Friday, November 15, 2013

Ipsen no-show at ADDA Awards Dinner

Disgraced former ADDA President Steve Ipsen was a 'no-show' at the Thursday night's ADDA Awards Dinner.

Despite an announcement that Ipsen was unable to attend due to "family illness," speculation was rife as to the real reason why Ipsen, who was fired from the DA's Office last year, failed to appear.

Many believe that Ipsen was 'dis-invited' when a significant number of honorees made it clear that they would not attend if Ipsen was present. Others opined that the prospect of being greeted by jeers or even a pelting with rotten tomatoes, may have convinced the self-styled 'Reform First' DA candidate, to stay far away.

Regardless of the real reason, the fact that Ipsen was prevented from destroying the Awards Dinner is another 'feather in the cap' for ADDA President Donna McClay, and represents the clearest example yet of the kind of leadership she intends to bring to the ADDA; one where the ADDA can shake off it's tarnished image caused by Ipsen and his "crazies," who used the ADDA to further their personal agendas, gripes and grievances to the detriment of the rank and file.

McClay earned another feather as, significantly, District Attorney Jackie Lacey not only attended the event, but remained throughout the proceedings. McClay's leadership marks the first time in recent history that the President of the ADDA is not embroiled in personal litigation with the District Attorney's Office. Former ADDA Presidents Ipsen and his appointed successor, Hyatt Seligman, both sued the DA's Office in Federal Court claiming a conspiracy theory laundry list litany of reasons why they were transferred and/or denied promotion. But after two weeks of trial, it took the jury less than two hours to decide that they had no case.

Perhaps now that McClay has stamped her mark on how she intends to lead the ADDA, she will be able to attract new members to run for board positions. Elections are rumored to be in the process of being announced, and it can only serve the interests of Deputy DAs that good people are elected to help McClay in repairing the damage caused by Ipsen.

If anyone deserved the President's Award on Thursday night, it was Donna McClay.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Steve Ipsen on the birth of his new son on Thursday.
Too bad DA Lacey could not give you her personal congratulations as you deserve. Surprising that Lacey attended the dinner as she has been very critical of the ADDA along with her mentor Cooley. Looks like they are no longer adversaries.

Anonymous said...

@10:28AM Too bad DA Lacey didn't tell the audience precisely why Steve Ipsen was fired. Even the Ipsen "crazies" as Berger calls them, would be struggling to explain that stinker away.

I hope the ADDA moves forward and removes the Ipsen "crazies" so that the ADDA can actually become a force for good, instead of a "sandbox for broken toys", as another comment describes them.

Good job Donna!

Anonymous said...

The birth of Steve Ipsen's beautiful son... you are saying "illness". You are pathetic and jealous because Steve has a beautiful family and has done so many great things in his career, unlike you who is a creepy cyber stalker/bully/ basement under-roo blogger. I am concerned you will have a psychotic break and shoot up a school or something even weirder than that. You are just jealous because you are ugly and Ipsen has so many great things in his life that you will never have. You poor thing. It's okay you don't have to post this. I know you will read it. Everyone just feels sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ipsen.

Hopefully he'll use this experience as an opportunity to grow up, let go and move on.

It seems like he has bigger responsibilities now. He should defer to those responsibilities, instead of practicing the trademark manipulation and skullduggery that has demolished his prosecutorial career and faux political empire.

His family deserves better and so does everyone else.

Anonymous said...

11-15-2013@1:15pm, You underestimate the Ipsen Cult. Many of those guys still think he is a viable candidate for office. Just one more election cycle!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Steve Ipsen,

Congratulations on the birth of your son. What a joyous occasion this must be for you. We fully understand why you blew us off last night, even though we stuck our necks out for you. No hard feelings bro, you go ahead with your new life and just stay the F out of the DA's office and everything will be just fine. You leave us to explain why we are paying 100% of our dues to pay off your debts from your Federal Lawsuit for the next 3 years, no problem. As always, it was all about you. Reform First Asshole.

Anonymous said...

Wow there are certainly strong feelings here against the founder of the ADDA. That is kinda like saying you wished you had never been born.
Why did YOU bother to show up ?

Anonymous said...

9:16pm. Steve Ipsen didn't found the ADDA, it had existed decades before he took it over in the election where he sued because he had to run against Ken.

Anonymous said...

@9:16PM Ipsen was not the 'founder' of the ADDA. He was the narcissistic asshole who hijacked it and turned it into his personal bully pulpit to wage war against the DA's Office because he wasn't promoted.

He also used it to vilify any fellow DDA who dared to disagree with him and his crazy conspiracy theories about his monumental failures.

He didn't show up on Thursday because even he realized that this award was bullsh*t. I guess he heard on the gripevine that he was going to be humiliated if he put a foot in the room. No one wanted Ipsen there, they want him out of the ADDA now that he is out of the DA's Office.

Anonymous said...

Berger, McClay, Lacey = the new ADDA.

Is this what you want from the independent voice of line DDAs?

We must keep the independent voice of Steve Ipsen alive at the ADDA, just like Steve Jobs at Apple. It's no coincidence that they, Ipsen and Jobs, are both called Steve. They both think different and Ipsen's DNA lives on in the ADDA just like Jobs does at Apple.

I propose that the ADDA adopts an annual "Steve Ipsen Excellence Award" to honor his memory, and award it to the DDA who most closely follows the example of prosecutorial excellence that Steve Ipsen set for us.

I won't be surprised if you do not publish this comment, just like the hundreds of other pro-Steve Ipsen comments you have deleted.

Anonymous said...

you read comments like 12:27 and you just scratch your head.

It's hard to tell if some of these comments are sincere (but clueless) Ipsen supporters; or satire written by Ipsen debunkers with a snarky sense if humor; or some sort of bizarre Andy Kaufmanesque work of performance art.

By the way, when Berger deletes a post, you always see a notation that says "Post Deleted by Moderator." Judging by the number of Berger slams by Trutanich Trolls that Dragnet published, I don't think he deleted much

Anonymous said...

I like 12:27pm's idea. There should be an annual Steve Ipsen award.

It should go to the DDA who commits willful prosecutorial misconduct and urges a court not to require registration for a sex offender who is a 'closest friend.'

Did I miss anything?

Anonymous said...

3:17pm, you know Andy Kaufman isn't really dead. . . he faked it!

Hey, you've got something there!
Andy Kaufman (master humorist!) "died" in the 80's, Steve Ipsen joined the office in the 80's, starting a humorous career as the "Reform First" DA famous for prosecutorial misconduct. Coincidence? I think not!

Steve Ipsen IS Andy Kaufman!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ipsen blows all of you haters stats as a DA out of the water. If he wasn't so relevant Berger's creepy obsession for him, fueled by McClay/Lacey/Roger Grace/Cooley, wouldn't exist.

Berger doesn't delete them?? or he just doesn't post the pro-Ipsen comments that make valid points, that he doesn't want the troops to hear.

Anonymous said...

7:16pm is right. Ipsen’s stats are impressive:

1) He’s the only DDA who ever testified as a defense witness for a three-time convicted sex offender.
2) He joined an elite group of DDAs criticized by the Supreme Court for misconduct.
3) He got his ass fired.

You are right, none of the people you mention come close to Ipsen’s stats.