Monday, November 4, 2013

Wendy Greuel's new job - first step to rehabilitate reputation ahead of political run?

Wendy Greuel reinvents herself - Shallman in the background?

The LA Daily News reports that former Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel has taken a consulting position with a planned children's museum in the San Fernando Valley. Greuel will oversee fundraising and help put together the museum’s board of directors, Discovery Science Center President Joe Adams said. It is understood that Greuel will be paid for her services on an hourly rate, however, it is unlikely that a paycheck is Greuel's primary motivation.

Greuel is reportedly being urged by supporters to have another run for political office, and if the rumor mill is correct, she has her eyes on termed-out L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky’s seat. A high-profile role in the leadership of a major philanthropic effort such as the children's museum  would not only maintain Greuel's name recognition, but would also go a long way to rehabilitate Greuel's tarnished image after her close association with the demonic DWP union cost her the keys to the Mayor's office. LA's residents continue to receive bi-monthly reminders of how much they have to pay to maintain the grossly inflated salaries of DWP workers employees.

If Greuel's use of a philanthropic effort to rehabilitate her tarnished image sounds a little too far-fetched, Machiavellian even, then remember that the architect of Greuel's Mayoral campaign, John Shallman, give similar advice to his former client Carmen Trutanich.

The spectacular failure of Trutanich's campaign to become District Attorney
has been likened to the Hindenburg Disaster.
 Within days of Trutanich's witheringly humiliating defeat in his Hindenburg-like DA campaign, Shallman advised the wannable presumtive DA heir not to seek reelection as City Attorney. Shallman counseled that the reelection bid would not only fail, but it would also harm any political aspirations possibly held by Trutanich's son, Nick, who had been linked by the Trutanich 'inner circle' to possible runs for City Attorney, District Attorney, or even appointment as US Attorney. Instead, Shallman advised Trutanich to rehabilitate his image by engaging in philanthropic causes to "help reshape his name in the community and the press."

Shallman's advice was contained in what became known as the 'Exit Memo,' Shallman's nine-page analysis of Trutanich's downfall and advice for a graceful exit strategy. The Exit Memo was apparently 'leaked' to the press after Trutanich tried to blame Shallman for his downfall to avoid paying a pile of unpaid bills.

Needless to say, Trutanich ignored the advice and the rest, as they say, is history.

Whether or not Greuel's decision to work as a consultant for the children's hospital is, indeed, a page out of the Shallman political playbook, remains to be seen. Equally, it is unclear whether Shallman would be a consultant for another campaign. Greuel has thus far declined to comment on any future political ambitions. 



Anonymous said...

You might be right about Wendy, I don't really care. My DWP bill is the best mailer any opponent has to nix her chances at Zev's seat.

Best part of your post is the Exit Memo! OMG, it really shows what a narcissistic prick Trutanich is, or maybe that's was, because I doubt he will run for anything again, except maybe the border. And as for the idea that his son was being groomed for political office, I thought that was just rumor, but there it is in black and white. Nice to see how much Trutanich really cares about his family. He should have bowed out gracefully and given Nick a chance. Now the family name will forever be recognized for all the wrong reasons.

Hey Nuch, eat my shorts!

Anonymous said...

Berger, you are a joke. A very sad joke. Can't you get over the fact that you couldn't cut it in Trutanich's administration? He had no time for people like you who spend all their time blogging, smoking and not working.

You blew the chance to make it into the big time with Nuch. If you had listened to what you were told instead of bellyaching about BS, you and Nuch would be headed to the White House when America wakes up and smells the roses about who Obama really is.

You betrayed Nuch and destroyed him and his family. Nuch could have been the next JFK with his good looks and drop dead charm. But you couldn't get over your pride being dinged because you couldn't cut it at the top. And now Nuch is making millions as a prominent attorney, and you are still blogging on the taxpayers dime. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

10:23pm must be that fat old man who worships the ground Trutanich walks on. I can't remember his name but you did a number on him for giving Trutanich free office space during the election. The pathetic creep still has signs on his office for Trutanich for city attorney. I'll send you pics if you want.