Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Deputy District Attorney Candidates for Los Angeles Superior Court 2014

UPDATED: See below, a tenth DDA candidate has emerged.

Deputy District Attorney Amy Carter has become the ninth member of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office to throw her hat in the ring to become Los Angeles Superior Court Judge in the 2014 primary election.

Deputy District Attorney Amy Carter is running for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge
in the 2014 Primary Election
Like many of her fellow DDAs in the 2014 race to be elected as Superior Court Judge, Carter has retained David Gould to manage her campaign. Unlike many, it is understood that Carter has amassed a substantial campaign warchest to finance her campaign, rumored to be over $500k.

Carter has the endorsement of District Attorney Jackie Lacey and retired District Attorney Steve Cooley as well as other endorsements on her website

Carter recently boosted her profile with a stellar performance in the high profile case, People v. Barker, in which Carter co-chaired the First Degree murder trial with fellow DDA Linda Loftfield.  Scott Barker was found guilty of the 2010 brutal slaying of Tony Takazato in Beverly Hills. Takazato, son of Japanese movie producer Fuminori Hayashida, was 21 when Barker stabbed him 58 times at his father's multimillion dollar home in Beverly Hills' exclusive Trousdale Estates. The four week long trial attracted media attention with the LA Weekly providing, perhaps, the most colorful coverage.

Carter's expert handling of that case established her amongst the ranks of the most qualified to become Superior Court Judges, like many of her fellow DDAs also seeking election. That coupled with an enviable campaign warchest establishes Carter as a candidate for Judge to be taken seriously. Very seriously.

For the sake of completeness, here is an alphabetical list of the eight other DDA candidates who have announced their intention to seek election to the Los Angeles Superior Court in 2014.

Andrew Cooper


Christopher Frisco
Website: (currently under development), click here for Met News-Enterprise reportage.

Donna Hollingsworth Armstrong

Dayan Mathai
Website: and click here for Dragnet's previous coverage.

Alison Matsumoto Estrada

Website: and click here for Met News-Enterprise reportage.

Stacy Okun-Wiese


Ann H. Park

Website: and click here for Met News-Enterprise reportage.

Teresa Pineda Magno

It is understood that there could be as many as eight open seats on the 2014 ballot, so there should be few instances where DDAs will have to run against each other. Careful choice of ballot designations and well funded campaigns will hopefully see many these candidates continuing the tradition of furthering the mission of the DA's Office as Judges, seeking to enhance the fundamental right of the people of Los Angeles County to a safe and just society in a fair, evenhanded and compassionate manner.

UPDATED: DDA Carol Najera to run against sitting Judge

Sources inform the Dragnet that veteran Deputy District Attorney Carol Najera is running for Superior Court, making ten Deputy District Attorneys seeking Judicial Office in the June 2014 primary election.


Unlike the nine other DDA candidates detailed above, it is understood that Najera plans to run against a sitting judge; the Hon. James B. Pierce who presides at the Long Beach Courthouse. Najera is currently assigned to the DA's Office in Long Beach. Najera is, perhaps, best remembered for co-chairing the successful re-trial of the murderous Menendez Brothers.

It is not the first time that Najera has sought election to the Superior Court, in 2003 the Met News-Enterprise reported that Najera filed a declaration of intent to run for an open seat in the 2004 primary election. At that time Najera provided this information to the League of Women Voters. Najera placed third out of a field of five candidates in the primary election, with 19.73% of the vote.

According to Najera's FaceBook Page, she will kickoff her campaign at a "Launch Party and Fundraiser" on January 23, 2014 at the District Wine Bar in Long Beach.


Peter Theodoropoulos said...

Hey Berger, with Trutanich and Baca gone your blog is getting kind of boring... What are you going to do now?

Anonymous said...

Oh yee of little faith! Patience! We will always have the ADDA to entertain us, and there's a nice, contentious sheriffs race on the way!

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Carol Najera. Almost all the DDAs who are running are crowding themselves into the open races. That stinks because eventually you'll end up with these people running against each other. We don't need sniping among fellow prosecutors. We do need some of these incompetent judges to be knocked out of their seats. But alas, no courage.

Anonymous said...

Judge Pierce has a reputation for being tough on crime. Sure he's made a few enemies on the way, but I cannot think of anything he has done to give Ms. Najera any reason to try to unseat him.

Anonymous said...

After a jury decided to acquit me on battery charges (18 minutes in the jury room), Pierce nastily admonished the jury, pointing his finger and in a denigrating tone, reminded them that "As jurors you set the standards of the community".

I wasn't guilty and neither was the jury. He was a good judge with a long history of stepping over the line. Good riddance.

"Merry Christmas your Honor"...
If you're reading this Jimbo, I know you remember who I am. I was straight with you and the D.A., but the victim was so beautiful, wasn't she? Yeah..You were suckered just as I was.