primary election performance. After his Hindenburg-like DA election defeat, Trutanich cast a wide swathe of blame ranging from 'the media' to his then campaign consultant, John Shallman, for 'campaign mis-steps'; Trutanich-speak for deflecting the blame for his own blunders.

Trutanich's current campaign is not without allegations of 'campaign mis-steps.' Allegations of prohibited coordination with Independent Expenditures made on his behalf and prohibited email communications have been reported to the City Ethics Commission. The employment of Furey/Liberty Campaign Solutions would seem a convenient way for Trutanich to throw Taylor under the bus, but may well open a can of worms for Trutanich.

Liberty Campaign Solutions LLC is a name that will 'ring a bell' with those who have been closely watching for evidence of any prohibited coordination between Trutanich and those making Independent Expenditures for Trutanich.

Liberty received the lions share of a $63k Independent Expenditure made for Trutanich from an obscure group named 'LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich for City Attorney 2013.' The coincidence of Liberty's team member now working for Trutanich not only seems to suggest that a change in campaign management is in place, but also raises concerns as to coordination between the 'LA Residents' etc. and Trutanich, as well as posing the question; who is currently paying for Furey's services?

The direct employment of Liberty Campaign Solutions by Trutanich would seem to preclude 'LA Residents' etc. from using Liberty for any subsequent Independent Expenditures, however, based on the disastrous way their $63k failed to boost Trutanich's reelection hopes in the primary, 'LA Residents' etc. may decide that if they have any more money to waste, it can be more conveniently placed in the nearest available storm drain.

Trutanich loses key endorsements for City Attorney race

As Trutanich tries to shuffle the deckchairs on the SS Trutanic, the LA Times reports that he lags behind frontrunner Mike Feuer in endorsements and has lost the support of many who were at his side in 2009.

Perhaps most noticeably absent from Trutanich's endorsement list is his former supporter, former Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. The straight-speaking law enforcement veteran told the LA Times that he was 'very disappointed' by Trutanich's 'decision to run for district attorney last year, which broke a promise to serve two terms at City Hall,' adding that 'I strongly encouraged Mr. Trutanich not to enter the D.A.'s race.'

Cooley's endorsement of Trutanich in 2009 was likely the single most important reason why Trutanich won the election. The absence of that endorsement in 2013 is very telling and likely has a lot more to do with the way Trutanich betrayed the trust placed in him.

Also absent among Trutanich's former strongest supporters is the Los Angeles Police Protective League. In 2009 the LAPPL spent $750k on Trutanich, for now they're staying out of it.

With rival City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer leading in the polls by 18 points, and certain to lead in the fundraising stakes while Trutanich faces unreturned phone calls, the list of Trutanich's endorsements could grow shorter as many realize that Trutanich's final downfall is drawing closer day by day.

Trutanich's last day in office will be June 30, 2013.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Free For All - Feuer Torpedoes Trutanich's false claims, Writing's on the wall for FalseTanich

Failed District Attorney candidate Carmen Trutanich's latest bid to avoid near certain defeat in the City Attorney election has, failed.

Trutanich, who placed a distant second in the March primary, 14.7 points behind leading Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer, tried desperately to halt Feuer's advancing campaign by accusing Feuer of an 'ethics violation.' The accusation centers around Feuer's contract with campaign consultant John Shallman who agreed that he could only receive payment for his services if Feuer won the election. Trutanich said that Shallman's contract violated ethics rules, but Feuer countered saying that he had checked the legality of the contract with the City Ethics Commission, and they had approved it.

Trutanich appeared briefly on Tuesday's KABC 790AM's morning talkshow 'McIntyre In The Morning' to try to explain the basis of his accusation, but succeeded only in confusing the issue, as well as the show's eponymous host. The confusion arose when Trutanich had to admit that he had also employed Shallman as his campaign consultant!

Perhaps it was no surprise that McIntyre may have been less than willing to accept Trutanich's accusations at face value. Last year McIntyre accused Trutanich of being 'Truth Challenged' over his 'viral' YouTube video as well as other false promises. Faced with doubts over Trutanich's accusation, McIntyre announced that he had invited Mike Feuer to come on the show the following day to respond.

Wednesday morning Mike Feuer did indeed appear on the show and wasted no time denying Trutanich's latest false accusation. McIntyre responded saying that Trutanich had sent him a list of 'gotcha' questions that Trutanich said Feuer would not answer.

The first 'gotcha' was a challenge to Feuer to give the name of the person at the City Ethics Commission who approved the contract. Much to Trutanich's chagrin and perhaps McIntyre's surprise (he's used to politicians dodging questions), Feuer answered the question naming the Commission's Deputy Executive Director, David Tristan, as the person who 'signed off' on the contract. Strike One.

