Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trutanich lawsuit crumbles, dismissed as 'frivolous' and 'meritless'



MAY 29, 2013

CONTACT: Alex Ponder, 310-749-0951


Los Angeles, CA – City Attorney-elect Mike Feuer’s transition spokesperson Alex Ponder issued the following statement today after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard Rico granted the motion by Mr. Feuer and all other defendants to strike the complaint in Lake v. Feuer et al., dismissing the case.

"Today the court affirmed what we have known since the beginning: that this was a baseless and politically-motivated lawsuit.  Mike is focused on his transition to the office of City Attorney and looks forward to working with everyone in Los Angeles who wants to build a bright future for our city."

Here's the Judge's ruling:

The lawsuit was Trutanch's headline grabbing attempt to stave off his inevitable removal from office, and had all the hallmarks of other lawsuits filed by the failed incumbent - intended for 'headline grabbing' only.

Trutanich's drubbing in the polls, and now in court, validates all those who worked tirelessly to bring closure to Trutanich's lie-laden thuggish tenure in public office, and to ensure responsible and ethical leadership in the City Attorney's office.

Congratulations to Mike Feuer and his team.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

2013 Los Angeles City Elections - Winners & Losers

The People have spoken, the votes are counted, Los Angeles will have a new Mayor, City Attorney and Controller. It is not just the successful candidate who wins, others are winners for a variety of reasons. Similarly for the losers, so we now take a look at all the winners and losers.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti
Eric Garcetti - fought an intelligent and thoughtful campaign, perhaps mirroring the candidate himself. His radio ad was a masterpiece, reminding Los Angelenos of simpler times with family rides in wood-sided Chevys. It was highly effective, perhaps more so that tv ads in this low turnout election.

Los Angelenos are entitled to have high expectations from Garcetti, but with the low bar set by outgoing Mayor Villariagosa, few doubt that Garcetti will excel. Let's just see how a Rhodes Scholar Navy Reserve Officer does when compared to a six-time Bar Exam failure alleged former gang member.

Mayor Sam's Michael Higby - made the right call for the best of the left.
Kevin James - former Mayoral candidate who came third in the primary, stalked by Wendy Gruel for endorsement, spurned pressure from hard core Republicans, and endorsed Garcetti.
LA Times - picked the winner.
Gil & Sukey Garcetti -two parents who cannot be prouder of their son. Rightly so.

Wendy Greuel
Wendy Greuel - seemed to have everything a candidate could want going into the runoff, including vast wads of organized labor support and a clear enthusiasm for the job. Perhaps that enthusiasm led to poor choices, such as being seen as too closely aligned to the DWP and its union, and needlessly trashing Kevin James only to end up with egg on her face with Textgate.

Greuel will likely pick herself up and find another spot in politics, perhaps as early as 2014 in the race to replace seats vacated by retiring members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Greuel has certainly proven that she can raise a ton of money and the margin of her loss was not so great as to label her a loser.

John Shallman - the finger of blame is bound to be pointed at the campaign strategist. Was the campaign too negative and too concentrated on tv?
Mayor Villaraigosa - didn't endorse either Garcetti or Greuel, perhaps because that endorsement was not wanted by either candidate. The Mayor of Failure crater-bombed with the simple task of chairing the DNC, in the process self-detonating any hope of an appointment in the Obama administration. The LA Weekly has speculated that he will join the ranks of LA's jobless and homeless on July 1.
DWP union IBEW - spent a ton of cash on Greuel, likely torpedoed Greuel by the revelation that DWP salaries soared 15% in the past five years on the backs of hardworking Los Angelenos.
Mayor Sam's 'Red Spot' - pimped Greuel relentlessly. 

LA City Attorney Mike Feuer
Mike Feuer - narrowly lost out to Rocky Delgadillo in 2001, but proved he was the comeback kid on May 21, 2013, beating the failed incumbent by an historic margin. If the Mayoral race was negative, the City Attorney race was toxic with the incumbent firing off offensive mailers like confetti and filing ethics complaints like subpoenas from a power-crazed reincarnation of Joe McCarthy. Feuer held his own, responding where needed, but mostly staying positive.

Feuer is smart and he'll need to be to cope with the many messes left behind by the incumbent, but judging by the raised spirits in the office following the election, he can count on a great team to provide professional legal services rather than headline-grabbing publicity stunts as the office refocuses on being the great law firm it once was.

