Thursday, August 1, 2013

Where in the World is Carmen Trutanich?

Newly elected City Attorney Mike Feuer might be surprised to hear that he is sharing his office with his former opponent, Carmen Trutanich. At least that's according to records maintained by the State Bar of California.
More than 30 days after leaving the City Attorney's office Trutanich is still using their address

Trutanich appears to be in violation of Business and Professions Code Section 6002.1(a) which requires an attorney who is licensed to practice law in California to maintain on the State Bar’s official membership records his office address and telephone number or, if the attorney does not have an office, “the address to be used for State Bar purposes or purposes of the agency charged with attorney discipline.” Furthermore, attorneys are required to notify the State Bar’s membership records office within 30 days of any change in such information.

Trutanich was kicked out of left the City Attorney's office at midnight on June 30, 2013, following his crushing and humiliating defeat by rival Mike Feuer. Under State law, Trutanich had 30 days to report his new address, meaning that by July 31, 2013, his new address had to be reported to the State Bar, which in turn publishes that information on it's website within 24 hours.

A check on the State Bar of California's website shows that as of August 1, 2013, Trutanich was still using the City Attorney's office as his address, as well as their phone, fax and email.

While Trutanich appears to be in violation of State Law, his former Chief Deputy, Bill Carter, has complied with the law and his new contact information appears on the State Bar's website. Same too for his former Chief Legal Adviser Curt Livesay, and his former Senior Special Assistant Jane Usher.

According to the Los Angeles County Bar Association, "An attorney’s failure to keep the State Bar of California apprised of the attorney’s current office address and telephone number—or, if the attorney does not have an office, an address where the State Bar can contact the attorney—may result in the attorney not being entitled to practice law and may ultimately lead to the imposition of discipline without the attorney’s knowledge."

Whether Trutanich will face disciplinary action for his failure to comply with the law remains to be seen.

As to where Carmen Trutanich actually is, rumors suggest that he has opened an office in San Pedro.



Crusader Rabbit said...

Anyone know the address of the San Pedro Fish Market? That's Nouche the Douche's new address.

Anonymous said...

Thank God Dragnet is back! But lets move on. Nuch is a putrid rotting corpse. Baca still has his tentacles on the reigns of power. Baca MUST go!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Baca needs to be gotten rid of. Asap.

Anonymous said...

Nuch is back hanging around the City of Redondo Beach. Looks like he's back there doing the dirty work for City Manager Bill Workman and the questionable councilmen with "cleaning" the Car Wash. So is he still an attorney in the State of California? The Daily Breeze says he is. Here's the article: