Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Free For All

Four Days To Go To Trutanich's Final Downfall

Updated: Saturday, May 18, 2013 (see below)

No cash, no credibility, no chance. That is the reality of the Trutanich reelection campaign.

The incumbent has struggled to raise money for his crumbling campaign. Gone are the days when Trutanich packed rooms with donors eager to max-out their contributions. Even that strange steady stream of $100 and $200 checks that boosted his DA campaign has dried up.

Most of his supporters saw how he crashed and burned in the DA primary. They saw how he placed a staggering 14 points behind Mike Feuer in the City Attorney primary election, with fully 70% of voters rejecting him. They are either watching out for the caller ID indicating a call from 'Nuch' and letting the call go to voicemail, or they are telling him, 'Don't call us, we'll call you, just like you used to return our calls - never.'

All over town the excitement is building. Friendly office pools that used to buy lottery tickets are now based on guessing just how big Trutanich's loss will be; 5 points, 10 points or 20 points. Most believe a 10 point loss is likely, but a sizable number are sure it will be nearer 20 points.

Plans are being made to hold "Downfall" parties to celebrate the end of the Trutanich regime. The likelihood is that with a low turnout, and a high number of vote by mail ballots being released at around 9PM, it will be over for Trutanich shortly after that.

It's a long, long way from May 2009.

The moment the results flashed up on the screen showing Trutanich had won
the 2009 General Election.

There won't be the crowds that flocked to Trutanich's victory party. They will be elsewhere, perhaps at a Downfall party. They will not be making the mistake that they made in 2009 by trusting Trutanich.

The scene at Trutanich's 2013 victory party is more likely to look like this:

June 2012 Failed DA candidate Carmen Trutanich does the walk of shame after
placing 3rd in the DA primary, thrown out of the race by an electorate
who were not going to be made fools of again.

Trutanich may not even do the walk of shame, instead choosing to sneak out the back door to avoid the few that will remain, and avoid the press who will be eager to see what new excuses Trutanich can find for his latest and last downfall.

Updated: Saturday, May 18, 2013

LA Times/U.S.C. Poll puts Feuer 18 points ahead of Trutanich

The LA Weekly reports on the latest poll, and it's more bad news for the failed City Attorney incumbent - he is now 18 points behind Mike Feuer. Signs are that the Trutanich "inner circle" are circling their wagons and preparing for the inevitable Downfall of their hero. The tone of their typically hateful, threatening and ridiculously optimistic comments has changed, suggesting a somewhat conciliatory claim that they are hopeful, that 'Nuch has done a good job,' but that if he loses he can go on to bigger and better things 'proud of his many successes.'



Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch Nuch.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be about Nuch anymore. He's only the largest turd crapped on us by the machine running local politics. The machine must be dismantled and those running the machine must be held accountable.

Nuch is not the question nor answer. The real question is "why Nuch?" And the answer should be "never again!" Smash the machine!

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

Goodbye Nuch...

We will not miss you.

You can lie and cheat only for so long. Eventualy it catches on and it does not work any more.

At that point you are basically out of options.

Even those illegal signs around LA do not seem to do the trick when people realize that you are a Liar.

Goodbye my Dear....

Anonymous said...

Nuch is in a quietly confident mood. He has done a good job winning cases and protecting the treasury. He is not worried which way the election goes - either way he is proud of what he has achieved as the best city attorney in decades. He would be humbled to be chosen to serve another term, and if not, then there are many exciting opportunities ahead. Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

Adios A Hole

Anonymous said...

So the last day of Trutanuch are just like your Downfall video. The great dictator has been hunkered down with his inner circle (bunch of creeps) and telling them he's 'taken care of them' if all goes south, as is expected.

What they don't know (well, some of them know it) as they have not been given tenure. The CAO will not allow any new positions to be created. Same goes for all those promised promotions - not happening. just more false promises from the man who has never kept a promise his entire life.

May 22, when they all wake up to reality, the 8th floor 'Trutanuch bunker' will fall apart. It's every man and woman for themself. Nuch has nothing foe them. He will leave them high and dry and head off to his buddy John Ek to be a lobbyist before June 30 and leave the office to deal with the crap he has left behind, so they get the blame.

When they realize what he's done, expect a major meltdown.

The transition team will have a field day cleaning house. It is going to be ugly because you know someone is going to do a deal to rat out Trutanuch and those who followed his orders. I hear there's already a long line of rats.

Anonymous said...

May 17, 2013 at 5:41 PM is Nuch. Sitting at his PC in his boxers. Desperately tapping away at his keyboard at his desk, liquor nearby, and a pathological chemically induced stupor going through his head. Goodbye scumbag. You are little more than a cautionary tale.

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

I want to hear from all of you that want to attend a Trutanich Downfall Party on Tuesday.

I will put up free soft drinks and Greek appetizers for everyone and we'll have some fun watching the numbers.

If there is enough of you that want to do this, we will do it.

We need to celebrate the liberation of our city from this piece of Sh*t. Please post here and let me know that you want to attent this Downfall Party.


Joe Friday said...

Peter, I'd be glad to join you.

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...


Let's do it.

Aliki's Greek Taverna, 5862 Arbor Vitae St. LA 90045

Is 6:00 pm a good time?

Get the word out.


Joe Friday said...


6:00 pm is probably too early. I suggest 8:00 pm, that's when the polls close and the first results will be around 9:00 pm, when the vote by mail results are released. Please email me at and let's discuss plans.

tig notaro said...

MR. Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, I will have you arrested and send to Guantanomo if you celebrate my hero's downfall. He saved my career and my life and destroyed any competitor and I will not watch you smear his name any further.