John Shallman - put together an awesome campaign team for Feuer, with Dave Jacobson, Alexander Ponder and Nicole doing the heavy lifting. Despite being armed with a nuclear arsenal of damaging ammunition to blast the incumbent out of office, they used it wisely only when needed, and stayed 'on message' to convince voters that their candidate was the problem-solver LA needed.
Paul Krekorian - stayed on fence the until late in the race, but the popular councilmember's late endorsement came at just the right time.
Jackie Lacey - LA's newly elected District Attorney made her first political endorsement and picked the winner.
Greg Smith - the third placed finisher in the primary, ran a stellar campaign to 'rob' Trutanich of votes that could have closed the 14 point margin of loss Trutanich suffered. Wisely endorsed Feuer after the primary and likely caused many if not most of the 18% who voted for him to vote for Feuer.
Joseph Mailander - at one time known only as the mysterious blogger 'Mulholland Terrace,' he was the first to brand the outgoing incumbent as 'Carmen the Clown.' It earned him threats of legal action from the thin-skinned incumbent, and a place at the winners' table for inspiring others to stand up to the incumbent and his thuggish regime.
Gene Maddaus - LA Weekly's relentless reporter captured the incumbent pounding his fist on the table top at Ciro's Mexican restaurant screaming 'I am not a thug!' followed by the priceless comment from Chief Deputy Bill Carter 'Ya know, Nuch is really an intellectual...' You cannot make this stuff up. Maddaus went on to pen two riotously entertaining front page stories about the 'intellectual' incumbent; 'Carmen the Barbarian' just before the DA primary, and 'Carmen was knocked down, can he get up?' just before the City Attorney runoff, when the question was resoundingly answered.
Maeve Reston - LA Times reporter assigned to the 2009 campaign, fell out of favor with the incumbent for not drinking the Koolaide. Was interviewing the incumbent when infamous 'High Five for Dead Baby' photo was taken and stoically refused to withdraw the report.
Michael Linder - Award winning radio reporter and tv producer, fell out of favor with the the incumbent for not drinking the Koolaide and reporting early cracks in the facade. Apparently the incumbent flexed his muscles with Linder's bosses and his position was 'downsized' to 'the Nuch's' delight. Linder nevertheless returned to the airwaves last year following Trutanich's DA campaign disaster. All entirely coincidental, of course.
Doug McIntyre - KABC's award winning morning drive-time talkshow host. First to recognize the hypocrisy and demagoguery of the incumbent for breaking his promise to support the Controller's right to audit programs run by elected officials. Went on to slam the incumbent during his Hindenburg-like DA campaign. Seemingly 'tuned-up' towards the end of the Trutanich regime to readmit the incumbent to the studio armed with a fistful of doughnuts to go on air and spout spurious claims to be a success, but the tone in McIntyre's voice belied a lack of enthusiasm for the interviewee.
Roger M. Grace - Editor/Co-Publisher of the Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise was going to stay on the fence but endorsed Feuer when the flood of Trutanich's negative and patently false mailers convinced Grace to write, 'To re-elect Carmen Trutanich as Los Angeles city attorney would be unthinkable. Trutanich—whose candidacy we embraced four years ago—has been a disappointment to many. He’s proved to be a bully, a bloviator, a buffoon. His primary failing is, of course, his inability to stick to the truth.'
LA Times - picked the winner.
LA Daily News - endorsed Greg Smith in the primary, then Mike Feuer in the runoff. Perhaps their greatest victory, however, was their endorsement in the DA primary; 'Vote A.B.C. - Anyone But Carmen Trutanich!'
John Thomas - did the heavy lifting in Trutanich's 2009 City Attorney campaign, yet received no recognition for his hard work. Masterminded DA candidate Alan Jackson's campaign so successfully that Jackson trounced Trutanich into third place. All that with half the money of Trutanich. Managed rival City Attorney candidate Greg Smith's campaign that 'robbed' Trutanich of 18 points that could have made him appear viable in the runoff with Feuer.
Los Angeles Dragnet - Yes, we are doing the Ickey Shuffle in the end zone. So are a lot of other folks who celebrated on May 21, 2013.

Failed incumbent
Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich - made history by becoming the first incumbent City Attorney to lose reelection since 1933. The margin of Trutanich's loss was the largest ever recorded for an incumbent.

Last year Trutanich was already marked with the big red 'L' for loser after suffering the most humiliating of defeats in his ill-conceived bid to become District Attorney. In the June 2012 primary, he placed a lowly third to a pair of political novices despite having twice as much money as his opponents and a slew of political endorsements, none the least of which was from Gov. Jerry Brown.

On the eve of his defeat, Trutanich (never one to take responsibility for anything negative) blamed 'the media' for his downfall, but shortly afterwards, when faced with a pile of bills from his campaign, he had a bitter falling out with his campaign manager, John Shallman. Trutanich blamed Shallman for failing to make a chicken sandwich out of chicken sh*t, and Shallman blamed Trutanich for failing to raise enough money to beat at least one of the two political unknowns running against him.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle, but perhaps ever so slightly closer to Trutanich - he was unelectable. Long before he violated his promise not to run for DA, Trutanich had already established himself as a bully, thug, liar and a demagogue. Shallman might have advised Trutanich that his best hope of staying in politics was to do the job he promised to do and stay out of the DA race. But Trutanich always knows best, doesn't listen to any advice that does not massage his narcissistic ego, and in any event had already decided break his 'pledge to serve' the moment his former buddy, Steve Cooley, announced his intention to run for Attorney General.

The rest, as they say, is history. Trutanich blames his final downfall on making 'the Pledge,' but in that statement he underlines the reason why LA voters rejected him; his mistake wasn't making the pledge, it was breaking it. Trutanich clearly believes that with enough money, enough lies, he can convince anyone of anything. Trouble is that there isn't enough money in Los Angeles for that to happen.

Sheriff Lee Baca - to this day nobody fully understands why Baca is so entrenched in his support for Trutanich. He spearheaded the pathetically false 'Draft Trutanich for DA' movement, got himself in trouble for breaking the law by endorsing Trutanich in his uniform, and raised a ton of cash for Trutanich - which might also get him in trouble if rumors are correct. Baca should have backed off after the DA campaign belly flopped, but he couldn't let go. Baca's association with Trutanich will likely hurt him more than help him, but that is the way it is with for most who have anything to do with Trutanich.
Kevin James - made an intelligent endorsement for Garcetti, but baffled followers by endorsing Trutanich. He may have fallen victim to Trutanich's 'Family Guy' ploy, where Trutanich drags his family members along to supposedly private meetings to make it hard to say 'No' to whatever he needs you to do to trash your reputation to try to salvage his.
Dennis Zine - a Trutanich supporter when it suits him, not so much when it does not, like when Zine joined the rest of the City Council in shutting down Trutanich's attempt to stop AEG from getting digital billboards at LA Live. Zine endorsed Trutanich for DA, and did the same with his City Attorney campaign. Aligning himself with 'LA's Biggest Liar Loser' likely cost Zine any chance of becoming City Controller.
LA's Best After School Program - promised $100k from Trutanich when he broke his 'Pledge to Serve.' Trutanich first tried to welch on the deal claiming it was not legally binding. Eventually shamed into coughing-up a $10k check and a bunch of IOUs from his supporters, promising to pay off the balance over the next few years. Good luck collecting now that Trutanich is gone.
Reuben Garcia - boss of Advanced Cleanup Technologies/Advanced Environmental Group who pumped $66k into an Independent Expenditure for Trutanich under the guise of being the 'LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich.' Seems Garcia was keen on getting the Port of LA to require the use of his emissions-control technology, called AMECS, for shipping terminals and rail projects. So far, port officials have refused to require its use, that seems even less likely now that Trutanich is gone.
Mayor Sam's 'Red Spot' - pimped Trutanich for City Attorney relentlessly, perhaps another victim of the 'Family Guy' treatment?
Phil Jennerjahn - 2012 Republican nominee for 28th Congressional District and political blogger, endorsed Trutanich because 'Nuch is no typical egomaniacal politician.' You might want to delete that post from your blog Phil...

