Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Free For All: Trutanich Loss 'Historic,' Interest Mounts for County Assessor Seat

Trutanich Makes History

As predicted, Trutanich's humiliating defeat in his re-election bid made history, the LA Weekly reports.

"According to stats provided to the Weekly, no incumbent for city office has lost by more than 18 points in at least 50 years, and no city attorney running to keep the gig has lost this bad in at least 80 years. Ouch. 

The only incumbent City Attorney to lose his job in an election since at least 1933 was Roger Arnebergh, who lost 58-42 to Burt Pines in 1973. 

Incumbent Jim Hahn lost the mayor's job to Antonio Villaraigosa by 18 points in 2005, a year that saw many African-Americans disappointed in Hahn's replacement of a black LAPD chief, Bernard Parks. 

Mayor Frank Shaw lost by 24 points, Trutanich's loss margin, way back in 1938. 

Mike Feuer, meanwhile, won 14 of 15 council districts, and he did so with at least 58 percent of the vote." The LA Weekly said.

Open County Assessor Seat Looking Interesting, to some ...

What do politicians go when they lose an election? Some disappear into political oblivion, some become lobbyists, some get appointed to commissions and non-profits to rebuild their political careers, and others run for something promising another political paycheck.

Carmen Trutanich (center) with John Noguez (left) in the good ole days...
Rumors suggest that three-time loser Carmen Trutanich has his eyes on the County Assessor's open seat. With former buddy John Noguez facing criminal charges, the seat is wide open and it is understood that, thus far, no 'big names' have announced an intention to run for the seat on the June 3, 2014 ballot.

Trutanich could run a fairly low-key campaign relying on his name recognition to make him a 'shoe-in' for the position which, until Noguez made it infamous, would typically be won by 'the voters default'; the incumbent, failing which an attractive name. Trutanich could be hoping that by June 2014, voters will have forgotten why his name is familiar...

Trutanich could also benefit from running a joint ticket with longtime supporter Sheriff Lee Baca. The incumbent Sheriff is expected to seek reelection, despite growing number of scandals that have so far failed to unseat him. Baca could likely raise the kind of money Trutanich cannot even dream of these days, and the failed City Attorney could raise money off Baca's back to give him an edge in the race.

But Trutanich may not be the only 'big name' with eyes on the Assessor's seat. A couple of outgoing Los Angeles City politicians, Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilmember Dennis Zine, could mount viable campaigns if they chose to use the Assessor's Office as part of their political rehabilitation.

In 2010, no less than 13 candidates vied for County Assessor, with no-name Noguez finally winning the November run off having out-raised the opposition with a staggering $1M. We now know how he raised the money, and LA County has now banned property tax consultants from making contributions to candidates for Assessor.

Whether Trutanich will rise from the ashes of his Hindenburg-like campaigns in a run for Assessor is but a rumor, but remember that in horror stories, after the monster has been slain, it stages a final comeback. Standby for 'Carmen the Barbarian II,' watch out for a website called 'Draft Trutanich for County Assessor,' and of course, denials. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

If Trutanich tries to run for any political office in the City of Los Angeles, I will personally block him by informing the entire Los Angeles again, one-voter-at-the-time who this guy is and what he represents. I will devote whatever resources are required to do it as well.


Never Again!!!!

Anonymous said...

Berger, you are a sick individual, obsessed with destroying the reputation of Carmen Trutanich. If you cannot let go and move on, seek professional help. Nuch suffered deeply on Tuesday night, and your gloating is in the worst possible taste. The only good thing is that nobody reads your pathetic blog.

Anonymous said...

@8:31am. It is Nuch who destroyed his own reputation by constantly lying to people who made the mistake of trusting him. He will never be elected to anything. His egocentric arrogance has also destroyed any chance his son, Nick, ever had at running for City Council. The name Trutanich is Toxic now and forever. Adios A hole.

Anonymous said...

Good, Turdsandwich is let's get rid of Leeroy's Caca...I haaate that creepy bastard. He is pure evil, you can see it in his eyes. Dried out looking old geezer piece of sh*t.

Anonymous said...

Destroy Nuch's reputation? His reputation was that of a thug, liar and incompetent. It is now joined by consecutive campaign loser of epic proportions. Id vote Villar before I vote Nuch ever again. I would only vote Nuch were it against Jack Ass Weiss.