Monday, February 24, 2014

ADDA Supports Death Penalty Reform and DDA Candidates for Judge

ADDA members received two email announcements from the administration of newly-elected ADDA President Marc Debbaudt.The first seeks volunteers to gather signatures for an initiative to fix much of what is wrong with the death penalty in California. As the Dragnet recently reported, the initiative is supported by Governors George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson and Gray Davis, and retired  District Attorney Steve Cooley.

The ADDA is actively recruiting volunteers to help collect signatures for the ADDA endorsed Death Penalty Reform Initiative. The initiative would be placed on the November ballot for 2014 final statewide election. The petition needs at least 1.2 million signatures to qualify for the ballot. ADDA is calling on our members to assist in the signature gathering process. The signature process is lengthy so it’s important to have lawyers circulating the petition. Three former California Governors, Deukmejian, Wilson and Davis, support the reform effort and announced their support at a highly publicized news conference kicking off the petition effort on February 13, 2014. According to former Governor Davis, “the initiative will save money, reform the system and bring closure more quickly to victim’s families.”

The initiative seeks to do the following:
  1. Give state appellate courts jurisdiction over death penalty appeals before consideration by California State Supreme Court 
  2. Imposes time limits on state court death penalty review
  3. Requires state appointed attorneys who take noncapital appeals to take capital appeals 
  4. Exempts prison officials from existing regulations process for developing execution methods
  5. Requires death row inmates to work and pay victim restitution 
  6. Will transfer death row inmates among the state wide prison population 
The State Legislative Analyst estimates that the state will save tens of millions in taxpayer dollars related to the death penalty.

Please see any ADDA board member or contact Californians for Death Penalty Reform and Savings at for how to circulate/obtain petitions. You can also contact Phyllis Loya, Chairperson of Californians for Death Penalty Reform at

ADDA Supports DDA Judicial Candidates

The ADDA will host a meet and greet at Engine Company No 28 on March 4, 2014 introducing ADDA-endorsed judicial candidates
  • Andrew Cooper,
  • Amy Carter,
  • Ann Park
  • Carol Najera
  • Dayan Mathai
  • Donna Armstrong
  • Serena Murillo
  • Aliston Matsumoto-Estrada
  • Stacy Okun-Wise
  • Teresa Magno
The event will also honor recently appointed Superior Court Judge the Hon. Frank Tavelman, along with Hilda Solis, a candidate for the Board of Supervisors.

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OMG. For once the ADDA and Steve Cooley are in agreement? Say it ain't so.