Friday, April 19, 2013

Trutanich crumbling under pressure; accuses Dragnet of criminal conduct, challenged to 'Put-up or Shut-up'

A small group gathered on the south lawn of City Hall to witness Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich's announcement that former Mayoral candidate Kevin James was giving his endorsement to the failed incumbent.

According to a report on the Mayor Sam blog, James stated that he was supporting Trutanich because of front-running City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer's support for AB109, the so-called 'prison realignment' that is now causing an increase in crime due to the flood of prison convicts on the streets of Los Angeles.

James was apparently unaware of Carmen Trutanich's earlier avid support for prison realignment, another 'misstep' during his disastrous DA campaign.

Trutanich devoted an entire page of his 34-page manifesto 'Blueprint for Justice in L.A. County' to his support for Governor Brown's crime wave stimulus package budget saving measure, saying it was 'an opportunity to fundamentally transform our correctional system.'

What Trutanich did not say in his tome was that the day after announcing his support for Gov. Brown's plan to open the prison gates to so-called non-violent convicts, Gov. Brown announced his endorsement of Trutanich in his failed bid to become DA.

Coincidence? We did not think so. Neither did LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus who reminded Trutanich that he was a early supporter of AB 109, to which Trutanich replied that his job was to "make lemonade out of a lemon," perhaps that's just Trutanich-speak for 'lie.'

Maddaus wasn't the only scribe attending the Trutanich-James lovefest on the lawn. Mayor Sam contributor and Trutanich supporter, Scott Johnson reported that: 'The subject of AB 109 was also the basis for A question directed  at Trutanich by this blogger, that cited a recent comment by LA Dragnet Blogger and LA County Deputy District Attorney David Berger, which he stated the reason for Trutanich's support of AB 109, was predicated in Trutanich's desire to get California Governor Jerry Brown's support for his losing District Attorney Campaign. Trutanich responded that "Berger is a cyber stalker" and his relationship with Governor Brown predated AB 109.'

Cyber stalking is a crime. Perhaps Trutanich did not know that, after all, the part-time, night-time, unaccredited law-school educated incumbent is better known for bullying and lying than his legal acumen. In fact during an early interview with LA Weekly's Gene Maddus that did not go so well,  Trutanich grew 'annoyed' and blurted out 'I am not a thug!' Maddaus reported that Trutanich's Chief Deputy Bill Carter then 'pipes in: "Y'know, Nuch is actually an intellectual."' I kid you not. You cannot make this stuff up.

But to return to the point, it does appear that Trutanich is crumbling under the strain of running a campaign doomed to repeat his Hindenburg-like disaster of 2012. Trutanich has given a laundry list of reasons why he failed so spectacularly last year, steadfastly refusing to take any personal responsibility for his third-place finish in the DA primary, instead casting the blame at his former campaign manager John Shallman.

But one reason that Trutanich did not address in his blame-shifting ruse was to address the numerous times Trutanich has made accusations of criminal conduct in failed attempts to stifle opposition or intimidate law abiding citizens. Early on in the Trutanich regime the newly elected City Attorney performed a stunt shockingly reminiscent of Joe McCarthy when he publicly accused Staples Center operator AEG of 'criminal aspects' arising out of the Michael Jackson memorial. No charges were ever filed against AEG after the conclusion of his year long 'investigation.'

Not long thereafter, Trutanich is also reported to have threatened to jail Councilmember Jan Perry and a number of LA Building and Safety employees over allowing AEG to install digital billboards at their LA Live theater. Once again, the threat of criminal proceedings resulted in no charges.

Then there were the undeniably irritating and inconvenient Dream Act protesters, who were threatened with 'a year in jail.' All charges dropped.

Do we see a pattern here? Trutanich appears to use and abuse his position of power to threaten and intimidate dissent. Trutanich may not like what is said about him, but the fact is that everything published in the Dragnet is either supported by links to the original content, or constitutes fair comment. It's called the First Amendment right to free speech.

Well hear this Mr. Trutanich, you have publicly accused the Dragnet of committing a crime; Cyber Stalking you say. I say 'Put up or shut up!'

You will either issue an arrest warrant based on your accusation, or you will issue a complete and public apology by personally purchasing full-page advertisements in the LA Times, LA Daily News, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise, and the Daily Journal.

The ads will have a heading in 2 inch capitals stating 'I, Carmen Trutanich, am a bully, and I am a liar' and containing the admission that on April 18, 2013 you made a statement to the media accusing the Los Angeles Dragnet and/or it's author David Berger of 'Cyber Stalking,' a crime, and that your statement had absolutely no basis in law or fact, and that you apologize unreservedly for abusing your position as City Attorney by making a false and untrue accusation.

You have seven days to issue satisfactory assurances that you will issue the aforesaid apology, in the manner described, failing which all legal rights and remedies are reserved.

Oh, and you might also care to make good on your promise to pay the $90,000 balance of the money you owe to LA's Best After School Program, those kids deserve better from you, so does Los Angeles.


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Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

Dear David,

I am sot surprised at all that Liatinich is accusing you of criminal conduct.

Lietanich maintains against me 50 criminal counts that he cannot prosecute because the charges are fabricated, false and retaliatory in nature. They are now asking my lawyers to make some kind of deal so that they can save the embaracement. I told them: "NO DEAL".

Lietanich is ABUSING the office that the people of Los Angeles entrusted upon him and he is using it for political gain.

Lietanich is hungry for power, yet he graduated as you said from a BS school that nobody knows, he has clearly shown that he is totaly unable to handle power and he is very much unqualified to be city attorney.

I have challenged Lietanich openly and publicly to come out and explain to the people of Los Angeles why he is using his office to support criminals and criminal racketeering activities, why he is doing official city of Los Angeles business through Alex the Greek, why he does not think that he is obligated to do due diligence before he charges citizens with crimes and why he does not know what the 500 attorneys under him are doing.

I have challenged him openly and repeatedly to answer these questions by I have not heard from Lietanich. I hope that the media picks up on this story soon and forces him to provide some answers because this case is highly indicative of how Lietanich is using and abusing his office.


Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, Ph.D.