City Controller Ron Galperin
Ron Galperin: Probably the surprise victor in this election cycle. Enjoyed strong support from the Democrat Party and the Gay and Lesbian community.

Galperin benefited from a slew of endorsements, with the LA Times completing its hat trick of picking Mayor, City Attorney and City Contoller.

Galperin is an 'ideas' guy and might not only root out waste in the city, but actually develop some of his ideas into money making programs for the city. One idea is to allow the two city owned asphalt production plants to sell to private contractors. That might even generate enough revenue to pay for filling the potholes that proliferated under outgoing Mayor Villariagosa's tenure.

Dennis Zine
Dennis Zine: Former traffic cop and three-term City Councilman, was strongly tipped to win the Controller's seat with polls showing him ahead of Galperin, but with a vast number of 'undecided' voters. Most of the undecideds broke for Garcetti and Feuer, making Zine an unlikely choice for them.

Zine's endorsement of Trutanich probably also didn't help anymore than Trutanich's endorsement of Zine.

Whether Zine will jump on his Harley and ride of into the sunset, or hang around and have another run for a political position remains to be seen. An easy political position for Zine might be the County Assessor's seat in 2014. However, rumors suggest Carmen Trutanich might have his eyes on that seat too. That would make for an interesting election and be the first time the pair have not endorsed each other...

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Free For All: Trutanich Loss 'Historic,' Interest Mounts for County Assessor Seat

Trutanich Makes History

As predicted, Trutanich's humiliating defeat in his re-election bid made history, the LA Weekly reports.

"According to stats provided to the Weekly, no incumbent for city office has lost by more than 18 points in at least 50 years, and no city attorney running to keep the gig has lost this bad in at least 80 years. Ouch. 

The only incumbent City Attorney to lose his job in an election since at least 1933 was Roger Arnebergh, who lost 58-42 to Burt Pines in 1973. 

Incumbent Jim Hahn lost the mayor's job to Antonio Villaraigosa by 18 points in 2005, a year that saw many African-Americans disappointed in Hahn's replacement of a black LAPD chief, Bernard Parks. 

Mayor Frank Shaw lost by 24 points, Trutanich's loss margin, way back in 1938. 

Mike Feuer, meanwhile, won 14 of 15 council districts, and he did so with at least 58 percent of the vote." The LA Weekly said.

Open County Assessor Seat Looking Interesting, to some ...

What do politicians go when they lose an election? Some disappear into political oblivion, some become lobbyists, some get appointed to commissions and non-profits to rebuild their political careers, and others run for something promising another political paycheck.

Carmen Trutanich (center) with John Noguez (left) in the good ole days...
Rumors suggest that three-time loser Carmen Trutanich has his eyes on the County Assessor's open seat. With former buddy John Noguez facing criminal charges, the seat is wide open and it is understood that, thus far, no 'big names' have announced an intention to run for the seat on the June 3, 2014 ballot.

Trutanich could run a fairly low-key campaign relying on his name recognition to make him a 'shoe-in' for the position which, until Noguez made it infamous, would typically be won by 'the voters default'; the incumbent, failing which an attractive name. Trutanich could be hoping that by June 2014, voters will have forgotten why his name is familiar...

Trutanich could also benefit from running a joint ticket with longtime supporter Sheriff Lee Baca. The incumbent Sheriff is expected to seek reelection, despite growing number of scandals that have so far failed to unseat him. Baca could likely raise the kind of money Trutanich cannot even dream of these days, and the failed City Attorney could raise money off Baca's back to give him an edge in the race.

But Trutanich may not be the only 'big name' with eyes on the Assessor's seat. A couple of outgoing Los Angeles City politicians, Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilmember Dennis Zine, could mount viable campaigns if they chose to use the Assessor's Office as part of their political rehabilitation.

In 2010, no less than 13 candidates vied for County Assessor, with no-name Noguez finally winning the November run off having out-raised the opposition with a staggering $1M. We now know how he raised the money, and LA County has now banned property tax consultants from making contributions to candidates for Assessor.

Whether Trutanich will rise from the ashes of his Hindenburg-like campaigns in a run for Assessor is but a rumor, but remember that in horror stories, after the monster has been slain, it stages a final comeback. Standby for 'Carmen the Barbarian II,' watch out for a website called 'Draft Trutanich for County Assessor,' and of course, denials. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LA Voters to Trutanich: "You're Fired!"

From the moment that the first results came in, it was over for Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich.

Vote By Mail ballots gave City Attorney elect Mike Feuer a staggering 18 point lead. It was a lead that was to widen as precincts started reporting, and it fueled the upbeat mood at the Feuer campaign's victory party.

City Attorney elect Mike Feuer declares victory, surrounded by his family after receiving
a call from the defeated incumbent.

At 11:30PM Trutanich called Mike Feuer and 'sort of' conceded defeat. "If it carries on this way, then I will work with you to transition to the office," the failed incumbent said.

The mood at the Trutanich victory party had been anything but upbeat.

Failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's taxpayer funded SUV was the only sign
that the humiliated loser was in the house. He remained secluded from the small group who gathered
a few doors away at Rocco's Taven to witness his monumental defeat.
While a small group of Trutanich Koolaide drinkers gathered at Trutanich's 'victory party' at Rocco's Tavern, the doomed incumbent remained huddled in the offices of 'longtime supporter' Mort Allen together with Sheriff Lee Baca. It is understood that Trutanich was reluctant to call Feuer and concede defeat, but the Sheriff persuaded him to 'man up' and make the call.

As we go to press, the latest bulletin from the City Clerk shows Mike Feuer with 61.38% of the vote, 22.77 points ahead of the failed incumbent, who continues to tank.

It is an historic margin of defeat for an incumbent.

Trutanich ran the City Attorney's office into disrepute with a form of egocentric maniacal 'leadership' that will haunt him for the rest of his career. His ludicrously thuggish motto 'The strong do as they will, the weak do as they must,' was one of several 'motivational' mottos that stamped his brand on the 8th floor executive office.

