Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Marc Debbaudt Elected ADDA President

In a surprise upset, incumbent ADDA President Donna McClay was defeated Tuesday night by challenger Marc Debbaudt, according to an email announcement from the ADDA.

The ADDA Website was updated at around 10PM to reflect the results, however, no information was provided as to the number of votes cast for Debbaudt and McClay.

Although McClay appeared to have the support of the majority of DDAs, it is likely that many who approved of her leadership style either did not bother to vote, or were unable to do so because they do not pay the additional $10 monthly ADDA dues.

Debbaudt has yet to release a statement, however, it is likely that he will do so shortly and will likely urge members to support his platform promise to exercise the "Escape Clause" that will cause the ADDA to terminate its expensive affiliation with AFSCME; the labor organization that was blasted by Debbaudt as "a financial vampire, draining your dues, giving you little in return."

Implicit with the Escape Clause is the promise of reduced monthly dues, a factor that may have persuaded ADDA members with voting privileges to support Debbaudt's candidacy.



Anonymous said...

Holly Crap! I thought McClay had this in the bag WTF! My guess is that the next step will be to decertify the ADDA and put an end to the agency shop. Sad day for DDAs, but that's what happens when people don't vote.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Marc Debbaudt and his supporters! Marc ran an intelligent campaign focused on the issues that matter. Donna focused on a bunch of so-called achievements which were really nothing that had anything to do with the ADDA. The 6% pay raise was given to all county employees, no negotiation was needed other than arguing whether you could sign the contract in blue or black.

Marc will slay the AFSCME vampire and become the hero to all DDAs that he is.

Anonymous said...

I think the thing that Dragnet usually miscalculates is: who is the majority of the ADDA? The profile of the majority of ADDA members is different than the profile of most of the DDA's in the LADA.

A majority of DDA's are not ADDA members. Not even close.

Of the DDA's who are ADDA members, many are sick of the antics and malfeasance of the Ipsen-Debbaudt crowd. But of not everyone in this group votes, many are so sick of the mess that they don't participate.

Unfortunately those who are willing to overcome their revulsion long enough to participate have (by this stage) been whittled down to a group that is not large enough to challenge the Ipsen-Debbaudt crowd.

Decertification would not be a difficult process. Those of us in the REAL majority should consider this option.

Anonymous said...

70 votes for Debbaudt, 56 for McClay. With so few DDAs voting, who thinks a de-certification vote has a chance?