Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baca Blues Brings Boost for Bob

Being the incumbent Sheriff historically spells reelection, but Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca's bid to win a fifth term as LA's top cop took another blow today with the news of yet another federal investigation into misconduct in the scandal ridden department.

According to the LA Times "For nearly two years, the Department of Justice has been conducting a criminal probe into allegations of abuse and violence in the Los Angeles County jails."

"On Thursday, the Justice Department informed Sheriff Lee Baca and the county that it is opening a second investigation that will examine whether sheriff’s deputies engaged in a pattern of excessive force, and whether the department failed to implement broad reforms that the sheriff agreed to in 2002 involving mentally ill inmates." The Times said.

Our recent review of the four challengers to Baca's incumbency placed retired Sheriff's Commander Robert "Bob" Olmsted at the top of the list. The 32 year veteran of the Sheriff's Department recently received over two dozen endorsements from law enforcement personnel with current Santa Maria police chief and former LASD Commander, Ralph Martin, saying “Bob Olmsted has the qualifications and experience to be LA County’s next Sheriff. I couldn’t be more proud to endorse his candidacy.”

Today's news must surely bring a boost to Olmsted's candidacy, and Olmsted's campaign strategist, John Thomas, wasn't pulling any punches with his response to the news of more blues for Baca.

"Mark my words Baca will suffer a worse fate than Trutanich" Thomas said in a Tweet referencing the LA Times story. Baca steadfastly stood beside Trutanich in his Hindenburg-like bid to become District Attorney, adding insult to injury with an 'illegal in uniform endorsement' for the man the LA Times called "Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich."  Baca then went on to endorse Trutanich's historic failure to be reelected as City Attorney, and served as Trutanich's consigliere on election night when Trutanich hid from his supporters and remained holed up in a real estate office with the Sheriff.

Whether Thomas was referring to the loss of credibility Baca suffered by aligning himself with Trutanich, or to the news of more blues for Baca, is a matter of speculation.

As to the news of the second federal probe, the Times rhetorically asked "Will voters care?" Judging by the comments posted in response to their article, some voters do seem to care.

The views of a handful of voters suggests voters will care, the real question is whether the challengers will have campaign warchests big enough to let voters know of their candidacies and qualifications?



Anonymous said...

Your last line says it all. Baca is the clear favorite because the voters know him and really couldn't give a crap about poor conditions in the jail. Most folks believe that jail should not be a nice place and want criminals to be punished, not treated like VIPs.

Baca can raise a ton of cash, none of the others can come close.

Anonymous said...

1:12pm, you're missing an obvious problem for Baca - Tanaka!
Tanaka has nothing else going for him except for the slime factor. And the only slime available is slime that Tanaka himself is involved in.
Tanaka can't resist sliming. And yes, Baca is beck deep in slime. But the slime stains Baca too. And it's to titilating for the media to pass up. This is going to be a great election!

Anonymous said...

Tanaka will destroy Baca. It's personal, very personal. Tanaka hates Baca even more than Berger hated Trutanich and look how that ended up. Trutanich was destroyed, left to wonder how it could all slip away from him. It will be the same thing all over again, and after the primary expect Tanaka to throw his support behing Olmsted. Then we will have a real election.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is coming back, he's raising a ton of San Pedro cash for Baca and don't be too surprised if Baca rewards the clown with a job as special counsel to the sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is the kiss of death to any campaign these days. Baca will take his money and screw him over.

Anonymous said...

Olmsted has my vote. I hope he makes it.

Anonymous said...

Baca must go!