Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Deputy District Attorney Serena Murillo to run for Judge

The Metropolitan News-Enterprise reports that Deputy District Attorney Serena Murillo will become the eleventh DDA to enter the race to become a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge in the June primary election.

Murillo previously ran for Judge of the Superior Court in 2008, narrowly losing out to then Commissioner Harvey Silberman amid shenanigans that led to the conviction of two of Silberman's campaign consultants. Murillo stated that she found the experience so distasteful that she would never run for office again.   

Serena's campaign website is:

Full report to follow. Click here for details of the other DDAs who have announced their candidacies.

Sheriff candidate Paul Tanaka probably regrets his interview with John & Ken

Former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, who was Sheriff Lee Baca's right hand man, must have thought he was in for a right-wing law and order love-fest when he accepted an invitation to appear on the John & Ken Show on KFI AM640 on Tuesday evening. Tanaka wants to replace Baca, and doubtless thought he would boost his chances with a prime time interview during LA's rush hour.

He was wrong, as LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus reports, and as anyone who listened to the interview must surely agree. Tanaka sounded more like a suspect than a candidate, dodging questions, claiming lack of memory, and denying any responsibility for having anything to do with the scandals that occurred on his watch.

The interview can be heard by clicking her to link to KFI's website, and it's truly shocking. So shocking that John & Ken have decided to replay the entire interview on Thursday afternoon.

Sheriff Baca has made the selfless decision to withdraw from reelection to save the department (and himself) further embarrassment. Tanaka should do the honorable thing and withdraw for the same reasons.

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