Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Free For All - Greg Smith endorses Mike Feuer, Trutanich fundraising tanks

Greg Smith Endorses Mike Feuer for Los Angeles City Attorney

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer rounded out a week that saw his campaign win the first round of post primary fundraising by securing the 'highly coveted endorsement' of his former rival in the primary election, public safety attorney Greg Smith.

Smith garnered 17.54% of voters in the primary election, a solid block of voters who will be decisive in the fast approaching May 21 runoff election. With Feuer already leading the polls, many of Smith's supporters may have already decided to support Feuer, but Smith's endorsement puts the issue beyond doubt.

Significantly, Smith cited the incumbent's lack of focus on the 'right priorities' and his lack of judgment dealing with 'victims of discrimination' in Los Angeles. 'After personally speaking with Mike after the primary I saw first hand the stark differences between the two candidates and I developed tremendous respect for Mike Feuer's intelligence, integrity, command of the issues and vision for the office. The stakes are too high for me to continue to sit on the sidelines. I'm very confident Mike Feuer has the legal and leadership skills to make a great City Attorney.' Smith said in a media release issued by the Feuer campaign.

'I really appreciate this endorsement from public safety attorney Greg Smith,' said Feuer. 'Greg ran a strong campaign and he contributed a lot to the discourse in the primary election. His support underscores the growing consensus among Angelenos across our city that it’s time for new leadership in the City Attorney’s office. I’m delighted to have Greg's support and look forward to working with him in the days ahead.' he said.

Smith's endorsement must come as something of a blow to lowly second place finisher Carmen Trutanich, who had subjected Smith to his 'Family Guy' ploy to try to secure Smith's support.

Trutanich lags behind Feuer in first fundraising round.

In another blow to the fast fading reelection hopes of failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, the City Ethics Commission released details of his fundraising in the 30 day period following the primary election; Figures show Trutanich raised only $203,600 in donations, well short of the $308,000 raised by Mike Feuer's campaign.  With matching funds, Feuer has over $650,000 available for his campaign.

Feuer released his figures by way of a media release a day before the filing deadline, a sign that he was confident that he had outpaced his rival. Trutanich, however, declined to say anything other than the figures would be filed by the close of business on Thursday. As we close for press, no statement appears on the Trutanich campaign website, perhaps a sign that they agree that there is little to brag about - these are hard figures that even Trutanich cannot fudge.

The City Attorney's office after Trutanich?

Is this what City Hall East's 8th Floor Executive Suite will look like on July 1, 2013?
With Mike Feuer leading the polls, endorsement stakes, and fundraising performance, the smart money is on a change of leadership in the Executive Suite on the 8th floor at City Hall East.

We will begin a series of articles probing the mess facing Feuer on July 1, 2013. That's the date he has to deal with what has been left behind by the failed incumbent. Morale in the office is at an all time low, and the reasons go beyond the obvious. As usual, the Dragnet welcomes information concerning 'inappropriate relationships' in the office, which is understood to be of concern to many.



Anonymous said...

One more reason why Feuer should not become our city attorney. Greg Smith has done nothing but bringing law suits against the city. He sees an inexperience guy "Feuer" running for city attorneys position and he endorses him. I mean smith has to make back his 800k he wasted on city attorneys race. Feuer will be the best candidate for him. A neophyte that has zero trial experience. Greg Smith will have a great time suing the city.

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

Greg Smith is an excellent attorney who genuinely wanted to help the City of Los Angeles overcome its legacy of corruption.

Greg did the right thing by endorsing Mike Feuer because obviously he is quite aware of the activities Lietanich has engaged in over the last four years.

Change is slow, but certain for Los Angeles. Change is coming...

Anonymous said...

4:48PM must be Nuch plugging away at trying to save his job. Good luck with that crap Nuch. Please share with us precisely when it was that you tried your last case? And I don't mean you ordering your deputies to try cases with your insane legal theories, because according to the LA Weekly, your incompetence cost the taxpayers of LA over $45M in loses. So far as I can see, the last time you actually tried a case yourself was when you represented Jim Bell in the 1990's. Since then there is no record of you trying cases at all. I don't care if Feuer is a fresh out of lawschool volunteer - like the ones you trust with trying cases in your reserve deputy program. He has a million times more integrity and honesty than you. Goodbye Nuch. LA will not miss you.

Anonymous said...

David is writing comments on his own blog under anonymous. How sad. I can't wait for you to get sued for all the bs you have been feeding the people of LA. I hear its coming. It's time for people to find out what a liar you are.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is a monster. His role in the Balin and Spitzberg cases,alone, should have him sent to prison for years.

Anonymous said...

@12:20AM You must be one of Nuch's pooches, sitting there at you PC in the small hours of the morning sending out your pathetic hate messages. Sure the Dragnet has done a lot of damage to Nuch and his crazy campaigns, and it must be devastating to see how low Nuch has fallen since the Dragnet started exposing Nuch for all his lies.

BTW, I LOVED the FOX News interview - that was the best.

But seriously, you stupid little prick, what use do you think it is threatening to sue David for telling the truth about Nuch and his pooches? Isn't that exactly what the Dragnet has been exposing? Nuch's empty threats? This sounds like more of the same.

Hey, be sure to drop by the Dragnet's election night Downfall party, I hear its going to be the best attended party in town. And you can serve your lawsuit at the same time. Or are you just full of shit?

Anonymous said...

Why the above posts bagging on Greg Smith? He just won a BIG case against LAPD on behalf of an African-American officer who, according to anyone, suffered humiliating racial abuse from his fellow officers. I voted for him, but if he can't be CA then his recommendation goes a long way. We need integrity and guts, not bluster.

Anonymous said...

@12:20AM is right. Nobody reads this blog, and all the comments are written by David Berger aka Joe Friday. Nuch will fire his ass when he becomes DA in 4 years. Right now he is gaining support every day because the people of LA love the man. His JFK looks and his amazing family are winning the hearts and minds of Los Angelenos.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Greg Smith and I will now vote for Mike Feuer. I will never vote for Trutanich unless it is to recall him.