The thoughts of Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich ...
One such motto posits that "There are 3 kinds of people; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened."

Tonight, as Trutanich was taken home in his chauffeur-driven taxpayer funded SUV, he would appear to be the third kind of person; wondering what happened? How could he have screwed up so badly?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trutanich ackowledges defeat is certain

Downfall Day Dawns for Trutanich

The signs that Trutanich has accepted the he will not be reelected are clear. Monday morning the failed incumbent gave his Hail Mary interview with KABC's Doug McIntyre and the tone of his voice spoke louder than his words; he knows he is defeated.

Gone are the days when Trutanich could barge into KABC's studios armed with a fistful of San Pedro's finest doughnuts. Monday morning Trutanich phoned-in his interview. His tone was definitely downbeat. He's 18 points behind Mike Feuer going into this election. He has alienated just about everyone who ever supported him. He knows it's over. He sounded like a loser.

Another sign that Trutanich acknowledges defeat is certain is the location of his 'victory party.' Is it the Universal Studio Sheraton Hotel where almost a thousand people crammed the ballroom in 2009 to see Trutanich claim victory? No. According to the Studio City Patch, it's Rocco's Tavern, a few doors away from 'longtime supporter' Mort Allen's storefront office. Trutanich's occupation of Rocco's Tavern starts at 8:00PM. Around 9:00PM the results of the vote by mail ballots will be known, and the likelihood is that Trutanich's swinging 18 point deficit will be reflected in those results. By 9:30PM, the next round of results will be known. The party will be over shortly after that.

Rumors suggest that even in his hometown, San Pedro, Trutanich has lost the vote. As quickly as his yard signs were put up, they were being torn down. San Pedran's are a tough community; they love a hero, they hate a heel. They smell the stench of defeat, and they are dealing with it.

20% of Los Angelenos are expected to vote tomorrow, a low turnout by any standard. 70% of them will not be voting for Trutanich based on the results of the 2012 DA primary, and the 2013 City Attorney primary.

The Dragnet predicts Mike Feuer will be LA's next City Attorney.


Monday, May 20, 2013

The end is near for Trutanich

Krekorian supports Feuer for City Attorney

The Studio City Patch reports on the latest kick in the teeth to failed incumbent City Attorney, Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich. The kick comes from Councilmember Paul Kekorian who represents CD2, a onetime stronghold for Trutanich. But it is not a case of 'et tu Krekorian?' Krekorian, a former ally, had become so frustrated by Trutanich's antics in delaying drafting ordinances and providing legal advice, that he had proposed 'outsourcing' many of Trutanich's functions to the private sector.

Krekorian's endorsement of Feuer, while not altogether surprising, caps what must have been one of the worst weekends for the Trutanich reelection campaign. On Friday, the latest LA Times/U.S.C. poll placed Trutanich 18 points behind Mike Feuer, while on Sunday, Rick Orlov at the Daily News tipped off question marks over the $66k independent expenditure for Trutanich from Advanced Technologies Cleanup Inc. boss Ruben Garcia. The I.E. was disguised as coming from "a committee called LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich, funded by AEG Inc." Orlov said.

"No, not that AEG." Orlov continues "Not the Anschutz Entertainment Group that built Staples Center and LA Live and tangled with Trutanich when he was first elected over who would pay the city's costs for the Michael Jackson memorial, as well as over the company's plans for a downtown sign district. 'It isn't us,' spokesman Michael Roth said. It turns out the AEG behind the committee is Advanced Environmental Group, a Rancho Dominguez based firm, that is involved with cleaning up industrial and hazardous wastes."

It was LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus who threw a little light on the reason why Garcia was so keen to support Trutanich. "... the reasons for Garcia's benevolence go beyond mere friendship." Maddaus said. "Garcia has been pushing the Port of Los Angeles to approve his company's emissions-control technology, called AMECS, for shipping terminals and rail projects. So far, port officials have refused to require companies to use it."

The deal would likely be worth millions to Garcia, so perhaps he thought throwing a little cash at Trutanich would help. Perhaps Trutanich could send a message to the Port of LA that they need to use AMECS to comply with emissions standards?

Even though Trutanich will lose Tuesday's election, he will remain City Attorney until June 30, 2013. Perhaps there's a strong case for some serious oversight over the last days of the Trutanich regime to ensure the downfallen leader doesn't repay the favor? Krekorian would do well to propose such a measure. There is no longer a consent decree over LAPD, but perhaps a similar measure would be wise with the City Attorney's office until Trutanich is removed?


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Downfall Party Alert!

Downfall Party planned for Election Night

If you've ever wondered about Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, the eponymous blogger who blasts Trutanich at every opportunity, you'll get the chance to meet him at his restaurant, Aliki's Greek Taverna, 5862 Arbor Vitae St., Westchester, CA 90045, on Election Night.

Panagiotis, or Peter, is hosting a Downfall Party at his restaurant, starting at 8:00PM.

There's free soft drinks and Greek appetizers on offer, and of course the opportunity to see a little history being made as Los Angelenos tell Trutanich exactly what they think of him.

If you want to join the Downfall Party, please use this Evite link to let Peter know.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Free For All

Four Days To Go To Trutanich's Final Downfall

Updated: Saturday, May 18, 2013 (see below)

No cash, no credibility, no chance. That is the reality of the Trutanich reelection campaign.

The incumbent has struggled to raise money for his crumbling campaign. Gone are the days when Trutanich packed rooms with donors eager to max-out their contributions. Even that strange steady stream of $100 and $200 checks that boosted his DA campaign has dried up.

Most of his supporters saw how he crashed and burned in the DA primary. They saw how he placed a staggering 14 points behind Mike Feuer in the City Attorney primary election, with fully 70% of voters rejecting him. They are either watching out for the caller ID indicating a call from 'Nuch' and letting the call go to voicemail, or they are telling him, 'Don't call us, we'll call you, just like you used to return our calls - never.'

All over town the excitement is building. Friendly office pools that used to buy lottery tickets are now based on guessing just how big Trutanich's loss will be; 5 points, 10 points or 20 points. Most believe a 10 point loss is likely, but a sizable number are sure it will be nearer 20 points.

