Monday, August 19, 2013

Trutanich joins Tucker Ellis LLP?

Failed former City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich has finally updated his State Bar records (see 'Where in the World is Carmen Trutanich') and appears to have joined the downtown Los Angeles law firm Tucker Ellis LLP.

We say Trutanich appears to have joined Tucker Ellis because oddly, as of this date, the name 'Carmen Trutanich' is neither listed among the firm's 31 attorneys listed at the Los Angeles office, nor does he appear in an alphabetical listing of the firm's attorneys with last names starting with the letter 'T.'  Of course it could be that Trutanich's arrival at Tucker Ellis is 'breaking news' and the law firm did not have time to update its website or issue a press release.

According to the law firm's website, they are "a full service law firm with more than 160 lawyers practicing nationwide out of offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco" and has "a national reputation for trial work."

It is not known whether Trutanich is to be an associate, partner or 'of counsel' at the law firm. When Trutanich's predecessor, Rocky Delgadillo, was termed-out of office he joined Goodwin Procter LLP as 'Counsel' before becoming a partner at Liner, Grode, Stien, et al.

Quite what Trutanich brings to the table at Tucker Ellis will doubtless be the subject of some speculation until the firm issues a press release. They did last week when Joseph Koncelik joined its Cleveland office as counsel, so a similar press release can be expected regarding Trutanich.

As to the speculation, perhaps Tucker Ellis is keen to have access to Trutanich's Rolodex, as was the case when Trutanich's 2009 electoral opponent Jack Weiss landed himself a job with former LAPD Chief Bratton. There could also be interest in acquiring insight into Trutanich's 'Porcupine Defense,' as well as his knowledge of South Bay car washes.

UPDATED: As of August 23, 2013, Carmen Trutanich is listed as 'counsel' at Tucker Ellis.


Anonymous said...

Hiring a guy like Nuch raises a big red flag about this lawfirm. I checked out their website and they don't do slip and fall cases, so maybe that's why they hired Nuch?

Anonymous said...

@1:20pm I don't think they hired Trutanich. Of Counsel usually means they give him an office and get a percentage of any work he brings in. Rocky was different, he didn't make nearly as many enemies as Trutanich and he did not LOSE an election. TWICE! I guess if you want to hire a LOSER you know where to go.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is in for a culture shock. Lawyers in big firms have to work, not hang out with shady San Pedro 'businessmen' smoking cigars and boozing. I give him six months tops, and then he'll be 'let go.' Less than six months if he 'loses it' with someone who doesn't see things his way. That's when he gets into one of his red-faced, veins-bulging, finger-pointing, spittle-dribling rants. If he pulls that shit he'll be out on his ass faster than you can say 'Pledge to Serve.'

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tucker Ellis updated their website and Trutanich is listed there, as you predicted 'of counsel,' which as 2:44pm said, means he get a desk, a phone and no salary - just a piece of whatever he brings in. You just have to wonder who would want him as their lawyer - he's a joke around town with zero credibility.

It must be very humiliating for him to have fallen so low. This guy had it all, and he blew it. You should run that video of him at Sherman Oaks Homeowners, where he tried to con everyone into believing that he could not afford to take the same pay cut as the rest of his staff because his wife and family live on his salary. I wonder what they are living on now? Good luck Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this blog ever since it started talking about Carmen who is a dear friend. Most of what you say exaggerates the truth about Carmen. He is basically a decent person who bit off more than he could chew and was too proud to admit he was out of his depth. I am pleased that Carmen finally quit public service where he was not appreciated by many of those who he helped. Now that he has moved on, so should you Mr Dragnet. Find someone else to humiliate,

Anonymous said...

@12;43 pm With friends like you who needs enemies? You might as well call your dear friend a narcissistic prick because that is what most people think of him. He wasn't out of his depth, he was drunk with power and thought he was better than everyone. He should leave Los Angeles and move to San Diego where he could run for mayor now that the other narcissistic prick Filner has resigned. Trutanich would fit in real good there, doesn't he have a house there?

Anonymous said...

So I just checked the link you give to Trutanich's new lawfirm. He lists "Business Litigation, Energy & Environmental Law, and Public Law" as his practice areas, so I guess he has given up on criminal law. The public law is interesting because if it involves the city of Los Angeles wouldn't that be a conflict of interest? The city of LA has been his client for the past four years, so I don't see how he can represent anyone who has a case against LA.