Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mike Feuer picks up major endorsement from LA's Firefighters

Exclusive: Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer is set to receive the endorsement of Los Angeles Firefighters in his bid to oust failed incumbent Carmen Trutanich, reliable sources inform the Dragnet.

Hot on the heels of the LA Times article showing Feuer far outperforming his rival in the all-important race to secure influential endorsements, the Feuer campaign is expected to announce that LA's Firefighters have thrown their support behind him.

The endorsement is probably the most significant of Feuer's endorsements to date, and could cause the Police Protective League to rethink their decision to stay on the fence. PPL spokesman Eric Rose told the LA Times that 'the organization "does not plan on getting involved in this race." That could change, he said, because the group's political arm is "constantly evaluating all the races."' Certainly, the Firefighters' decision to back Feuer could cause the PPL to re-evaluate their position and give their backing to Feuer.

Both the Firefighters and the Police have historically backed up their endorsements with serious independent expenditures - in 2009 the PPL spent $750k on tv advertising and mail in support of Trutanich. With the prospect of that kind of support being placed behind Feuer, his current 18 point lead in the polls could well expand further. 70% of voters rejected Trutanich in the primary, and it is not beyond the realms of probability that the general election in May will show Feuer winning by a similar margin.



Anonymous said...

Wow! What has happened to the "solid wall of labor support" that Nuch's supporters bragged so much about last year during the DA primary?

Anonymous said...

More bad news for Nuch which I know you will enjoy. Mike Feuer raised $650k in 30 days. Nuch has refused to say how much (little) he raises in the same period, but I hear he couldn't break $150k.