Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Free For All - Another illegal Trutanich billboard 'pops up,' Daily News Endorses Feuer for City Attorney, Trutanich's bully ethos revealed

Ethics complaint against Trutanich for another illegal billboard

May 2013, another illegal billboard touting Trutanich pops up in Atwater Village

With the two-week mark to the run-off election between leading City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer and the failed incumbent fast approaching, Trutanich can boast but one field where he leads, dominates, indeed owns; complaints of ethics violations.

As the Eastern Group Press reported, another illegal billboard has 'popped up' in the Atwater Village area at 4000 N. Brunswick Ave.

Disclaimers for billboards like the one that just popped up in Atwater Village
are required by the City's election law.
The illegality complained of centers around the lack of any indication as to who has paid for the billboard and has resulted in another ethics complaint filed by the Feuer campaign with the City Ethics Commission.

Readers will recall that in January of this year, a billboard of a strikingly similar appearance was the subject of another ethics violation complaint.

January 2013, the LA Times reported that this illegal billboard had 'popped up' alongside the I-5 freeway.
Despite the lack of required disclosure information indicating who has paid for these billboards, the Dragnet is informed that the Trutanich campaign knows precisely who is responsible for the billboard alongside the southbound I-5 at the Glendale Blvd. exit. Given the striking similarity between the two illegal billboards, the same person, understood to be a car dealer, is likely responsible for the latest one.

Trutanich's tacit approval of illegal campaign activity is likely a sign that the failed incumbent is happy to take any support, in any form, to stave off his all but inevitable defeat on May 21. The apparent willingness of the failed incumbent not to enforce the law when violations benefit him is likely one the reasons why the Los Angeles Daily News joined the LA Times in deciding not to endorse Trutanich and throw their considerable support and influence behind Mike Feuer as LA's next City Attorney.

LA Daily News Endorses Mike Feuer for City Attorney

Leading Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer picked up the valuable endorsement of LA's second largest read newspaper, the Daily News.

The Editorial Board met with both candidates prior to making their choice. While Trutanich likely expected he could force his will on the Board, given that in 2009 they had not only endorsed him but hailed him as the 'People's Lawyer,' the 'blustery,' 'pugnacious' and 'unconstructive' Trutanich nevertheless failed to reverse their subsequent A.B.C. (Anyone But Carmen Trutanich) opinion.

Indeed, the Daily News went so far as to hint that their meeting with Trutanich turned into a something of a rant session with Trutanich aggressively arguing with the editor that he is not 'combative' (You cannot make this stuff up). The back story to the Trutanich-Editorial Board banter conjures up images from the spoof video of Trutanich's Downfall following the Hindenburg-like failure of his disastrous DA Campaign, with Trutanich parodied as an embattled Adolf Hitler facing imminent defeat, yet defiant and full of blame-shifting excuses.

It is far from the first time Trutanich has failed to impose his will on the press. LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus had a similar experience when Trutanich 'lost it' and blurted out 'I am not a thug!' when probed about his bullying and thuggish behavior.

With both of LA's leading newspapers now solidly endorsing Mike Feuer for City Attorney,  Trutanich enmeshed in a slew of ethics violations investigations, and his ability to fundraise crippled by the widespread perception that Trutanich is a loudmouthed thug who fails to follow through with his promises, it seems to be over for Trutanich.

So devastating is the Daily News endorsement of Feuer over Trutanich that it prompted his former campaign manager, John Thomas, to say 'He's finished,' noting that 'Trutanich now has NO editorial board support.' Thomas' observation is likely based on the surprisingly enthusiastic endorsement of Feuer from the Daily News; a newspaper generally regarded as supportive of  conservative thought.

Mike Feuer is a liberal, but it seems that even staunch conservatives are so disgusted by Trutanich's duplicity, failed promises and political shenanigans, that they are willing to give Feuer a chance to halt the decline of the City Attorney's office that has become synonymous with the Trutanich regime. 'At the end of the day you need a City Attorney who is a leader, not a liar, and a thinker, not a thug,' a former Trutanich supporter said.  

