Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Free For All: Polls show Feuer 10 points ahead of Trutanich, Change in Mayoral Race, and Zine for Controller in the bag

Feuer maintains lead in City Attorney race

The latest SurveyUSA poll shows City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer maintaining a comfortable lead over the failed incumbent.

Feuer's lead is now 10 points, down from the 19 point lead he had following the primary, but significantly, his rival's challenge appears to be stalled despite ramping up the rhetoric. If Trutanich is able to sustain the .5% a week rate at which he is converting undecided voters to his candidacy, he will nevertheless still lose the election, as generally expected.

Greuel eclipses Garcetti in Mayoral Race

For the first time in what is undeniably the closest race in May 21 general election, Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel has taken the lead over rival Eric Garcetti. The SurveyUSA poll shows Greuel now 3 points ahead of Garcetti, but with a 4.4% margin of error, the race remains too close to call.

Zine comfortably heads Galperin for Controller

The one race that seems to be certain is that for City Controller. The SurveyUSA poll shows Councilmember Dennis Zine continuing to build on his lead over rival Ron Galperin. Zine is now 13 points clear of Galperin, well up from the 6 point lead he held two weeks ago, and the trend clearly continues to favor the former LAPD Officer as the City's next Controller.

See SurveyUSA's latest poll for the detailed breakdown of all three races.

Fear Factor prompts untimely, rash, over-payment in LAPD mistaken shooting settlement

The LA Times reported that City Attorney Trutanich ok'd a record $4.2M settlement in the case of the two newspaper delivery women mistakenly shot at by LAPD officers during the Dorner manhunt.

While few would question the propriety of settling the claims made by the women, many are questioning not only the timing of the settlement, but the amount. The speed of the settlement seemingly flies in the face of the current City Attorney's 'Porcupine Defense' policy which has routinely and deliberately stalled, delayed and otherwise obfuscated legitimate claims against LAPD.

Equally, the amount of the payout; $2.1M for each victim seems excessive in view of the lack of life threatening injuries, as well as the lack of any suggestion that the shooting was anything other than a negligent mistake.

Cynics see the true motive behind the rapid and excessive payout as nothing more than a deliberate attempt by an incumbent faced with losing his reelection bid, to curry favor with voters. The case clearly was one that needed to be settled, but did it need to be settled four weeks before the election? And did it need to be settled for such a high sum? Most say 'no' to both questions.  Most likely the fear factor prompted the failed incumbent to squander scarce resources as he faces the reality of being out of a job May 22.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

Friday your right about most of your observations about Trutanich, but your evaluation of the Dorner related shooting is just plain wrong. The coverage of the shooting shows RECKLESSNESS, not negligence, by the cops. And for crying out loud, people were almost killed. Nuch is a douche. But the city and those cops got off cheap.

Anonymous said...

@9:14am Agreed, Friday's taking a cheap shot at Trutanich, but who cares. May 22 will come and we'll all be singing 'Tears of the Clown.'

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Feuer is better than Trutanich? Feuer is a Sacramento politician with no idea on how to run the City Attorney's office. He wants to turn the office to a social welfare office. City attorney's office is a law office with real lawyers in it. Feuer does not even qualify to get hired as a deputy. Maybe in the reserve deputy program.

Anonymous said...

10:29am, it's not about Feuer being the best man for the job, it's about Nuch being the worst person for the job.

Anonymous said...

Nuch is not a better candidate than Mike Feuer. Nuch is unquestionably a liar, scumbag and unfit for City Attorney.

Anonymous said...

Hey Berger! Everyone is talking about the polling flip in the mayor's race. What say you? Is this for real? If it is, why?