Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Free For All

Trutanich's final humiliation 

Four years ago Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich swept into the City Attorney's office buoyed by a wealth of support, advice and goodwill from those who believed the promises he made on the road to City Hall. Trutanich was the talk of the town; a political novice who promised to break the mold established by the 'business as usual' brand of cronyism that had come to define LA politics and politicians.

Nuch was different, or so he said to anyone who would listen. He was not a politician, he did not want to see his name in the headlines, and he only wanted to be City Attorney, pledging not use the office as a political springboard to higher office.

Four years later Trutanich is finished in LA politics. The man who promised so much, delivered so little. He succeeded only in defining himself as a "say anything to stay in power" liar who was resoundingly and humiliatingly thrown out of office by an electorate who rejected him, not once but twice in less than twelve months.

Fittingly, for the disgraced former slip and fall lawyer turned career politician, Trutanich bowed out of LA politics at a subdued office 'farewell reception' on Thursday afternoon, organized by his political staff. Nobody of any significance bothered to attend Trutanich's farewell.

Usher's last email

Senior Special Assistant Jane Usher, recently placed on tenure track by 'Nuch,' issued a final farewell missive to the gentlemen and gentlewomen of the press.

Our thanks to Kevin Roderick at LA Observed for passing on Ms. Usher's heartfelt thanks for the hard work that LA's media did to ensure Nuch got all the coverage he so richly deserved.

Reading between the lines, it seems that Ms. Usher's services have not been retained by LA City Attorney (as of July 1) Mike Feuer...



Anonymous said...

Nuch is history, but his crony Baca is still capering to keep his job. . . . Baca MUST Go!

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...


Anonymous said...

Nuch sent out an office wide email thanking everyone for all their support and promising better times ahead, and blah blah blah. It is all total BS. Nuch has been living in some sort of reality distortion field these last few weeks - even before the got his ass whipped in the run off. He's making out like he's actually liked around the office, which is a huge joke. Nobody has forgotten what Nuch's half-brained antics have cost the office. 15% pay cuts for the past 3 years, while he wouldn't take a penny less that his full salary. His crazy campaigns to by DA and then to try to hang on the the job he didn't want. His non-stop lies about 'favorable trial verdicts' when the city was taking it in the shorts because Nuch doesn't know shit about liability cases. Yeah, so kid yourself Nuch, it's been a blast working for you, NOT. You are one sick sack of sh*t, you will not be missed, Monday's a new day in LA and you can go choke on a fish bone down in SP. Adios A*hole!

Anonymous said...

Nuch's email is almost as pathetic as Usher's. There was only one person even more hated and loathed than Nuch, and that was Usher. How she has the nerve to write crap like she wished the press Pulitzer prizes is probably the best evidence of some kind of bi-polar condition. It was Usher who did Nuch's bidding when it came to trying to fire reporters who didn't report Nuch the way he wanted. It was Usher who threatened Joseph Mailander with a libel lawsuit, just because he called Nuch 'Carmen the Clown.' But now that Nuch and Usher inconveniently and unexpectedly find themselves in need of jobs, they are trying to reinvent history and portray themselves as popular successes, when the reality is the reverse. That's why Nuch got thrashed in two elections; he's a freakin loser and so are all his trolls.

Anonymous said...

Get this. Trutanich tried to get himself on Feuer's Transition Team. I hope they told him to 'F' himself!