Monday, April 8, 2013

Trutanich makes late campaign change; hires new campaign consultant, loses endorsements

Rumors of rifts within the 'official' re-election campaign of failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich appear to be validated. Last week the Dragnet reported that Trutanich may be looking for a new campaign consultant in the wake of his swingeing failure to attract more than 30% of the vote in the primary election, leaving him an embarrassing large and seemingly unassailable 14 points behind leading City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer.

Although any split between Trutanich and his stalwart campaign consultant Rick Taylor is understood to have been strenuously denied by both Trutanich and Taylor, sharp-eyed recipients of an email announcing the 'kickoff' of the Trutanich campaign office will have noticed that the email was signed by 'Patrick Furey, Field Director, Trutanich for City Attorney.'

Patrick Furey is not a name associated with Rick Taylor's Dakota Communications, but is a name that some will recognize as part of the 'team' at rival political consultants Liberty Campaign Solutions LLC.

The retention by Trutanich of Liberty's services will do little to change the outcome of the May 21 runoff election which Mike Feuer is expected to win handily. It does, however, provide Trutanich with a scapegoat for his disastrous primary election performance. After his Hindenburg-like DA election defeat, Trutanich cast a wide swathe of blame ranging from 'the media' to his then campaign consultant, John Shallman, for 'campaign mis-steps'; Trutanich-speak for deflecting the blame for his own blunders.

Trutanich's current campaign is not without allegations of 'campaign mis-steps.' Allegations of prohibited coordination with Independent Expenditures made on his behalf and prohibited email communications have been reported to the City Ethics Commission. The employment of Furey/Liberty Campaign Solutions would seem a convenient way for Trutanich to throw Taylor under the bus, but may well open a can of worms for Trutanich.

Liberty Campaign Solutions LLC is a name that will 'ring a bell' with those who have been closely watching for evidence of any prohibited coordination between Trutanich and those making Independent Expenditures for Trutanich.

Liberty received the lions share of a $63k Independent Expenditure made for Trutanich from an obscure group named 'LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich for City Attorney 2013.' The coincidence of Liberty's team member now working for Trutanich not only seems to suggest that a change in campaign management is in place, but also raises concerns as to coordination between the 'LA Residents' etc. and Trutanich, as well as posing the question; who is currently paying for Furey's services?

The direct employment of Liberty Campaign Solutions by Trutanich would seem to preclude 'LA Residents' etc. from using Liberty for any subsequent Independent Expenditures, however, based on the disastrous way their $63k failed to boost Trutanich's reelection hopes in the primary, 'LA Residents' etc. may decide that if they have any more money to waste, it can be more conveniently placed in the nearest available storm drain.

Trutanich loses key endorsements for City Attorney race

As Trutanich tries to shuffle the deckchairs on the SS Trutanic, the LA Times reports that he lags behind frontrunner Mike Feuer in endorsements and has lost the support of many who were at his side in 2009.

Perhaps most noticeably absent from Trutanich's endorsement list is his former supporter, former Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. The straight-speaking law enforcement veteran told the LA Times that he was 'very disappointed' by Trutanich's 'decision to run for district attorney last year, which broke a promise to serve two terms at City Hall,' adding that 'I strongly encouraged Mr. Trutanich not to enter the D.A.'s race.'

Cooley's endorsement of Trutanich in 2009 was likely the single most important reason why Trutanich won the election. The absence of that endorsement in 2013 is very telling and likely has a lot more to do with the way Trutanich betrayed the trust placed in him.

Also absent among Trutanich's former strongest supporters is the Los Angeles Police Protective League. In 2009 the LAPPL spent $750k on Trutanich, for now they're staying out of it.

With rival City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer leading in the polls by 18 points, and certain to lead in the fundraising stakes while Trutanich faces unreturned phone calls, the list of Trutanich's endorsements could grow shorter as many realize that Trutanich's final downfall is drawing closer day by day.

Trutanich's last day in office will be June 30, 2013.


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Anonymous said...

Cooley did not endorse Trutanich because he knows that Trutanich is going to become the first incumbent City Attorney to fail to be reelected. Carmen Trutanich is a liar who cannot be trusted to do anything he says and will say whatever it takes to con people into believing his lies. The fact that he is now using a different campaign manager, the 4th in as many years, shows what a piece of work he is. Patrick Furey has his work cut out for him with Trutanich, I hope he made sure he got paid up front.