Monday, June 3, 2013

KCAL Ch 9 Trutanich 'holed up' with Sheriff Baca on election night

While the FBI investigation into Carmen Trutanich and Sheriff Lee Baca's fundraising activities continues, another rumor about the relationship between the two has been confirmed.

It had been rumored that Trutanich shunned supporters at his election night 'Victory Party' and remained huddled with Sheriff Baca as the results continued to show Trutanich losing to rival Mike Feuer by a landslide.

Thanks to TV news footage recently acquired by the Dragnet, the rumor is confirmed by KCAL Ch9's reporter Dave Lopez.

Lopez reported that Trutanich 'showed up' and made a 'very quick appearance' at his party 'and now he's holed up down the street in a real estate office with Sheriff Lee Baca.' Lopez then cut to coverage of City Attorney elect Mike Feuer's victory party where Feuer was amid his many supporters, and then cut to footage from earlier in the day where Trutanich sounded less than hopeful, ending his statement saying 'and that's it.'

'And that may be it,' Lopez retorted, commenting on the figures showing Trutanich losing 'if the numbers don't change any,' he said. Lopez added that Trutanich 'may come out and say something' noting that there was 'a room full of people trying to celebrate something ... but for now he's in a real estate office with the Sheriff, not coming out.'

Precisely what Trutanich and Sheriff Baca were discussing for so long while the band played on at Rocco's restaurant is likely to be the subject of much speculation. Trutanich and Baca likely knew about the FBI investigation and wondering why it hadn't broken in the Times before the election. Perhaps they were wondering how much bigger Trutanich's massive loss would have been if the Times article had come out before the election?


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