Monday, July 1, 2013

Feuer announces key staff members

Newly elected Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer wasted no time getting to grips with the mess left behind by defeated incumbent Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich.

In an office-wide email blast this morning Feuer invited all staff to a 3PM meeting at Deaton Hall, the meeting room at LAPD's Headquarters. "Los Angeles is at a pivotal time in its history and the City Attorney's Office is central to the quality of life of our residents and businesses," Feuer told LA Observed. "The members of my team have the wide breadth of experience, commitment and passion to help carry out an ambitious agenda to make Los Angeles a better and safer place to live, work, raise a family and visit." 

Feuer is expected to introduce some of his key staff members including:

Chief of Staff: Leela Ann Kapur. Kapur has 24 years of experience in the Office of the Los Angeles County Counsel, most recently as Chief Deputy. In the County Counsel's Office, she represented and advised the Board of Supervisors, other County officials, departments, agencies and commissions on a wide variety of legal issues. As Chief Deputy, she was responsible for the administration of the office and assisted the County Counsel in managing all of the County’s diverse legal matters.

Chief Deputy: Jim Clark. Clark has more than 38 years of civil litigation experience, was a long-time partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and has handled a multitude of complex civil litigation matters at every level of the California and Federal Courts.

Special Assistant City Attorney: Capri Maddox. Maddox previously served as a Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney where she worked in the following units: Central Trials, Neighborhood Prosecutor Program, Complex Litigation and General Counsel Section. Before returning to the Office of the City Attorney, she was President of the City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works.

Director of Policy and Inter-Governmental Relations: Alex Ponder. Ponder served as Deputy Chief of Staff and District Director for Feuer when he was in the State Assembly. Previously he was a Legislative Advocate for the National League of Cities and Chief of Staff to Los Angeles City Council Member Cindy Miscikowski. He also worked for Feuer when he was on the City Council.

Director of Community Engagement and Outreach: Rob Wilcox. Wilcox is the former Director of Communications for the California High-Speed Rail Authority, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission and Los Angeles City Controller Laura Chick.

Feuer's approach to getting to meet the troops at the City Attorney's Office stands in marked contrast to that of the defeated incumbent, who insisted on a Saturday morning meeting, forcing many to use their personal time to meet their new leader and excluding many who could not attend for religious reasons.

Feuer also went out of his way to assure all who cannot attend the 3pm meeting that there will be many other opportunities to meet their new leader and his management team.

One thing those attending the 3pm meeting can be sure of, is that Mike Feuer will be there at 3pm. Back in 2009 Trutanich turned up 45 minutes late for his first Senior Staff Meeting. To add insult to injury, the man soon to become known as 'Carmen the Clown' burst into the 8th Floor conference room blabbing away on his Blackberry without a word of apology or explanation to the key people who were kept waiting.

Worse, the newly elected leader appeared distracted, bored and disinterested at the prospect of meeting his senior staff and hearing of their concerns. Instead, he insisted on dominating the meeting with nonsensical platitudes about 'no politics' in the office, keeping the 'doors to the 8th floor open' (whatever the hell that was supposed to mean), and ranting on about having to do something about the upcoming Michael Jackson Memorial at Staples Center.

Trutanich established himself as a class one buffoon that morning. He made it clear that he much preferred the sound of his own voice to anything anyone else had to say, unless it was to agree with him and remind him how wonderful he was.

At 3pm today, those of the staff at the City Attorney's Office who can attend the meeting will get a chance to see just how different the next four years will be.


Anonymous said...

Trutanich was a narcissistic prick who always kept people waiting to show them that he was more important than them.

Mort said...

Berger you are pathetic. It's over, Nuch is finished in politics, you won. OK? Now move on and please leave Nuch alone. He has to rebuild his practice and your hate-filled crap keeps on popping-up when clients Google him. Give it up already.

Anonymous said...

@10:31AM Yeah right. Like Nuch has any 'clients' now that he got ejected from city hall.

Anonymous said...

Feuer's introduction of a new tone in the CA's office has already signaled a remarkable improvement to rank and file DCAs. When Nuch took office, his tone declared that DCAs were part of the problem. Feuer's tone is that DCAs are necessarily part of the solution. So can it be a surprise to anyone that Nuch not only antagonized a number of DCAs to the point of supporting Feuer; it fostered in them a sense of hatred that WILL haunt Nuch until he gives up his law license.