Plans are being made to hold "Downfall" parties to celebrate the end of the Trutanich regime. The likelihood is that with a low turnout, and a high number of vote by mail ballots being released at around 9PM, it will be over for Trutanich shortly after that.

It's a long, long way from May 2009.

The moment the results flashed up on the screen showing Trutanich had won
the 2009 General Election.

There won't be the crowds that flocked to Trutanich's victory party. They will be elsewhere, perhaps at a Downfall party. They will not be making the mistake that they made in 2009 by trusting Trutanich.

The scene at Trutanich's 2013 victory party is more likely to look like this:

June 2012 Failed DA candidate Carmen Trutanich does the walk of shame after
placing 3rd in the DA primary, thrown out of the race by an electorate
who were not going to be made fools of again.

Trutanich may not even do the walk of shame, instead choosing to sneak out the back door to avoid the few that will remain, and avoid the press who will be eager to see what new excuses Trutanich can find for his latest and last downfall.

Updated: Saturday, May 18, 2013

LA Times/U.S.C. Poll puts Feuer 18 points ahead of Trutanich

The LA Weekly reports on the latest poll, and it's more bad news for the failed City Attorney incumbent - he is now 18 points behind Mike Feuer. Signs are that the Trutanich "inner circle" are circling their wagons and preparing for the inevitable Downfall of their hero. The tone of their typically hateful, threatening and ridiculously optimistic comments has changed, suggesting a somewhat conciliatory claim that they are hopeful, that 'Nuch has done a good job,' but that if he loses he can go on to bigger and better things 'proud of his many successes.'


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Brown Blasts Trutanich - et tu Brown?

The LA Weekly reported on Gov. Jerry Brown's attack on failed incumbent City Attorney "Carmen 'I am a LIAR' Trutanich."

The attack, in the form of Robocalls from Gov. Brown, blasts Trutanich latest attempt at "misleading voters" over AB109 the so-called "Prison Realignment." When Trutanich re-invented himself after his his humiliating defeat in the DA primary election, he immediately abandoned his warm embracement of AB109, perhaps thinking voters would forget that he had devoted an entire page of his rambling DA campaign manifesto 'Blueprint for Justice,' hailing AB109 as "an opportunity to fundamentally transform our correctional system."

The day after Trutanich unleashed his manifesto, Gov. Brown repaid his end of a bargain (believed to have been brokered by Sheriff Lee Baca) and Gov. Brown endorsed Trutanich for DA. Trutanich has denied the endorsement was payback for his support of AB109, claiming his relationship with Brown predated AB109.

In the robocall, Gov. Brown reminds listeners of Trutanich's previous support for AB109.

Readers will recall that Trutanich previously tried to mislead voters with a false ballot designation in which he claimed he was the "Los Angeles Chief Criminal Prosecutor." A Superior Court Judge swatted Trutanich down and forced him to remove the "misleading" ballot designation.

Trutanich campaign crumbling - supporters acknowledge "Downfall" imminent

A comment from a Trutanich Koolaide drinker in response to Wednesday's Dragnet shows that while the Trutanich inner circle is maintaining it's strategy of calling anyone who says anything negative about their hero a 'liar,' they appear to acknowledge that the election is lost.

Ali Amiri commences his rant by saying that after the election, the Dragnet will find someone else to lie about. It is true that Trutanich, having lost the election, will cease to be of interest to Dragnet readers. However, if Trutanich were to win the election (a stretch of the imagination, granted) then Trutanich would continue to be the rich source of buffoonery and deceptive practices that he is. Clearly Amiri fully expects Trutanich to lose, leaving the Dragnet in need of another target.

The remainder of Amiri's remarks are not worthy of any response, other than they are false and simply mirror the comments of other Trutanich supporters.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trutanich braces for final Downfall

Less than a week to go, and the air of desperation and despondency in the Trutanich camp is palpable. LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus' lengthy article on Trutanich last week included quotes from those in the incumbent's inner circle that indicate that while they remain loyal to their hero, they have accepted the inevitable. They are prepared with all the excuses, accusations and blame-shifting they need to explain away the final downfall of LA's most notorious elected liar.

Studio City businessman and crazed conspiracy theorist, Mort Allen, told the LA Weekly that "His feeling is that in the hearts of the people, he will (win). But if he doesn't, he can go back to making money and making a better life for his family." The rare admission from the Trutanich inner circle that defeat is certain came before the latest polls showed Trutanich now 11 points behind City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer.

Polls show Feuer set to trounce Trutanich (again)

Last week's SurveyUSA poll gave leading City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer a 6 point lead over the failed incumbent. Monday's LA Times showed Feuer with an 11 point lead, a week before the election. According to the Times, 'In polling conducted April 29 through May 7 by the Edmund G. "Pat" Brown Institute of Public Affairs at Cal State L.A., Feuer, a former member of the state Assembly and City Council, led City Atty. Carmen Trutanich, who is seeking reelection in next week's balloting -- 35% to 24%, with 41% of voters still undecided."

The large number of 'undecideds' could give Trutanich hope that he can con capture those votes, but in order to do so he needs money to deliver his message to the masses. Money is not flowing to Trutanich the way it used to. He lags far behind Feuer and his 'Hail Mary Pass' attempt at a retraining order to prevent Feuer from receiving matching funds failed when a judge threw his lawsuit out of court. It is not clear whether the judge was able to suppress any laughter when the ruling was given.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey Endorses Mike Feuer for City Attorney

Both the Daily News and the LA Times broke the news that newly elected Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who thrashed Trutanich out of the DA primary last year, had endorsed Mike Feuer for City Attorney.

Lacey explained that Trutanich' use of an "intellectually dishonest" mailer that "twisted facts about the alleged kidnapping and rape of a young girl for political purposes" were among her reasons for supporting Feuer.

Trutanich is understood to have been 'apoplectic' when he was told that the key endorsement had gone to his opponent. The failed incumbent likely ranted and raged incoherently, perhaps claiming to have been 'betrayed' because of assurances he might have counted on that Lacey would "stay out of it."

