Sunday, June 16, 2013

Friday's Free For All

The Final Downfall of Carmen Trutanich

Is this what was going on as Trutanich remained 'holed up' with Sheriff Baca and his inner circle on election night?

Never one to take responsibility for his own screw-ups, Trutanich likely blamed anyone and everyone but himself for the monumental and historic failure of his doomed 'Official Re-Election' campaign.

He has been quoted as blaming LA voters for not forgiving him for breaking the 'Pledge to Serve,' but tellingly, there is no record of Trutanich ever apologizing for breaking the pledge. Perhaps more tellingly, he has consistently referred to it as 'the pledge,' rather than his pledge.

As Trutanich prepares to leave office on June 30, we've dedicated a page for readers to leave 'Farewell' messages for him.

Trutanich's politically motivated settlement could prove costly

One of defeated Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's desperate ploys to try to win votes for his doomed reelection campaign was to agree to a record $4.2M payout to a pair of newspaper delivery women who were mistakenly shot by LAPD officers during the manhunt for the murderous former LAPD officer Chris Dorner.

Trutanich likely was motivated to settle the case (without even taking a deposition), because he thought his largesse with taxpayer funds would be rewarded with votes from LA's Latino community. The ploy, of course, failed spectacularly. But as feared by many who counseled against settling the case to hastily, the size of the settlement has apparently raised the bar for cases involving mistaken cop shootings.

As CBS TV reports, negotiations between the City of Torrance and David Perdue, who was mistakenly shot at by Torrance Police officers during the Dorner manhunt, have broken down. Three rounds pierced the windshield of Perdue’s SUV on the same morning that LAPD mistakenly shot at the newspaper delivery women.

Although no mention was made as to the sum of money Perdue is seeking in compensation for the trauma he suffered as a result of the mistaken shooting, it is likely based on the $4.2M that Trutanich couldn't wait to hand over.

While no reasonable person would deny that a person mistakenly shot at by police is entitled to compensation, the amount of the compensation must bear some relation to the loss suffered. Trutanich's rapid payout has seemingly skewed the value of such cases, and while the problem he has caused will impact the City of Torrance, it will likely also impact Los Angelenos when the next mistaken shooting case involves LAPD.

Trutanich embeds political appointees

The LA Weekly reports that Trutanich has taken another leaf out of Rocky Delgadillo's book.

Three of his eight political appointees were placed on tenure track leaving City Attorney elect Mike Feuer with the tricky problem of deciding whether to retain their services.

As for what Trutanich will do after his removal from office, speculation is that he may land an unpaid 'of counsel' position where he can leverage his vast Rolodex of contacts ...


Anonymous said...

HAHA! The Final Downfall of Carmen the Clown should be nominated for an Oscar - with a giant billboard.

What will Nuch do next? Spend more time with his family!

Anonymous said...

Nuch promised Usher he would give her tenure but had to delay doing it until after the election because he thought it would hurt his electoral chances. He could have done it two years ago and she would have tenure now, but he didn't want the 'heat.' So now Usher will have to beg Feuer to hang on where she is not wanted. Nice work Nuch, that's how you look after your water carriers.

As for Mangan and Danna, they are both decent guys. I hope Mike keeps them, but Usher needs to go.

Anonymous said...

Best line in the Downfall is "Nobody reads the Dragnet"

A lot of nobody people kicked Nuch out on his ass.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Nuch suffered enough?

Anonymous said...

Who is Fat Bastard?

Anonymous said...

Fat Bastard must be that fat old bald guy who is always hanging out with Nuch, we call him Uncle Fester. Creep.