Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Free For All - Feuer Torpedoes Trutanich's false claims, Writing's on the wall for FalseTanich

Failed District Attorney candidate Carmen Trutanich's latest bid to avoid near certain defeat in the City Attorney election has, failed.

Trutanich, who placed a distant second in the March primary, 14.7 points behind leading Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer, tried desperately to halt Feuer's advancing campaign by accusing Feuer of an 'ethics violation.' The accusation centers around Feuer's contract with campaign consultant John Shallman who agreed that he could only receive payment for his services if Feuer won the election. Trutanich said that Shallman's contract violated ethics rules, but Feuer countered saying that he had checked the legality of the contract with the City Ethics Commission, and they had approved it.

Trutanich appeared briefly on Tuesday's KABC 790AM's morning talkshow 'McIntyre In The Morning' to try to explain the basis of his accusation, but succeeded only in confusing the issue, as well as the show's eponymous host. The confusion arose when Trutanich had to admit that he had also employed Shallman as his campaign consultant!

Perhaps it was no surprise that McIntyre may have been less than willing to accept Trutanich's accusations at face value. Last year McIntyre accused Trutanich of being 'Truth Challenged' over his 'viral' YouTube video as well as other false promises. Faced with doubts over Trutanich's accusation, McIntyre announced that he had invited Mike Feuer to come on the show the following day to respond.

Wednesday morning Mike Feuer did indeed appear on the show and wasted no time denying Trutanich's latest false accusation. McIntyre responded saying that Trutanich had sent him a list of 'gotcha' questions that Trutanich said Feuer would not answer.

The first 'gotcha' was a challenge to Feuer to give the name of the person at the City Ethics Commission who approved the contract. Much to Trutanich's chagrin and perhaps McIntyre's surprise (he's used to politicians dodging questions), Feuer answered the question naming the Commission's Deputy Executive Director, David Tristan, as the person who 'signed off' on the contract. Strike One.

The next 'gotcha' from Trutanich was to ask Feuer to explain why he now has a 'formal signed contract' with Shallman when previously he did not. The implication being that there was something untoward or improper about the previous agreement because it was unwritten or unsigned. Feuer answered that question, saying his previous contract with Shallman was signed. Strike Two.

With two strikes against Trutanich, who had yet again failed to substantiate his claims, McInyyre swiftly changed gears, balled-up Truanich's 'gotcha' questions and lobbed them in the trash can and moved on with an interview that gave Feuer the chance to show how he would lead the office Trutanich has so badly damaged by concentrating on personal agendas, rather than protecting public safety.

The latest opinion poll, conducted by SurveyUSA two weeks after the March primary election, shows Feuer has increased his lead over Trutanich in the runoff election. Feuer now has an 18 point lead with 49% of the vote, Trutanich languishing with 31%.

 Writing's on the wall for Trutanich

As seen on a downtown Los Angeles street, evidence that the people know who and what Carmen Trutanich really is.
Embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich may raise a few dollars for his 'Official Re-Election Campaign,' (is there an unofficial one?) but it won't be from people who know who and what Trutanich is.

While his campaign mailers can try to portray the failed candidate as a super-hero, earned media has indelibly cast Trutanich as a liar. "FalseTanich" the handcrafted sign says.

Does anyone have any doubt as to who the sign writer was referring to?

If you are unable to answer that question, Google "False Tanich" or "Lie Tanich," they are so prolific that you'll be left in no doubt.



Anonymous said...

Let's assume, for shits and giggles, that Trutanich has been re-elected. Does anyone dispute that the City of Los Angeles is totally mocked by having this fool represent us in court in the future? Aren't we entitled to GRAVITAS? We pay enough in city taxes to receive it!

Anonymous said...

David, I think that's your own handwriting. We all know what Feuer did was wrong. Contract or no contract. And if you are so stupid to not see it, then you need to resign