Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday's Free For All: Cooley Vindicated, Huntsman on the Move, Rumor Mill Musings

Retired District Attorney Steve Cooley Vindicated by Superior Court

The LA Times reported Wednesday on a story previously covered by the Dragnet and the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise; Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lavin has thrown out a decision of the Los Angeles County Employee Relations Commission (ERCOM) finding District Attorney Steve Cooley and the District Attorney's Office had retaliated against disgraced, fired, former Deputy DA Steve Ipsen and other members of his kangaroo court-like grip on the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA).

Judge Lavin found that ERCOM's then Executive Director, Paul Causey had "numerous ex parte communications" with Ipsen and other ADDA members, that Causey was "heavily involved in the ERCOM decision making process," and that there was "substantial evidence in the record of actual bias by ERCOM." For those reasons, Judge Lavin found that DA Steve Cooley and the DA's Office "did not receive a fair hearing before ERCOM" and therefore ERCOM's July 25, 2011 decision was thrown out.

Although Judge Lavin ordered ERCOM to hold a new hearing "to be conducted by a neutral and unbiased hearing officer," it is unclear whether Ipsen or the ADDA will want to re-litigate the matter in the light of not only the collapse of Ipsen's Federal Lawsuit (which argued essentially the same conspiracy theory), but also in the light of Ipsen's 2012 termination from the DA's Office, the reasons for which are now coming to light (see below).

Deputy DA Max Huntsman to be Appointed Watchdog over Sheriff's Dept.

The LA Times reported Tuesday that Deputy DA Max Huntsman, the longtime corruption tackling Assistant Head Deputy of the Public Integrity Division, will be the head of a new agency that will scrutinize the LA County Sheriff's Department.

Huntman's appointment as Inspector General is expected to be confirmed by the Board of Supervisors on December 3, 2013.

Rumor Mill Musings 

Ipsen fired for misconduct

Pursuant to a Public Records Act request made to ERCOM, the Dragnet has obtained voluminous records pertaining to the 2012 dismissal of disgraced former Deputy DA Steve Ipsen. Documents filed by Ipsen and the District Attorney's Office regarding Ipsen's claim that his dismissal was a result of 'unfair employee relations practice' are public record, and their contents cast further doubt as to the propriety of Ipsen being given the 'President's Award' at the recent ADDA Awards Dinner.

Significantly, documents discovered pursuant to the Dragnet's PRA reveal that Ipsen apparently used, or rather, abused his position as Deputy DA to advance his campaign to become District Attorney. Ipsen apparently misled a Superior Court Judge into believing Ipsen's 'Reform First' campaign slogan was actually the policy of the District Attorney's Office. In doing so Ipsen caused numerous cases to be 'settled' by using what appear to be illegal sentences in violation of Penal Code Sections 667(c)(2) and 1170.12(a)(2). Those section prohibit the granting of probation to a defendant who admits a prior strike conviction, and makes the suspension of a doubled prison term unlawful and most likely unenforceable.

A full report is to follow.

And then there were nine?

The Dragnet's recent reportage of the number of Deputy DAs seeking election to the Los Angeles Superior Court in the June 2014 primary, indicated that eight Deputy DA's have thrown their hats in the ring. However, eight chasing two open seats may soon become nine, if rumors are correct.

More to follow.



Anonymous said...

The ADDA has promised us new bylaws. But will these bylaws protect us from another Ipsen or FACILITATE another Ipsen?

ADDA members need to recover from the shame of this manipulative opportunist.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda sad that on a day that most Americans are enjoying Thanksgiving, you devote your time to attacking Steve Ipsen and besmirching his reputation. But then you are not an American are you? Your idea of reporting seems to have its roots in Fleet Street scandal rags destroying the reputations of public servants is a daily pastime.

Sure Ipsen made a few mistakes, but he should be allowed to move on with his life, instead of dragged through the dirt and humiliated because he wanted to change the revolving door of our criminal justice system.

Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Max Huntsman! According to NBC, he's gonna make bank on his new gig. $204K a year Wohoo!

Anonymous said...

99% of my workday inolves coaxing LASD Deputies to come to court, then getting them to be testify without screwing up. I don't envy Max Huntsman

Anonymous said...

Tossing out the poisonous ERCOM decision is just the latest of Ipsen's downfalls. Apart from a handful of limp dicked crazies, nobody and I mean nobody, is sad to see Ipsen crash and burn. I look forward to your 'full report to follow.' Maybe then the ADDA can send the crazies to the funny farm where they belong.

Anonymous said...

@7:03PM You are missing the point here. Half the voting block at the ADDA are Ipsen crazies. Nothing will change at the ADDA unless more sane DDAs get involved and start saying NO to Ipsen's crazies. Did you know that Ipsen is still on the ADDA Board? He gets to vote on matters that effect us, like paying his outrageous legal fees while he continues to pursue his bogus lawsuits against the administration. Ipsen and his crazies (e.g. Bozajian) can be removed if a few DDAs run to replace them. Unless that happens, nothing will change.

Anonymous said...

@2:21pm Another Ipsen? What about the current Ipsen? Do you realize that you (assuming you are a dda) are still paying for his legal fees? And I'm not talking about the fees from his "federal lawsuit," I mean his CURRENT complaint against the DA's Office at ERCOM. Yup, there's another one - Dragnet has the papers. I think it is time that all dda withheld their dues until the ADDA come clean and explains why Ipsen is still costing us money. Where are our dues going? Looks to me like they are going to support Ipsen's ridiculous claim that he was fired in retaliation for his ADDA activies, when the fact suggest that it was his misconduct that got him fired. We should demand an explanation.