Saturday, April 20, 2013

LA Times endorses Mike Feuer for City Attorney

The Los Angeles Times has repeated its endorsement of City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer to replace the disgraced incumbent in the May 21 primary election.

The Times Editorial Board wasted little time on dismissing ethics complaints filed by the twice failed incumbent who has his own ethics issues to contend with. They did, however, weigh in heavily in favor of Feuer when they contrasted his record as as an 'honest broker' with the incumbent's stellar record of falsehoods and failures noting that he 'has had four years to demonstrate his abilities in those areas, and he's failed, disappointing many of his early supporters, including this page, which endorsed him in 2009.'

They added that 'Trutanich has alienated city leaders with threats and bluster and has pursued cases that get him headlines but matter little to residents.'

'Voters have noticed and already have voiced their disapproval. Last year, when Trutanich broke his pledge not to run for district attorney, he was solidly rejected.'

'The next city attorney will need to be a counselor to agencies and an advisor to the new mayor and City Council. To be successful, that person will need legal acumen and political skills, as well as integrity. Feuer brings all of that, and thus should be the easy choice of city voters.'

Yes, Mike Feuer is an easy choice for voters, they've twice voiced their disdain for the failed incumbent and realized that Los Angeles needs a City Attorney who his a leader not a liar, and a thinker not a thug.



Anonymous said...

Trutanich will be the first incumbent city attorney to be kicked out of office. A great day for all of LA.

Anonymous said...

It seems the LA Times decided to repeat their endorsement because Trutanich tried to twist their words. Glad to see that Trutanich's ploy failed.

He is a disgusting individual and he deserves to be utterly humiliated in the polls. Again.