Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Steve Cooley honored by Sheriff's Youth Foundation

Retired LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley was the guest of  honor at the 28th Annual "Salute to Youth" Gala sponsored by the Sheriff's Youth Foundation.

A capacity crowd at the Beverly Hills Hilton's ballroom watched Sheriff Lee Baca showcase the remarkable work of the Youth Activity Leagues of the Youth Foundation, something Baca was quick to point out had been established by his predecessor, Sheriff Sherman Block.

Cooley, sporting a 'youthful' beard, received the honor as Los Angeles County's longest serving District Attorney after his successor, current District Attorney Jackie Lacey, delivered a rousing speech reminding the audience of Cooley's many laudable achievements.

Baca praised both former and current DAs for their effective management of the nation's largest prosecutorial agency. Although he refrained from any 'electioneering,' the presence of the former and current DAs at this event must have left the audience with little doubt that he will enjoy their support in his bid to win a fifth term at LA County's 'top cop.'

While many in the audience were clearly longtime supporters, it was interesting to note the presence of Michael Goldstein, the attorney who masterminded Jackie Lacey's 'blockbuster' fundraising events using his many contacts in the entertainment industry. Perhaps coincidentally, there were a number of entertainment industry figures in the audience...



Anonymous said...

Just because DAs Cooley and Lacey stood alongside Baca at the event, which was about children, does not mean either of them endorse him. I don't see how they can, considering Baca endorsed Trutanich for DA before you took him out of the race. I have grave doubts about Baca's judgment in supporting Trutanich both for DA and then again when he tried to keep his CA job. Baca put his credibility on the line twice for a man who was unfit. I think Baca needs to come clean about that before I would vote for him.

Anonymous said...

@11:06AM It doesn't matter whether Cooley backs Baca, the deal is that Baca will raise a ton of money for a countywide campaign with mailers up the ying-yang, and the challengers won't be able to afford a more than a ballot statement. The Dragnet should find something else to write about, the 2014 Sheriff election is over before its even begun, Baca will take it in the primary. I guarantee it.

Anonymous said...

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