Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trutanich braces for final Downfall

Less than a week to go, and the air of desperation and despondency in the Trutanich camp is palpable. LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus' lengthy article on Trutanich last week included quotes from those in the incumbent's inner circle that indicate that while they remain loyal to their hero, they have accepted the inevitable. They are prepared with all the excuses, accusations and blame-shifting they need to explain away the final downfall of LA's most notorious elected liar.

Studio City businessman and crazed conspiracy theorist, Mort Allen, told the LA Weekly that "His feeling is that in the hearts of the people, he will (win). But if he doesn't, he can go back to making money and making a better life for his family." The rare admission from the Trutanich inner circle that defeat is certain came before the latest polls showed Trutanich now 11 points behind City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer.

Polls show Feuer set to trounce Trutanich (again)

Last week's SurveyUSA poll gave leading City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer a 6 point lead over the failed incumbent. Monday's LA Times showed Feuer with an 11 point lead, a week before the election. According to the Times, 'In polling conducted April 29 through May 7 by the Edmund G. "Pat" Brown Institute of Public Affairs at Cal State L.A., Feuer, a former member of the state Assembly and City Council, led City Atty. Carmen Trutanich, who is seeking reelection in next week's balloting -- 35% to 24%, with 41% of voters still undecided."

The large number of 'undecideds' could give Trutanich hope that he can con capture those votes, but in order to do so he needs money to deliver his message to the masses. Money is not flowing to Trutanich the way it used to. He lags far behind Feuer and his 'Hail Mary Pass' attempt at a retraining order to prevent Feuer from receiving matching funds failed when a judge threw his lawsuit out of court. It is not clear whether the judge was able to suppress any laughter when the ruling was given.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey Endorses Mike Feuer for City Attorney

Both the Daily News and the LA Times broke the news that newly elected Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who thrashed Trutanich out of the DA primary last year, had endorsed Mike Feuer for City Attorney.

Lacey explained that Trutanich' use of an "intellectually dishonest" mailer that "twisted facts about the alleged kidnapping and rape of a young girl for political purposes" were among her reasons for supporting Feuer.

Trutanich is understood to have been 'apoplectic' when he was told that the key endorsement had gone to his opponent. The failed incumbent likely ranted and raged incoherently, perhaps claiming to have been 'betrayed' because of assurances he might have counted on that Lacey would "stay out of it."

If indeed Trutanich's deceitful mailer did cause Lacey to endorse Feuer, then chances are that Trutanich will blame his campaign manager for his downfall, again.



Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

I cannot wait for this Trutanich nightmare to end.

Ali Amiri said...

After this election Berger will find someone else to lie about to keep his blog going. He is simply a sick man in need of professional help. He lies so easily and calls people liars without any reason. He lied about Trutanich trying cases and in his own blog he stated that Trutanich had not tried any cases since he left the DA's office. I proved him wrong. Berger said Trutanich was never in coast guard and that was also proved to be a lie. This guy is the biggest liar I know of and he has the audacity to call others "liars". Go seek professional help Berger. You need it. I am still wondering how many hours he spends working as a DDA?

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

Brown is attacking Trutanich now for flip flopping.

This is getting more interesting by the minute......

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

Any idea if anyone is organizing a Trutanich Downfall Party?

If not, we should probably organize a celebration of this type.

Los Angeles without Trutanich. This is a great cause for celebration.

I may just have to organize a celebration at my restaurant.

If there are enough of you out there that wish to celebrate the downfall of this bully please let me know and we'll figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Panagiotis, there really should be a huge Downfall party on May 21. If you have a place, let us all know. Sooo many people want to celebrate Trutanich getting his his fat ass kicked out of office.

Anonymous said...

Love that description of Mort Allen as a "crazed conspiracy theorist." Props to LA Weekly for calling that creep out. But WTF does he mean by "His feeling is that in the hearts of the people, he will (win)."? It makes no sense - like what, he's going to win the hearts of voters but not their votes? Makes no sense.

Maybe Mort is losing it now that even he admits that Trutanich is not going to be re-elected? And his statement that Trutanich can "go back to making money" is freakin side-splitting. His city salary of $234k plus a car and driver isn't making money?

I don't think he's gonna make much money going back to private practice, with his reputation who would hire him? Would you want a LOSER as your lawyer?

Trutanich deserves what he gets next week. He did it all by himself.

Anonymous said...

6:32pm. For your information Nuch made ten times that pissant salary before he gave it up to serve the public. He is a hero unlike you. You people make me sick, destroying the reputation of a fine man with a great all star family. You will be the loser if Nuch pulls out and goes back to making bank.

Anonymous said...

Ali @10:34AM. When you say after the election, I guess you mean "After Nuch loses." Right?

Seems like a lot of Nuch's inner circle feel that Nuch's second and final Downfall is just a few days away.

Will you be going to Nuch's victory party? If you want to see Nuch I suggest you hang out by the back door around 9PM when the first results come out. You'll see him as he sneaks out.

marty singer said...

Tig Notaro's endorsement will have him claim victory. Mark my words