Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Realignment lies plague Trutanich as Feuer campaign spotlights hypocrisy of failed incumbent

Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's attempt to run from his hypocritical position over AB109, the so-called 'Prison Realignment' measure that he was in favor of before he was against it, prompted the Mike Feuer campaign to issue a sharply worded statement throwing the spotlight on the failed incumbent's shifting position.

This from the Feuer campaign:


For Immediate Release
April 19, 2013

Contact: Dave Jacobson
Shallman Communications


LOS ANGELES, CA-- Saying, "Trutanich is so desperate he'll say or do anything to hang on to his job," Mike Feuer's City Attorney campaign today exposed incumbent Carmen Trutanich's disingenuous and cynical opportunism on the issue of prison realignment.

During his failed bid for L.A. County District Attorney, Trutanich sought the endorsement of Gov. Jerry Brown--who proposed the realignment plan. At the time, Trutanich was a vocal and outspoken proponent of realignment.

Trutanich's support for realignment has been widely documented by numerous media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily News and LA Weekly.  For example, "Carmen Trutanich was for Prison Realignment Before He Was Against It," (LA Weekly-November 15, 2012); "Carmen Trutanich: Realignment is an Opportunity," (LA Daily News-May 14, 2012). Trutanich was even videotaped by the Los Angeles Times stating that realignment is a, “shift of rehabilitation down to the county level, which is more appropriate…My goal… is to become a partner…to implement AB 109 in the spirit in which it was imposed…we cannot start crying, the sky is falling.”

Now that he's grasping for any issue to boost his sinking re-election effort, however, Trutanich has abandoned the position he held just months before. In desperation he's even resorted to wildly mischaracterizing the plan he had supported, falsely stating, for example, that under realignment tens of thousands of prisoners were released early from state prison. But Feuer has called him on it, noting how cynical it is for the City's top lawyer to so mislead the public.

"It’s abundantly clear that residents have had enough of Trutanich's lies and failures," said Dave Jacobson, Feuer campaign spokesperson. "Whether it’s realignment or any other issue, residents want a City Attorney who's honest and stands by his convictions. Unfortunately, these are qualities that Carmen Trutanich does not possess and it's why we need a change of leadership in the City Attorney’s office. Mike Feuer will bring the change which Los Angeles so desperately needs.”

For further information about the Mike Feuer for City Attorney campaign, please visit:


As the race for LA's next City Attorney enters the final four weeks, Trutanich must have hoped his deception over his support for AB109 would fly under the radar, rather than attract the attention of the media. This is the kind of media attention Trutanich likely fears will derail his reelection bid.

During his failed DA campaign, Trutanich was plagued by media coverage of the many 'truth challenged' statements he made. In his defeat statement, he blamed his defeat on a "major league onslaught" by the media that highlighted his demagoguery over issues like: 
  • the City Controller's right to audit, 
  • violation of his 'Pledge to Serve,'  
  • false claims to non-existent police association endorsements, 
  • failure to pay his debt to LA's Best After School Program, 
  • attempted use of a 'false and misleading' ballot designation,' 
  • false claims of 'being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers,' 
  • bought and paid for YouTube views for his DA campaign, 
  • Sheriff Baca's illegal in-uniform endorsement,' and,
  • his absurd accusation of 'suspicious political activity' by DA Steve Cooley regarding the loss of his DA personnel file.
(The above is a partial list)

The media, however, likely detects the scent of a scandal over Trutanich's AB109 hypocrisy, as well as the all too coincidental endorsement by Gov. Jerry Brown the day after Trutanich unleashed his manifesto supporting AB109. Whether we will see another major league onslaught remains to be seen. It could that the media have already written off the threat of Trutanich's reelection and decided that he has sufficiently sealed his fate by his own actions, without the need for further assistance. Editors have probably reviewed final drafts of their 'End of the Trutanich regime' op-eds, and are ready to go to print at around 9PM on May 21. 



Anonymous said...

Trutanich is close to breaking point. He's running around 'campaigning' in front of any of the groups that he thinks still support him. But gone are the times when he was welcomed like a hero, now he's greeted cooly - like the weird cousin who shows up uninvited at Thanksgiving who takes third helpings and then asks you if 'you're gonna finish that?' before scraping the food off your plate.

It's his worst nightmare come true, no money, no real endorsements, and everyone looking for reasons not to be associated with him. His crazy statement to the Mayor Sam blog that you are a Cyber Stalker is a sign of just how despondent and beaten he is. There was a time when he ignored you and what you said, but you are finally getting under his skin, and any day now he's gonna explode. Keep the pressure up.

And to accuse Nuch of being a hypocrite is probably the kindest thing anyone has said about him. He needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Be it realignment, or Baca's appearance (in uniform) in Trutanich campaign material, or Trutanich's attempts to reroute millions into Baca's pockets, there is one major element at play. It's the same element you see in the dozens of scandals surrounding Undersheriff Paul Tanaka. It's the same element you see in the whole LA County jail mess being investigated by the feds.

That element is Lee Baca. Trutanich is history. His political career is over (as it should be). All we need to wait for is election day, when the remnants of the rotting corpse are hurled into the dumpster in the alley. What all good Los Angelenos should be thinking about now is this: what about Baca?

The answer is simple, BACA MUST GO!

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

Trutanich will say or do anything to get votes at this point.

The problem with this guy however is that he has offended too many people with his conduct.

As a result he will lose this election. Los Angeles simply cannot afford a liar and someone that knowngly files or maintains false charges against small innocent people.

We simply cannot allow Trutanich to win. He is very bad for Los Angeles and he must go.

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

Panagiotis, why don't you tell us why you don't like Trutanich. The truth. You know what the truth is. Share it. What favor did you ask for and he said no to you.