If indeed Trutanich's deceitful mailer did cause Lacey to endorse Feuer, then chances are that Trutanich will blame his campaign manager for his downfall, again.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Briefs

Trutanich lags behind Feuer in Fundraising

The LA Times reports the soon to be former City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich failed to halt the backward motion of his campaign and raised only 'about $110,000.00' in the last reporting period. Leading City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer, however, raised almost double that amount in the same period.

Feuer has $126,000.00 cash on hand, compared with Trutanich's $84,000.00.

Trutanich narrows the gap in latest SurveyUSA poll

The latest SurveyUSA poll shows Mike Feuer's lead in the polls narrowing from the ten point lead he had two weeks ago, to a six point lead now.  While the news will bring some cheer to Trutanich loyalists, the reality is that the election is over. 14% of voters still remain undecided and if past experience holds true, they won't vote at all. Trutanich will be lucky to lose by 6 points, most see a 10 point loss as more likely.

In the other citywide races, Garcetti and Greuel are neck and neck at 46% each, while Dennis Zine has a 12 point lead over Ron Galperin.

Trutanich fails to prevent Feuer from receiving matching funds

The Trutanich campaign received another kick in the teeth Friday when a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge refused to issue a restraining order to prevent leading Los Angeles City Attorney candidate from receiving matching funds, the Brentwood Patch reported.

Trutanich had complained (to anyone who would listen) that Feuer's performance-bonus contract with campaign consultant John Shallman was in violation of City ethics laws, but it seems a Judge was not persuaded by Trutanich's rhetoric.

Parks, Perry endorse Trutanich

The Mayor Sam blog reports exclusively that Los Angeles Councilmembers Jan Perry and Bernard Parks have endorsed Trutanich for City Attorney.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Friday's Free For All, Met News-Enterprise Backs Feuer for City Attorney

Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise Endorses:
Mike Feuer for City Attorney

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise, LA's leading legal daily news source, devoted an entire page of editorial in support of City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer. The endorsement was not expected, but likely welcomed not only by Feuer, but by voters who fell for the Trutanich spell in 2009 and have been disappointed (if not disgusted) at the way Trutanich squandered their support and his political capital on a lie-filled, ego-driven, cheesy attempt at political bunny-hopping.

The Met News Editorial Board, who supported Trutanich in 2009, said "he [Trutanich] has been a disappointment to many. He’s proved to be a bully, a bloviator, a buffoon. His primary failing is, of course, his inability to stick to the truth," likely a thinly veiled reference to the infamous LA Times editorial "Carmen 'I am a Liar' Trutanich" that has come to define all things Trutanich. 

While commenting that Mike Feuer is "a bit too politically partisan and a bit too ambitious," the Met News nevertheless recognizes "that he is intelligent and capable. The City of Los Angeles has not had an able city attorney since Burt Pines left office in 1981. We hope that Feuer will be able to fill his shoes." The Met News said.

In supporting Feuer, the Met News has perhaps taken a pragmatic position that owes as much to Feuer's academic credentials (Feuer is a Havard grad, while Trutanich is first time bar exam failer from a part time, night time, un-accredited, now defunct law school) as it does to Feuer's successes as a Los Angeles City Councilman, State Assemblyman and a proven leader.

The Met News supports its view of Trutanich as micro-managing, headline-chasing political parvenu who forgets those who supported him faster than he forgets the many promises he made and broke, with references to some, but not all, of Trutanich's lies and monumental failures, including:
  • His failure to honor his 'Pledge to Serve' and not seek higher political office,
  • His failure to honor his $100,000 payment to LA's Best After School program,
  • His failure to purchase full page ads in LA newspapers with his photograph and the statement 'I AM A LIAR' in bold typeface,
  • His lie about being the victim of an assassination attempt when he was 'surrounded and shot at by gangmembers' while working as a deputy DA in the 1980s',
  • His false accusation that DA Steve Cooley had deliberately withheld his DA personnel file which contained the only proof that the alleged (laughable) attempted assassination attempt,
  • His pathetic attempt to engage Attorney General Kamala Harris in an investigation into 'suspicious political activity' in the concealment of his DA personnel file, a file that he knew was missing four years before wrote to Harris,
  • His attempted use of a false and misleading ballot designation, 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor,' during his failed DA campaign,
  • His false claim to have the endorsement of three law enforcement associations, 
  • His false claim to have 'come up with' a program to streamline the enforcement of municipal code violations, when the idea in fact originated from the former Chief Deputy City Attorney under Rocky Delgadillo's administration, and was already in place in other municipalities,
  • His misleading condemnation of Feuer's support for AB109, the so-called 'realignment,' when he had also warmly embraced the measure to earn Gov. Brown's endorsement for his failed DA campaign,
  • His current campaign condemnation of Feuer for never having prosecuted murderers and rapists, is if to imply that is the work of the City Attorney. It is not.
  • His current campaign claim that Feuer has never prosecuted any criminal case, ever, as if to imply that this is the sole work of the City Attorney's office. In fact it accounts for less than one third of the office and is largely the responsibility of inexperienced 'volunteer' attorneys,
  • His false claim that 'Feuer lies, cheats and steals,' a claim supported only by innuendo and utterly bereft of fact, concerning Feuer's campaign consultancy agreement containing a performance bonus fee clause. Trutanich claimed that Feuer had never met or consulted with the Commission en banc, but Feuer never claimed that. He obtained the approval through the Commission's Deputy Chief Executive, the appropriate means of obtaining approval.
There are many more examples of Trutanich's misdeeds and deceptions that the Met News could have mentioned, such as;
  • The palpably false claim to have had 724,534 YouTube views in six days for his DA campaign video when Trutanich paid for them, or 
  • Sheriff Baca's illegal in-uniform endorsement, or 
  • His illegal billboards outside his former campaign headquarters, or 
  • The missing rent payments for that office. 

But the point is well made by the Met News; "To re-elect Carmen Trutanich as Los Angeles city attorney would be unthinkable." 

We agree.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

LA Weekly excoriates Trutanich, Rocky Delgadillo endorses Trutanich - seriously

Trutanich fails to 'tune up' LA Weekly

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus reports on another 'lunch' with failed incumbent Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich, and it went about as well as their last meeting when the embattled City Attorney 'lost it' with Maddaus and blurted out 'I am not a thug!' slamming his ham-fist on the Formica table-top at Ciros 'restaurant.'

