Monday, May 6, 2013

Trutanich ahead of Feuer, tries cashing in on Dorner payout

Trutanich leads in ethics violation complaints

The Daily News reported on dueling ethics violations in all three citywide races, but omitted to mention that failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich leads the field in an unassailable position, streaking far ahead of rival City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer in terms of complaints of ethics violations. It is the only field that Trutanich dominates, and deservedly so.

Trutanich tries to cash in on payout

The ink was scarcely dry on the $4.2M settlement check that the failed incumbent City Attorney handed over to the two victims of a police shooting during the manhunt for cop-killer Dorner.

Some wondered at the speed of the settlement which occurred in marked contrast to Carmen the Clown's much hailed 'Porcupine Defense,' and startled many by taking place without any depositions being taken.

The Mayor Sam blog threw some light on the answer by publicizing a fundraiser and meet-and-greet with LA's Latino community. With his reelection campaign stalled, lagging significantly behind City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer in the polls and in fundraising, and destined to become the first incumbent to fail to be reelected, Trutanich sought to reach out to the Latino community perhaps in the hope that his largesse will be rewarded by a flood of campaign contributions and a bunch of eager voters.

He appears to be getting desperate with just over two weeks remaining before Trutanich loses his third election in less than a year.


Anonymous said...

Two weeks to go! Nuch is finished and he knows it. Your piece on his "strong do as they will" motto is going to be the centerpiece of a last minute hit. It's like the gang shooting lie, it's going to push him down so low that he won't break 30% in the election. Get ready for a real Downfall party at LA Live.

Anonymous said...

I think the Dragnet has done more to hasten the demise of Carmen the Liar than anyone else. One day I hope you will share with us the real reason why you have maintained your position so vehemently. Your interview on FOX 11 News was awesome! It sank Trutanich like a torpedo. Please let us know where the Dragnet election night Downfall party is. I want to be there - send in the clowns!