Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ADDA Awards Dinner to be held under cloud of Steve Ipsen Award

As reported last week, disgraced former ADDA President Steve Ipsen, who was fired last year by the District Attorney's Office, is indeed to receive the 'President's Award' at the November 14, 2013 ADDA Awards Dinner.

The shocking news that Ipsen was to attend the event, let alone receive an award, attracted a flood of comments far overshadowing Friday's main feature detailing Ipsen's improper ex parte communications with the Employment Relations Commission (ERCOM).

Although many readers expressed their dismay at Ipsen's continued involvement with the ADDA (he remains a Board Member until he is removed at the next election), the notion that he would be the recipient of an award at a ceremony honoring Deputy DAs and a DA Investigator for their outstanding and selfless work in furtherance of the mission of the DA's Office, casts a pall over the event.

Disgraced, fired, Steve Ipsen is to receive the President's Award
at the ADDA Awards Dinner to the dismay and disgust of most in the DA's Office.

The inclusion of Ipsen appears to be the result of a last minute move by Ipsen "crazies" who believe that Ipsen should be honored for his efforts in unionizing the ADDA. The old adage "There are none so blind as those who cannot see" comes to mind, for there is no doubt whatsoever that Ipsen's efforts were more motivated to advance his own "Reform First" political agenda, than to benefit the rank and file members of the DA's Office.

Equally few would deny that Ipsen's self-promoting tactics did untold harm to the ADDA and deterred the active involvement of many who would have become involved, but for the taint of association with Ipsen and his record of prosecutorial misconduct and attempts to prevent one of his "closest friends" (a three-time convicted sex offender) from being required to comply with Penal Code Section 290.

By the same token many, if not all of those receiving awards are likely to be shocked to learn that they will be sharing the podium with the antithesis of what a prosecutor should be. Whether the late news of Ipsen's award will prompt a slew of cancellations is unknown, but many 'on the fence' will likely give the event a miss until the stench the Ipsen era is finally expunged from the ADDA.   

Evidence in support of there being a last minute move by the Ipsen "crazies" to blindside honorable DDAs with the specter of Ipsen appears to be borne out by the timeline of announcements for the Awards Dinner. The original annoucement, on September 27, 2013, made no mention of any President's Award, let alone one to Ipsen.

The original announcement of the Awards Dinner made no mention
of a "President's Award' let alone one to be given to Ipsen.
 However, on November 8, 2013, the ADDA sent out an email announcing the extension of the deadline to purchase tickets to November 12, 2013, two days before the event. It was only when those receiving the email drilled down to the image contained in the email, did it become clear there was to be a 'President's Award' and that Ipsen was one of three recipients.

Only one week before the Awards Dinner could invitees discern that
Steve Ipsen was to receive the 'President's Award.'
For newly installed ADDA President Donna McClay, the inclusion of Ipsen must come as something of a blow. McClay has worked tirelessly to rid the ADDA of the taint of Ipsen's divisive leadership. McClay successfully organized the DA Candidates Forum last year, and oversaw useful and productive negotiations with DA Jackie Lacey's administration to secure the first pay increase for Deputy DA's in six years.

The Awards Dinner was as much to be McClay's moment, as it was to be an an event honoring outstanding hard working District Attorney professionals. However, such is the narcissistic nature of Ipsen, that he has not got the grace to bow out and let McClay have her moment.

If indeed Ipsen does appear to collect his award, perhaps the awkward silence of the majority of the audience will remind him that he is not wanted.



Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head about Ipsen. Many DDAs would be involved with the ADDA, but they don't want to be associated with Ipsen and his "crazies." Looks like the crazies will have their day at the dinner, but that's probably the last time they will have a say in anything.

Donna, don't be disheartened if the turn out is low. It's not a reflection on you. It is a HUGE vote of no confidence in Ipsen.

Anonymous said...

If Steve Ipsen has been fired, why does he still claim to be a Deputy DA on LinkedIn?

I guess once a liar always a liar.

Anonymous said...

It is good that you have this website because it demonstrates the attitude of the employees in our District Attorney's Office. There is no doubt those expressing themselves here are consumed with hate and venom for the founder of the ADD. That reminds me of what happened with the Superior Court Clerk's Association a few years back. They too affiliated with AFSCME and learned the tricks of self destruction. Either the rank and file are just plain stupid or they have skeletons in the closet that their organization can be taken over by the very corrupt powers that created a need for an association to deal with the DA and the Judges. Is it a co-incidence that LA County Labor movement is actually run by the total control of corrupt management? No that is just they way they play the game and the fools that sit on the board and rubber stamp the corruption are going to get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

There would be no problem with the ADDA at all if there was a simple rule: if you have a dispute with the DA's office, such as disciple for misconduct, or a grievance over a transfer, you must resign from the Board until the dispute is resolved. The problem has been that Ipsen and his ilk, have hijacked the ADDA and used for their personal purposes. As long as the specter of Ipsen remains, the rank and file will stay away. And Ipsen knows that.

Anonymous said...

@7:58 - I told Steve's person who set it up and they said they would fix it and thank you for letting them know.

Anonymous said...

Given the history with Ipsen and the office, I would be very worried about Ipsen 'going postal' at the awards dinner.

IMHO Ipsen should stay away and send someone to pick up his 'award' for him.

Anonymous said...

It shows incredibly bad timing to be going out of the way to heap praise on Steve Ipsen when he apparently just caused YET ANOTHER major scandal. I read the full decision by Judge Lavin regarding the County's writ. I thoroughly disagree with prior posting comments regarding the fault of the Hearing Officer and Executive Director for Employee Relations.

It seems to me that a misguided few are content to say "well the Hearing Officer and the Executive Director screwed-up, case closed."

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! Steve Ipsen went out of his way to lobby and influence the Executive Director about crucial issues that were before the Hearing Officer, fully expecting that the Executive Director would then lobby the Hearing Officer (read the portion of Judge Lavin's decision regarding the denial of the County's requested continuance and the denial of the request for supplemental briefing).

Steve Ipsen obstructed justice through ex parte communication. CASE CLOSED. He was called out on it. Everyone knows about it.

If the ADDA was hellbent to honor him, they could have done us all the favor of waiting until this latest scandal faded. They didn't.

I feel sorry for the other honorees. Many of them have waited a long time for this moment. They're families have probably looked forward to this moment too. But the buzz and the spotlight isn't going to be on them. To the extent anyone is following this event in the media or blogosphere, they're gawking at the churning scandal machine that is Steve Ipsen.

And all because Ipsen's sycophants have to get they're way all the time. Simply disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another Steve Ipsen scandal and the usual cover up from his comrades at the ADDA.

Judging by the comments on this blog, a number of ADDA members find the Dragnet to be the only forum for a free and frank discussion about the workings of the ADDA. As usual, the silence from the ADDA Board is deafening.

WTF. Do they really think in this electronic age they can keep their mouths shut and this whole think will go away? Come on Donna, you know this Ipsen award thing stinks. Why is there zero, zip, nada on the ADDA website about this? Your members need to hear why this outrage is happening, and also, name the Board Members (the "crazies" as Berger says) who thought Ipsen should share the podium with John Portilo or any of the other honorees?

I thought there was going to be some transparency in the ADDA. Restore my faith.