Thursday, April 25, 2013

More lies from Trutanich as reelection hopes fade further

With less than four weeks to go before the May 21 election that will seal the fate of Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich, the doomed incumbent appears determined to finish his first, only and final foray in politics exactly as he started; lying.

In a private email sent out to Trutanich's supporters, the failed incumbent stated that front-running City Attorney candidate, Mike Feuer, had 'misled the public and members of the media, including KABC talk radio host Doug McIntyre, by repeatedly saying he met, discussed and consulted with the “Ethics Commission” about his controversial contract with City Hall insider John Shallman. The Commission is the five-member appointed watchdog of the city’s campaign finance and ethics laws.'

But when it comes to misleading, it seems that it is Trutanich who has added to his long list of lies with his private email (the missive is not published on Trutanich's website). Trutanich claims that Feuer was lying by when he said he had met, discussed and consulted with the Ethics Commission regarding the legality of his bonus fee agreement with his campaign manager John Shallman. That is untrue. As Trutanich knows only too well, Feuer discussed the fee agreement with the Commission's Deputy Chief Director.

On Wednesday, May 3, 2013, Mike Feuer was interviewed on KABC 790AM's morning talk show 'McIntyre in the Morning.' During the interview, Doug McIntyre posed a series of questions to Feuer. They were questions Trutanich had submitted to McIntyre, and according to Trutanich, they were questions that Feuer could not or would not answer.

One question was a challenge to give the name of the person at the City Ethics Commission who had approved the bonus fee agreement. Despite Trutanich's assurances, Feuer answered the question naming the Commission's Deputy Executive Director, David Tristan, as the person who 'signed off' on the contract.

For Trutanich to now try to claim that getting the approval of the Commission's Deputy Executive Director is a 'lie' because it is not the approval of an individual commissioner or the entire five member panel of commissioners, is completely and utterly misleading. Trutanich knows full well that questions on ethics rules are properly addressed to and answered by the Commission's staff, and that includes its Deputy Executive Director.

It does appear that as the May 21 election draws closer, Trutanich is becoming increasingly desperate as the reality of his downfall draws nearer.



Anonymous said...

Nuch is a pathetic shadow of his former self. He used to be the big shot in City Hall, now he's lower than the janitor. "Dead Man Walking!" is what people, even his own staff, say when he creeps in and out of the office.

It is so gratifying to know that in a few weeks, the nightmare that has been Carmen the clown Trutanich will be over.

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

I love the countdown clock. It clearly illustrates that the days of this low-level politician are very few.

He can lie all he wants, but he cannot stop the clock...

Soon he will be kicked out of office by the voters so that the great city of Los Angeles can finally get the city attorney with integrity and common sense.

This guy does not even have basic common sense. He has created so may enemies for no reason. He is simply a loser that was basically put in that position by Steve Cooley.