Wednesday, December 4, 2013

John & Ken Blast Trutanich for headlining Sheriff Baca Fundraiser

Kevin Roderick's excellent LA Observed posted a piece entitled "Sheriff Baca still has political friends" Tuesday, December 3, 2013.

Roderick posted this copy of an invitation to a fundraiser to be held Monday, December 9, 2013 in downtown LA's fashionable eatery, Engine Co. 28.

Roderock observed that despite much of the current press being negative about Baca and the Sheriff's Dept., "it's hard to unseat a sitting sheriff with all of his arrangements, deals and incumbent's advantages. Witness this: Next Monday night, a fundraiser for Baca will be co-hosted by former Democratic governor Gray Davis, former City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and high-profile defense lawyer Mark Geragos. The $1,500-per-ticket reception is being held at Engine Co. 28, the Downtown eatery that has been the venue for many fundraisers. Doesn't look like Baca is hurting for friends." Roderick said.

But LA's top-rated evening drive-time talk show hosts, KFI AM640's John and Ken, were less than impressed by Baca's friends. During the 5 o'clock hour, Tuesday night, they took a few well-aimed shots at former City Attorney and one-time DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich describing him as part of a 'trio of losers' and a 'troika of evil and incompetence.' They said.

Adding insult to injury, John and Ken questioned Baca's logic in allowing Trutanich & co to host a fundraiser for him. "He couldn't have picked three bigger boobs" and "bumbling fools," they said as they lambasted Trutanich for losing a 'simple election for City Attorney,' and Davis for being recalled, and Geragos for his unsuccessful defense in the Scott Peterson case.

"Likes end up being friends with likes" John and Ken said, "They are all kinda stupid, they are all bad at their jobs, they all lie a lot, they're clearly available, and they're all like borderline corrupt in different ways" they said.

Perhaps Sheriff Baca should look around for some different friends?


Anonymous said...

I hear Steve Ipsen is going to emcee the event. Good luck Mr Baca, with friends like that you don't need enemies.

Anonymous said...

7:26 is funny because the ADDA did, at one point, get tangled up in Nuch's disasterous DA campaign. But in all seriousness, the "popular wisdom" is that Baca can't be beat because he's an incumbent. But if the only celebrities that can be garnered for his fundraiser are two has-beens and Mark Geragos, then he is in real trouble!

Anonymous said...

Baca must be desperate to want a two time loser like Nuch anywhere near him.

Anonymous said...

As I listened to John & Ken it reminded me just how quickly people forget politicians and their misconduct. John & Ken were able to remember Trutanich as a piece of worthless crap, but they couldn't remember all that was bad about him; in the end they cited only his failed reelection campaign. They forgot that he also failed to win the DA race - he couldn't even get into the run off, letting a pair of novices beat him. After that, Trutanich's defeat was guaranteed. He was like a sick puppy, put in a bag and thrown down a well to drown. At least John & Ken remembered him for his most consistent quality - he was a pathological liar.

Crusader Rabbit said...

Carmen was a friend of mine. I gave him everything I could and more. I suffered financially when his enemies ganged up and started attacking me, his loyalest supporter. But I didn't mind. With his JFK looks and gorgeous family, I didn't mind.

I was with him at the end, after two devastating blows when he put on his brave face and finally conceded that he had lost. He told he, that night, that he was done with LA and politics, that he was moving on.

I was shocked when he called me and wanted me to help Baca. Are you crazy, I said. Have you forgotten all that we talked about when you were crying like a baby in the back office, scared and ashamed to see your fans in Rocco's.

Lose my number Carmen.

Anonymous said...

Gray Davis, Mark Geragos, and Carmen Trutanich walk into a bar. . . .

WHOAAAAA! You mean this really happened and and it't not a set-up for a punchline? How can that be. . .

. . . Oh Yeah. . . . Baca. Figures.