The next 'gotcha' from Trutanich was to ask Feuer to explain why he now has a 'formal signed contract' with Shallman when previously he did not. The implication being that there was something untoward or improper about the previous agreement because it was unwritten or unsigned. Feuer answered that question, saying his previous contract with Shallman was signed. Strike Two.

With two strikes against Trutanich, who had yet again failed to substantiate his claims, McInyyre swiftly changed gears, balled-up Truanich's 'gotcha' questions and lobbed them in the trash can and moved on with an interview that gave Feuer the chance to show how he would lead the office Trutanich has so badly damaged by concentrating on personal agendas, rather than protecting public safety.

The latest opinion poll, conducted by SurveyUSA two weeks after the March primary election, shows Feuer has increased his lead over Trutanich in the runoff election. Feuer now has an 18 point lead with 49% of the vote, Trutanich languishing with 31%.

 Writing's on the wall for Trutanich

As seen on a downtown Los Angeles street, evidence that the people know who and what Carmen Trutanich really is.
Embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich may raise a few dollars for his 'Official Re-Election Campaign,' (is there an unofficial one?) but it won't be from people who know who and what Trutanich is.

While his campaign mailers can try to portray the failed candidate as a super-hero, earned media has indelibly cast Trutanich as a liar. "FalseTanich" the handcrafted sign says.

Does anyone have any doubt as to who the sign writer was referring to?

If you are unable to answer that question, Google "False Tanich" or "Lie Tanich," they are so prolific that you'll be left in no doubt.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kevin James endorses Eric Garcetti for Mayor, Trutanich may change campaign as he slips lower in polls

Kevin James endorses Eric Garcetti for Mayor

Former LA Mayoral candidate Kevin James has announced that he is endorsing Eric Garcetti to be LA's next Mayor.

James, who finished third in the March 5 primary, joined fourth and fifth place finishers, Jan Perry and Emanuel Pleitez, in endorsing Garcetti. Although they may seem a curios alliance, with James the lone Republican, among Democrats, the trio nevertheless captured 36.3% of the primary vote. How much of that vote will transfer to Garcetti remains to be seen, and comments to the LA Times report included several attributed to former James supporters expressing surprise at his endorsement. Many, it seems, had expected James to endorse second place finisher Wendy Greuel, who recently secured the endorsement of James' mentor, former Mayor Richard Riordan.

According to the latest poll released by SurveyUSA, Garcetti leads Greuel 47% to 40%, with 13% undecided. The poll was conducted before James announced his endorsement, and has a 4.4% margin of error, meaning the Mayoral race is effectively wide open.

Trutanich rumored to be changing campaign horses as he bombs in post election poll

The wheels continue to come off the Trutanich wagon. The embattled City Attorney finished a distant 14 points behind rival City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer in the March 5 primary, and according to the latest SurveyUSA poll, the gap has now widened with Feuer 18 points ahead at 49%, and Trutanich languishing at 31%. Undecided voters account for 19% of those polled, and even with thr 4.4% margin of error, the writing is on the wall for Trutanich.

Faced with an almost certain repeat of the humiliating defeat he experienced following his drubbing in the District Attorney primary last year, Trutanich's desperation is palpable. The eighth floor Executive suite at City Hall East is said to virtually deserted, ticking to the sound of the death watch beetle as the end draws near.

Ever keen to distance himself from any responsibility for any of his screw-ups, including his downfall, Trutanich is rumored to be trying to change horses and looking to replace stalwart campaign manager Rick Taylor. There is no question that Taylor has struggled and failed to make a chicken sandwich out of a sow's ear, but few would disagree that the problem lies not with Taylor, but fairly and squarely with a candidate who is unelectable. 

One campaign consultant contacted by Trutanich was said to be 'shocked' at the approach, and swiftly declined the offer. That Trutanich is contemplating changing his campaign manager weeks before he election shows how desperate he must be. It is highly unlikely that Trutanich will find anyone willing to ruin their reputation by taking over the reins of a wheel-less wagon in the death-throes of his 'official re-election' campaign, and even more unlikely that Trutanich would have the ability to make the substantial upfront cash payment that would likely be demanded, given Trutanich's 'history' over paying his former campaign manager, John Shallman, not to mention LA's Best After School Program who are still waiting for Trutanich's check.

It's too late to change the wheels that were set in motion three years ago, when Trutanich decided to break his Pledge to Serve. It's something that Trutanich now admits was 'a mistake.' Tellingly, Trutanich says his mistake was to make the pledge. He still doesn't understand that breaking the pledge was actually the mistake.

