Thursday, May 9, 2013

LA Weekly excoriates Trutanich, Rocky Delgadillo endorses Trutanich - seriously

Trutanich fails to 'tune up' LA Weekly

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus reports on another 'lunch' with failed incumbent Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich, and it went about as well as their last meeting when the embattled City Attorney 'lost it' with Maddaus and blurted out 'I am not a thug!' slamming his ham-fist on the Formica table-top at Ciros 'restaurant.'

This time the venue was San Pedro's Fish Market, and Maddaus left no doubt that the answer to his rhetorical question 'Carmen Trutanich was knocked down. Can he get up?' is a resounding 'No.' Once again Trutanich has his taxpayer funded SUV illegally parked in the red zone, despite 'acres of free, legal public parking,' Maddaus noted. Trutanich's defiant display of his lack of respect for the rules that apply to mere mortals is perhaps reflective of his Nazi-like motto 'The strong do as they will, the weak do as they must.' But it seems the tough-guy Trutanich failed to intimidate Maddaus.

Trutanich leaving nothing to chance, also played the 'Family Guy' card, dragging his wife to the meeting in the hope that it would embarrass Maddaus into refraining from challenging Trutanich over his many failures in his first, and soon to be only, term in City Hall. The strategy did not work.  Apparently unable to speak for himself, Trutanich left it to his wife to explain how hurtful it was to read of her husband's many misdeeds in the press. The LA Times article "Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich" being the most upsetting, it seems.

There appears to be a certain 'reality distortion' when it comes to Trutanich's view of himself. Clearly, when anyone, be it the LA Times or the Dragnet, exposes him for the liar, bully or thug that he is, he needs his family to 'do as they must' and support him. After all, 'his wife, his family lives on his salary.'

Trutanich also tried to shift the blame for his humiliating defeat in the DA election onto the shoulders of his former campaign manager, John Shallman. It apparently had nothing to do with voters being disgusted at the way Trutanich reneged on his sworn solemn promise not to use the City Attorney's office as a springboard to the DA's office.

Maddus also touched on a few of the unsavory characters who are also 'doing as they must' and coughing up dollars to bolster his failing reelection campaign. There's Mort Allen, the Studio City landlord who lashed out at the Dragnet's author of being "a 'British National Phsycopath' [sic] who may be trying to front the major drug cartels trying to take over the DA office." I kid you not. Allen is probably still smarting over allegations that he forgave Trutanich's campaign rental payments for his campaign headquarters.

Then there's a new 'friend' in Trutanich's inner circle (which conjures up images of a toilet bowl), Ruben Garcia and his company, Advanced Cleanup Technologies Inc., who have ponied up '$50,000 on mailers supporting Trutanich, making him the largest single contributor to the reelection campaign.' Maddaus said.

But, as Maddaus reported, 'the reasons for Garcia's benevolence go beyond mere friendship. Garcia has been pushing the Port of Los Angeles to approve his company's emissions-control technology, called AMECS, for shipping terminals and rail projects. So far, port officials have refused to require companies to use it.' Perhaps Garcia thinks having Trutanich in his pocket will payoff? But perhaps Garcia should do a little due diligence as to Trutanich's sway with the Port of Los Angeles, they are unlikely to 'do as they must' after Trutanich is thrown out of office on May 21. 

All in all, Gene Maddaus does a fairly comprehensive report on all the reasons why Trutanich was knocked down, and why he will not get up. He is an arrogant egomaniac.

Rocky Delgadillo endorses Carmen Trutanich

A sure sign that Trutanich's reelection desperation is on steroids. The LA Times reports that at a sparsely attended presser on the steps of City Hall, the failed incumbent welcomed an endorsement by his predecessor, Rocky Delgadillo.

Delgadillo, of course, is best forgotten remembered for having signed off on paying a firefighter $2.7M for eating a spoonful of dog food, trying to cover up his wife's illegal use of a City SUV, and trying to stiff taxpayers with the cost of repairing the SUV after his wife crashed it.

Since being termed out of the City Attorney's office and failing to win the Democratic Party primary for Attorney General, Delgadillo has done as much as he possibly could to rehabilitate his image and reputation. He has been helped enormously by Trutanich, who has succeeded in making Delgadillo look good in the light of the disaster Trutanich has been as City Attorney. So perhaps Delgadillo thought it was only fair to repay Trutanich for his inadvertent efforts. Of course, they could be another reason. Perhaps some enterprising investigative journalist could see if Delgadillo represents any clients who have problems with the City of Los Angeles? Problems that Trutanich would be happy to fix?



Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

The funny thing is that Gene Maddaus asks the rhetorical question “ Can Carmen Trutanich change? “. I will answer that question for you Gene. Yes he can change. The problem is that if he was to get re-elected, he would change for the WORSE.

This guy is absolutely beyond redemption in my opinion. He is captive of himself. He is an egomaniac bully that for some reason that is unknown to me apparently thinks that he can do whatever he wants independent if he is right or wrong. He believes that he can walk all over people because they are “Weak” in his twisted mind.

He did this to me and to my family and he continues to do it to this date. The man had all this trouble and still cannot figure out what he is doing wrong. It is quite sad.

When I subpoena to Court Alex the Greek however, we will figure out who is weak and who is a THUG.


ag said...

He'll be fine. He will win. He has Tig Notaro in his corner. Her recent endorsement will sent him back to rule L.A