Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kevin James endorses Eric Garcetti for Mayor, Trutanich may change campaign as he slips lower in polls

Kevin James endorses Eric Garcetti for Mayor

Former LA Mayoral candidate Kevin James has announced that he is endorsing Eric Garcetti to be LA's next Mayor.

James, who finished third in the March 5 primary, joined fourth and fifth place finishers, Jan Perry and Emanuel Pleitez, in endorsing Garcetti. Although they may seem a curios alliance, with James the lone Republican, among Democrats, the trio nevertheless captured 36.3% of the primary vote. How much of that vote will transfer to Garcetti remains to be seen, and comments to the LA Times report included several attributed to former James supporters expressing surprise at his endorsement. Many, it seems, had expected James to endorse second place finisher Wendy Greuel, who recently secured the endorsement of James' mentor, former Mayor Richard Riordan.

According to the latest poll released by SurveyUSA, Garcetti leads Greuel 47% to 40%, with 13% undecided. The poll was conducted before James announced his endorsement, and has a 4.4% margin of error, meaning the Mayoral race is effectively wide open.

Trutanich rumored to be changing campaign horses as he bombs in post election poll

The wheels continue to come off the Trutanich wagon. The embattled City Attorney finished a distant 14 points behind rival City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer in the March 5 primary, and according to the latest SurveyUSA poll, the gap has now widened with Feuer 18 points ahead at 49%, and Trutanich languishing at 31%. Undecided voters account for 19% of those polled, and even with thr 4.4% margin of error, the writing is on the wall for Trutanich.

Faced with an almost certain repeat of the humiliating defeat he experienced following his drubbing in the District Attorney primary last year, Trutanich's desperation is palpable. The eighth floor Executive suite at City Hall East is said to virtually deserted, ticking to the sound of the death watch beetle as the end draws near.

Ever keen to distance himself from any responsibility for any of his screw-ups, including his downfall, Trutanich is rumored to be trying to change horses and looking to replace stalwart campaign manager Rick Taylor. There is no question that Taylor has struggled and failed to make a chicken sandwich out of a sow's ear, but few would disagree that the problem lies not with Taylor, but fairly and squarely with a candidate who is unelectable. 

One campaign consultant contacted by Trutanich was said to be 'shocked' at the approach, and swiftly declined the offer. That Trutanich is contemplating changing his campaign manager weeks before he election shows how desperate he must be. It is highly unlikely that Trutanich will find anyone willing to ruin their reputation by taking over the reins of a wheel-less wagon in the death-throes of his 'official re-election' campaign, and even more unlikely that Trutanich would have the ability to make the substantial upfront cash payment that would likely be demanded, given Trutanich's 'history' over paying his former campaign manager, John Shallman, not to mention LA's Best After School Program who are still waiting for Trutanich's check.

It's too late to change the wheels that were set in motion three years ago, when Trutanich decided to break his Pledge to Serve. It's something that Trutanich now admits was 'a mistake.' Tellingly, Trutanich says his mistake was to make the pledge. He still doesn't understand that breaking the pledge was actually the mistake.

LA doesn't like liars. Perhaps he'll understand that on the dawn of May 22.



Anonymous said...

I am surprised the poll gives Nuch 31%, but I suppose there are enough crazy people in LA who would vote for him. My prediction is that Nuch will drop out of the race next week after his next fundraiser fails to cough up enough cash to pay his expenses. Personally I want Nuch to stay in right up to the end, his victory party is going to be the event of the century - everyone will be there to watch Nuch crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

Nuch, Like Baca is a bitter, old megalomaniac who feels entitled to power. Thats why these past two elections have been so humbling. When Nuch campaigned for the DA primary he acted like the election had already had taken place and he was only waiting to be carried to his coronation. He didn't meet with constituents, he held court and demanded his ring and ass be kissed.

He will lose this re-election bid. I'm just waiting to see if the voters have had it with Baca. Baca appears to have seen the hand-writing-on-the-wall, he canned Tanaka. Too bad that move was several years too late (Tanaka had already turned the Green Machine into an organized crime outfit). No one's fooled. Tanaka was Baca's type of cop doing Baca's will, and the voters need to hold Baca accountable.