LA doesn't like liars. Perhaps he'll understand that on the dawn of May 22.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Trutanich to challenge results of DA election

Dragnet Exclusive: Embattled incumbent City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich is expected to announce that he will be filing a lawsuit against 'multiple parties' claiming election fraud over his failed DA campaign.

In copies of court papers secretly delivered to the Dragnet, Trutanich alleges that 'the voters [of Los Angeles] were the victims of a vile and insidious propaganda campaign designed to besmirch the fine reputation of Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich.' 

Trutanich asserts that the voters were deliberately misled into believing that he had broken an alleged 'Pledge to Serve' but in fact he did not sign that pledge with a number 2 pencil as required by the Croatian Council on Civil Liberties. 'The Pledge to Serve is therefore a legal nulity,' Trutanich claims, and as such, the voters were 'conned by the media' into believing that he had made a 'non-existent promise,' he says. 'I would never lie to you!' he stresses in a 14 page affidavit filed in his moving papers, 'not now, not ever, never,' he concluded.

Trutanich, who finished third in the DA primary election last June, asserts that he is now  'lawfully and rightfully entitled to a declaration of victory as of right' by 'election de novo' under the 'equitable doctrine of changed circumstances.'

In addition to demanding 'immediate installation as The Chief Los Angeles Criminal Prosecutor,' he seeks 'unspecified damages of $3.25M' to include 'reasonable compensation for the costs of new carpets, curtains, and a bronze bust of Joe McCarthy' that he purchased based on his 'good faith belief and detrimental reliance' on assurances that he would 'win the DA primary election outright,' by an 'overwhelming majority.'

Amongst those named in the lawsuit are LA's Best After School Program who, Trutanich claims, were 'unjustly enriched' by his paying them $10k in settlement of his $100k promise. Trutanich claims that his personal check was 'extorted' from his 'immediate presence by force majeure,' when in truth and fact, those kids 'never did nothing to earn my money.' He claims immediate repayment of $100k (plus interest) for his $10k check and that LA's Best purchase full page ads in all LA newspapers stating 'I am NOT a liar.' 

Trutanich has promised to donate any profits from the lawsuit to purchase rape kits to clear the backlog that no longer exists.

Experts differ on the chances of Trutanich's lawsuit succeeding. 'It's a first in LA politics,' said prominent criminal defense attorney Saul 'Better Call Saul' Goodman,  who heads up Trutanich's legal team. 'I have to believe that Carmen was robbed, and that money alone is inadequate compensation for the losses he has suffered,' Goodman said. 'He is the DA, that much is plain to see,' he added, also saying that he had taken Trutanich's case on a costs plus contingency fee basis, because 'the publicity is good for my practice.'

Others were less than impressed by Trutanich's claim to be DA. 'It is complete and utter bullsh*t, just like everything else Trutanich says,' said KABC talk show host Doug McIntyre, who spoke to the Dragnet on condition of anonymity.

If successful, Trutanich will be installed as District Attorney on May 20, 2013, one day before the City Attorney general election where Trutanich currently trails rival Mike Feuer by 28 points, according to the latest Survey USA opinion poll conducted for ABC Ch7 News.

'This is the turning point in Carmen's official re-election campaign that we've been waiting for' said a campaign spokeshole who may be looking for a new job before completely destroying his reputation. 'Carmen got a bum deal in the DA election, and now he's using every ounce of his part-time, night-time, unaccredited law school education to redress the violation of his integrity by fighting back in the court of public opinion where many folks are too stupid to understand political shenanigans,' he said, adding that 'With Nuch installed as DA the day before the City Attorney runoff, he'll win the runoff slam dunk and be the first San Pedro tuna factory worker to hold both jobs at the same time.'

While the mood at the Trutanich official re-election campaign is generally upbeat, contingency plans are understood to be in place in case anything goes wrong.

Trutanich is understood to have 'reached out' to family members to see if any are currently hospitalized in case it becomes necessary to 'partially suspend' his official re-election campaign should the DA re-installation lawsuit fail and he has to hide from the media, again.

In the event that no family members can be found who are unwell enough to be sufficiently hospitalized to give Trutanich a safe hiding place, it is understood that Trutanich will offer to pay for  any elective surgery requiring at least seven days hospitalization.

A 'Plan B' strategy is also understood to be in place whereby the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer will make arrangements for supporters from third world countries (where his DA campaign video 'True Stories' went viral), to visit the US for organ donation surgery to allow Trutanich to partially suspend his campaign while he attends their hospital bedside.

Happy April 1st.