Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Briefs

Trutanich lags behind Feuer in Fundraising

The LA Times reports the soon to be former City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich failed to halt the backward motion of his campaign and raised only 'about $110,000.00' in the last reporting period. Leading City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer, however, raised almost double that amount in the same period.

Feuer has $126,000.00 cash on hand, compared with Trutanich's $84,000.00.

Trutanich narrows the gap in latest SurveyUSA poll

The latest SurveyUSA poll shows Mike Feuer's lead in the polls narrowing from the ten point lead he had two weeks ago, to a six point lead now.  While the news will bring some cheer to Trutanich loyalists, the reality is that the election is over. 14% of voters still remain undecided and if past experience holds true, they won't vote at all. Trutanich will be lucky to lose by 6 points, most see a 10 point loss as more likely.

In the other citywide races, Garcetti and Greuel are neck and neck at 46% each, while Dennis Zine has a 12 point lead over Ron Galperin.

Trutanich fails to prevent Feuer from receiving matching funds

The Trutanich campaign received another kick in the teeth Friday when a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge refused to issue a restraining order to prevent leading Los Angeles City Attorney candidate from receiving matching funds, the Brentwood Patch reported.

Trutanich had complained (to anyone who would listen) that Feuer's performance-bonus contract with campaign consultant John Shallman was in violation of City ethics laws, but it seems a Judge was not persuaded by Trutanich's rhetoric.

Parks, Perry endorse Trutanich

The Mayor Sam blog reports exclusively that Los Angeles Councilmembers Jan Perry and Bernard Parks have endorsed Trutanich for City Attorney.


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