Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trutanich dumps 'longtime' campaign supporter

'Longtime supporter' and/or Landlord kicked-out at campaign office kickoff.

A sparsely attended 'kickoff' for failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's new campaign office was significant not only because it signaled a change in campaign leadership as reported yesterday, but also because it revealed a split between Trutanich and his 'longtime supporter' Mort Allen.

The Studio City Patch reported that Trutanich was looking for a 'storefront' on Ventura Blvd.
'Longtime supporter' Mort Allen wanted to provide the office space, but has been kicked out.
Some recipients of newly installed Liberty Campaign Consultant's 'team leader' Patrick Furey's email may not have noticed that the campaign office address had suddenly been changed from the purpose built subdivided 'storefront' on Ventura Blvd., to a fairly nondescript office building suite immediately to the west of the 405 freeway on Sherman Way.

Trutanich has moved his campaign office away from 'longtime supporter' Mort Allen's
location on Ventura Blvd., to an office suite in this building on Sherman Way
A smattering of campaign yard signs evinces the location of the Trutanich campaign office.
The reason behind the split between Trutanich and Allen was not stated in the announcement about the opening of the Sherman Way office. Indeed, Allen may actually be unaware of the split; as of today's date the Trutanich campaign office at 'Allen Realty Plaza' was still displaying Trutanich's cheesy campaign signage.

Trutanich's former campaign office at Allen Plaza was still displaying campaign signs while
the Trutanich campaign 'kicked-off' its office on Sherman Way.

The Allen Plaza tenant directory still lists 'Committee to reelect Carmen Trutanich City Attorney'
occupying 'Suite A,' despite Trutanich appearing to have abandoned the location in favor of an
office suite on Sherman Way.
One reason for the split may be concerns raised in the past over irregularities in the payment of rent for the campaign office. Campaign finance records filed with the City Ethics Commission during Trutanich's 2009 campaign appeared to show gaps in rent payment and inconsistent rental amounts, in what became known as the 'Rentgate' scandal.

According to records recently filed with the City Ethics Commission, Trutanich reported paying Allen $1,000.00 on January 11, 2013 for what could be rent for the storefront, however, it is not clear what period of time that payment covers.

Trutanich has reported making a sole payment to 'Allen Realty Plaza LLC'
for ''Office Expenses,' however, it is unclear if that relates to rent or other services.
Campaign finance reports are due to be filed with the City Ethics Commission and will be closely examined to see if Trutanich has made any further payments to Allen for the storefront and its signs.

Another reason for the split could be the issue of the unlawful signs that Trutanich continued to display at the location for two years after he had vacated the premises following the 2009 election.

Once Trutanich ceased to occupy the premises, his large billboards required a permit for 'off site' advertisements. However, Trutanich had issued a citywide ban on all new off site advertising and his own billboards appeared to be in violation of his own law. In what became the embarrassing 'Billboardgate' scandal, pressure from the the media and the Ban Billboard Blight movement forced Trutanich to remove his offending signs.   

Given the apparently troubled history regarding Trutanich's association with Allen and his Allen Realty Plaza location, his poor showing at the polls, and his almost daily, laughable accusations of 'ethics violations,' perhaps Trutanich took heed of new advice (perhaps from his new campaign consultant) and finally, if ignominiously, decided to sever ties with Allen.

Now that Trutanich has moved his campaign office, his campaign signs at Allen Realty Plaza need to be removed. Their continued presence is not only a blight on Ventura Blvd., but appears to represent a violation of Trutanich's ban on un-permitted off site advertising. The message is clear. Mr. Trutanich, tear down those signs.




Anonymous said...

Nuch is really showing his "tru" colors. Beyond self preservation, he really doesn't believe in anything.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich should have cleaned up his act long ago. There still are a bunch of creeps that hang around with him. That shows his "TRU" colors. Funny, for a clown he sure looks like a wiseguy.

Anonymous said...

If Trutanich was serious about getting rid of all the turds in his camp, he should start with the biggest turd - himself!

Anonymous said...

Nuch was told to get rid of Allen. Way to go Nuch, dumping an old guy would have given you his right arm if you asked. When everyone else abandoned you after the DA thing went bad, when all your so called friends stopped taking your calls, one old guy remained true to you. And this is how you thank him?

Right now I bet the Feuer campaign is negotiating to occupy your old office on Ventura Blvd and put their signs up. Kinda ironic really, it won't be long before Feuer occupies your 8th floor executive office too

Anonymous said...

As the Trutanich campaign starts to disintegrate, its obvious that Trutanich himself is destined for obscurity or infamy. My real concern (actually "horror" is a better description) is not that Trutanich will survive this thing. Thathat won't happen.

My concern is with those people who made possible Trutanich's Reign-of-Terror and his power grab for the District Attorney's Office. We all know who joined in those fiascos, and many of us have pictures. Anyone who supported Trutanich should have to repent or answer for it in future political efforts.