This time the venue was San Pedro's Fish Market, and Maddaus left no doubt that the answer to his rhetorical question 'Carmen Trutanich was knocked down. Can he get up?' is a resounding 'No.' Once again Trutanich has his taxpayer funded SUV illegally parked in the red zone, despite 'acres of free, legal public parking,' Maddaus noted. Trutanich's defiant display of his lack of respect for the rules that apply to mere mortals is perhaps reflective of his Nazi-like motto 'The strong do as they will, the weak do as they must.' But it seems the tough-guy Trutanich failed to intimidate Maddaus.

Trutanich leaving nothing to chance, also played the 'Family Guy' card, dragging his wife to the meeting in the hope that it would embarrass Maddaus into refraining from challenging Trutanich over his many failures in his first, and soon to be only, term in City Hall. The strategy did not work.  Apparently unable to speak for himself, Trutanich left it to his wife to explain how hurtful it was to read of her husband's many misdeeds in the press. The LA Times article "Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich" being the most upsetting, it seems.

There appears to be a certain 'reality distortion' when it comes to Trutanich's view of himself. Clearly, when anyone, be it the LA Times or the Dragnet, exposes him for the liar, bully or thug that he is, he needs his family to 'do as they must' and support him. After all, 'his wife, his family lives on his salary.'

Trutanich also tried to shift the blame for his humiliating defeat in the DA election onto the shoulders of his former campaign manager, John Shallman. It apparently had nothing to do with voters being disgusted at the way Trutanich reneged on his sworn solemn promise not to use the City Attorney's office as a springboard to the DA's office.

Maddus also touched on a few of the unsavory characters who are also 'doing as they must' and coughing up dollars to bolster his failing reelection campaign. There's Mort Allen, the Studio City landlord who lashed out at the Dragnet's author of being "a 'British National Phsycopath' [sic] who may be trying to front the major drug cartels trying to take over the DA office." I kid you not. Allen is probably still smarting over allegations that he forgave Trutanich's campaign rental payments for his campaign headquarters.

Then there's a new 'friend' in Trutanich's inner circle (which conjures up images of a toilet bowl), Ruben Garcia and his company, Advanced Cleanup Technologies Inc., who have ponied up '$50,000 on mailers supporting Trutanich, making him the largest single contributor to the reelection campaign.' Maddaus said.

But, as Maddaus reported, 'the reasons for Garcia's benevolence go beyond mere friendship. Garcia has been pushing the Port of Los Angeles to approve his company's emissions-control technology, called AMECS, for shipping terminals and rail projects. So far, port officials have refused to require companies to use it.' Perhaps Garcia thinks having Trutanich in his pocket will payoff? But perhaps Garcia should do a little due diligence as to Trutanich's sway with the Port of Los Angeles, they are unlikely to 'do as they must' after Trutanich is thrown out of office on May 21. 

All in all, Gene Maddaus does a fairly comprehensive report on all the reasons why Trutanich was knocked down, and why he will not get up. He is an arrogant egomaniac.

Rocky Delgadillo endorses Carmen Trutanich

A sure sign that Trutanich's reelection desperation is on steroids. The LA Times reports that at a sparsely attended presser on the steps of City Hall, the failed incumbent welcomed an endorsement by his predecessor, Rocky Delgadillo.

Delgadillo, of course, is best forgotten remembered for having signed off on paying a firefighter $2.7M for eating a spoonful of dog food, trying to cover up his wife's illegal use of a City SUV, and trying to stiff taxpayers with the cost of repairing the SUV after his wife crashed it.

Since being termed out of the City Attorney's office and failing to win the Democratic Party primary for Attorney General, Delgadillo has done as much as he possibly could to rehabilitate his image and reputation. He has been helped enormously by Trutanich, who has succeeded in making Delgadillo look good in the light of the disaster Trutanich has been as City Attorney. So perhaps Delgadillo thought it was only fair to repay Trutanich for his inadvertent efforts. Of course, they could be another reason. Perhaps some enterprising investigative journalist could see if Delgadillo represents any clients who have problems with the City of Los Angeles? Problems that Trutanich would be happy to fix?


Monday, May 6, 2013

Trutanich ahead of Feuer, tries cashing in on Dorner payout

Trutanich leads in ethics violation complaints

The Daily News reported on dueling ethics violations in all three citywide races, but omitted to mention that failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich leads the field in an unassailable position, streaking far ahead of rival City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer in terms of complaints of ethics violations. It is the only field that Trutanich dominates, and deservedly so.

Trutanich tries to cash in on payout

The ink was scarcely dry on the $4.2M settlement check that the failed incumbent City Attorney handed over to the two victims of a police shooting during the manhunt for cop-killer Dorner.

Some wondered at the speed of the settlement which occurred in marked contrast to Carmen the Clown's much hailed 'Porcupine Defense,' and startled many by taking place without any depositions being taken.

The Mayor Sam blog threw some light on the answer by publicizing a fundraiser and meet-and-greet with LA's Latino community. With his reelection campaign stalled, lagging significantly behind City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer in the polls and in fundraising, and destined to become the first incumbent to fail to be reelected, Trutanich sought to reach out to the Latino community perhaps in the hope that his largesse will be rewarded by a flood of campaign contributions and a bunch of eager voters.

He appears to be getting desperate with just over two weeks remaining before Trutanich loses his third election in less than a year.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Free For All - Another illegal Trutanich billboard 'pops up,' Daily News Endorses Feuer for City Attorney, Trutanich's bully ethos revealed

Ethics complaint against Trutanich for another illegal billboard

May 2013, another illegal billboard touting Trutanich pops up in Atwater Village

With the two-week mark to the run-off election between leading City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer and the failed incumbent fast approaching, Trutanich can boast but one field where he leads, dominates, indeed owns; complaints of ethics violations.

As the Eastern Group Press reported, another illegal billboard has 'popped up' in the Atwater Village area at 4000 N. Brunswick Ave.

Disclaimers for billboards like the one that just popped up in Atwater Village
are required by the City's election law.
The illegality complained of centers around the lack of any indication as to who has paid for the billboard and has resulted in another ethics complaint filed by the Feuer campaign with the City Ethics Commission.