Trutanich's thuggish mantra likely largest reason for his failure

Trutanich stands by his motto 'Strong do as they will, weak do as they must'
perhaps indicative of his flawed belief that 'Might is right'
(credit: Edwin Floven, Park LaBrea News, Beverly Press)
It's a photo that Trutanich's campaign must curse almost as much as the Dragnet's relentless coverage of the many failures of their candidate; the key to who and what Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich is; a bully and a thug.

The wooden plaque used to hold pride of place in Trutanich's rarely visited luxury 8th floor City Hall East executive office. The photo of Trutanich standing by his 'Strong do as they will, weak do as they must' mantra was captured by the Park LaBrea News, Beverly Press in July 2010.  It is understood that many have implored Trutanich to either relocate or removed the plaque, but he is widely reputed to have failed to listen to any such advice. 

The motto speaks volumes about its owner; a man who apparently believes 'might is right' and likely thinks he can bully, berate and belittle all who stand in his way. It's a value system that belongs in the boxing ring, or on the waterfront. You used to be a contender, Mr. Trutanich, but those days are long over.

Throughout his tenure Trutanich has incorrectly perceived his opponents as 'weak.' People like the female cancer patient Trutanich berated and verbally abused at his never to be repeated 'Town Hall meeting,' Councilwoman Jan Perry who he threatened to throw in jail, and his own deputy city attorneys who he forced to adopt his idiotic, facile and wholly ineffective schoolyard bully-boy trial strategy he calls the 'Porcupine Defense.' Most recently, Trutanich tried (and failed) to intimidate this blogger with his accusation of 'Cyber Stalking,' a crime under California Penal Code Section 646.9.

Well perhaps 'The strong do as they will' Mr. Trutanich. But you are not strong. You are a bully, you are thug, and you have no place in public office. 'The weak,' as you think of us, will not do as you command. We have the power you do not have, and we will exercise that power on May 21, fairly, squarely and democratically at the ballot box.  It is a power that you cannot control, and no amount of money, no phony YouTube videos, no illegal endorsements, no pathetically misleading ballot designations, and no amount of pandering, can over come it. You are, as your former campaign manager John Thomas said, 'finished.'

So take that plaque and shove it where the sun don't shine. And don't worry about the door to your 8th floor executive office hitting you there on your way out, us weaklings will gladly hold it open for you.



Anonymous said...

Nuch is finished.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Trytanich's victory party is? It will be his third strike and I don't want to miss it.

Anonymous said...

What is Joe Friday going to do after May 21? Nuch will be history, who else do you plan on destroying?

Anonymous said...

11:17am. It's freakin LA, deserving targets are plenty! Just this week the LA Times reported that Paul Tanaka, hideous thug that he is, expressed an interest in running against Lee Baca, the moronic bully who is (apparently) sheriff for life. It's like Macbeth vs Richard III, and both are claiming the other is "corrupt!" You can't make this shit up'

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...


This is what happens to politicians who lie to the voters, who lie to the courts, who do not care about the citizens, who support illegal activities, etc. They eventually are rejected by the voters once the voters catch on.

This process usually takes a long time for most politicians. In the case of Trutanich however, the voters only needed one term. The guy with his thugish attitude provoked so many that it has become absolutely imposible to get re-elected at this point.

He can have as many illegal billboards as he wants around the city. It will not make any difference because the citizens of Los Angeles have made up their mind and are about to serve Trutanich with a loud and clear REJECTION.



It is a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a photo of Trutanich with his disgusting motto. I remember seeing it back in 2010 when our group met with Trutanich - he kept us waiting for 86 minutes and never even said sorry. I looked at that sign and thought to myself 'What a jerk!'

Our meeting went badly. He hardly listened to us before he started rambling on about nonsense that showed he had not bothered to find out what our issues were - stopping gang members from running pot shops and handing out 'get a free joint' cards to high school kids.

He had no explanation for taking our Neighborhood Prosecutor away - she could have helped, but she had to be 'reassigned' for no good reason.

Thanks for finding that photo - I've emailed it to all my friends who were on the fence about Feuer and Trutanich. It shows Trutanich is a total jerk and a feckless bully.

Vote Mike Feuer for City Attorney, like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich's slogan reminds me of those hateful Nazi slogans like "work will set you free." I would not be surprised to find that this comes from the same source.