Readers will recall that in January of this year, a billboard of a strikingly similar appearance was the subject of another ethics violation complaint.

January 2013, the LA Times reported that this illegal billboard had 'popped up' alongside the I-5 freeway.
Despite the lack of required disclosure information indicating who has paid for these billboards, the Dragnet is informed that the Trutanich campaign knows precisely who is responsible for the billboard alongside the southbound I-5 at the Glendale Blvd. exit. Given the striking similarity between the two illegal billboards, the same person, understood to be a car dealer, is likely responsible for the latest one.

Trutanich's tacit approval of illegal campaign activity is likely a sign that the failed incumbent is happy to take any support, in any form, to stave off his all but inevitable defeat on May 21. The apparent willingness of the failed incumbent not to enforce the law when violations benefit him is likely one the reasons why the Los Angeles Daily News joined the LA Times in deciding not to endorse Trutanich and throw their considerable support and influence behind Mike Feuer as LA's next City Attorney.

LA Daily News Endorses Mike Feuer for City Attorney

Leading Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer picked up the valuable endorsement of LA's second largest read newspaper, the Daily News.

The Editorial Board met with both candidates prior to making their choice. While Trutanich likely expected he could force his will on the Board, given that in 2009 they had not only endorsed him but hailed him as the 'People's Lawyer,' the 'blustery,' 'pugnacious' and 'unconstructive' Trutanich nevertheless failed to reverse their subsequent A.B.C. (Anyone But Carmen Trutanich) opinion.

Indeed, the Daily News went so far as to hint that their meeting with Trutanich turned into a something of a rant session with Trutanich aggressively arguing with the editor that he is not 'combative' (You cannot make this stuff up). The back story to the Trutanich-Editorial Board banter conjures up images from the spoof video of Trutanich's Downfall following the Hindenburg-like failure of his disastrous DA Campaign, with Trutanich parodied as an embattled Adolf Hitler facing imminent defeat, yet defiant and full of blame-shifting excuses.

It is far from the first time Trutanich has failed to impose his will on the press. LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus had a similar experience when Trutanich 'lost it' and blurted out 'I am not a thug!' when probed about his bullying and thuggish behavior.

With both of LA's leading newspapers now solidly endorsing Mike Feuer for City Attorney,  Trutanich enmeshed in a slew of ethics violations investigations, and his ability to fundraise crippled by the widespread perception that Trutanich is a loudmouthed thug who fails to follow through with his promises, it seems to be over for Trutanich.

So devastating is the Daily News endorsement of Feuer over Trutanich that it prompted his former campaign manager, John Thomas, to say 'He's finished,' noting that 'Trutanich now has NO editorial board support.' Thomas' observation is likely based on the surprisingly enthusiastic endorsement of Feuer from the Daily News; a newspaper generally regarded as supportive of  conservative thought.

Mike Feuer is a liberal, but it seems that even staunch conservatives are so disgusted by Trutanich's duplicity, failed promises and political shenanigans, that they are willing to give Feuer a chance to halt the decline of the City Attorney's office that has become synonymous with the Trutanich regime. 'At the end of the day you need a City Attorney who is a leader, not a liar, and a thinker, not a thug,' a former Trutanich supporter said.  

Trutanich's thuggish mantra likely largest reason for his failure

Trutanich stands by his motto 'Strong do as they will, weak do as they must'
perhaps indicative of his flawed belief that 'Might is right'
(credit: Edwin Floven, Park LaBrea News, Beverly Press)
It's a photo that Trutanich's campaign must curse almost as much as the Dragnet's relentless coverage of the many failures of their candidate; the key to who and what Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich is; a bully and a thug.

The wooden plaque used to hold pride of place in Trutanich's rarely visited luxury 8th floor City Hall East executive office. The photo of Trutanich standing by his 'Strong do as they will, weak do as they must' mantra was captured by the Park LaBrea News, Beverly Press in July 2010.  It is understood that many have implored Trutanich to either relocate or removed the plaque, but he is widely reputed to have failed to listen to any such advice. 

The motto speaks volumes about its owner; a man who apparently believes 'might is right' and likely thinks he can bully, berate and belittle all who stand in his way. It's a value system that belongs in the boxing ring, or on the waterfront. You used to be a contender, Mr. Trutanich, but those days are long over.

Throughout his tenure Trutanich has incorrectly perceived his opponents as 'weak.' People like the female cancer patient Trutanich berated and verbally abused at his never to be repeated 'Town Hall meeting,' Councilwoman Jan Perry who he threatened to throw in jail, and his own deputy city attorneys who he forced to adopt his idiotic, facile and wholly ineffective schoolyard bully-boy trial strategy he calls the 'Porcupine Defense.' Most recently, Trutanich tried (and failed) to intimidate this blogger with his accusation of 'Cyber Stalking,' a crime under California Penal Code Section 646.9.

Well perhaps 'The strong do as they will' Mr. Trutanich. But you are not strong. You are a bully, you are thug, and you have no place in public office. 'The weak,' as you think of us, will not do as you command. We have the power you do not have, and we will exercise that power on May 21, fairly, squarely and democratically at the ballot box.  It is a power that you cannot control, and no amount of money, no phony YouTube videos, no illegal endorsements, no pathetically misleading ballot designations, and no amount of pandering, can over come it. You are, as your former campaign manager John Thomas said, 'finished.'

So take that plaque and shove it where the sun don't shine. And don't worry about the door to your 8th floor executive office hitting you there on your way out, us weaklings will gladly hold it open for you.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Feuer floods mailboxes with reminder of Trutanich's broken promises, failure and lies

Three weeks remain before the voters go to the polls to elect a new City Attorney; either front-running Mike Feuer or the 'new' Carmen Trutanich who has desperately tried to distance himself from his abysmal record of broken promises, failure and lies.

To help voters in making their choice, the Feuer campaign has flooded mailboxes with a reminder of some of the ways Trutanich's first (and likely only) term has been a disaster.

The mailer highlights some of Trutanich's well documented broken promises, failure and lies. It would taken several pages to document them all, but the point is well made "Trutanich has had four years to demonstrate his abilities .... he's failed" LA Times, April 19, 2013.