Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Musings; ADDA Election Update

ADDA Presidential Election Update - McClay favored over Debbaudt

The ballots for the February 18, 2014 election to decide on whether ADDA President Donna McClay should continue as President, or whether challenger Marc Debbaudt gets a shot at leadership, have arrived.

Based on many of the comments posted last week (see comments posted on Monday and Friday), there is a sharp divide between those who favor McClay's style of leadership which focuses more on doing the best job for all DDAs, and Debbaudt's which appears to mirror the style of the Ipsen era focusing more on individuals who have personal axes to grind.

Some say that McClay is too closely aligned with District Attorney Jackie Lacey and AFSCME to be an effective leader. In doing so, others say that a small group of malcontents ignore the fact that under McClay's leadership real progress has been made for all DDAs in terms of pay rises and improvements to working conditions. A small, vitriolic group favors Debbaudt's approach, one which promises to end affiliation with AFSCME and a return of the acrimony and impasse that marked the Ipsen era with expensive lawsuits that were more concerned with individual members of the ADDA.

When membership of the ADDA was entirely voluntary, it was not surprising that the causes it fought were of direct concern to those like Ipsen, rather than matters of concern to the vast majority of DDAs. But now that all DDAs are required to pay union dues, it seems that the ADDA must become more representative of all its members, not just those who have behaved in a manner apparently not befitting the position of Deputy District Attorney.

Debbaudt, it appears, favors the ADDA's continuing to use members' dues to pay for lawyers to defend against Ipsen's termination because, as Debbaudt commented "The Ipsen termination case before ERCOM has an ADDA aspect." Few would agree. Perhaps Debbaudt has not read Ipsen's termination letter, it is hard to imagine any member agreeing that there is "an ADDA aspect" to any of the conduct outlined in the letter.

Judging by the comments, the choice appears to be a fairly straightforward one; a vote for McClay which allows the interests of all DDAs to be paramount and fairly represented, or a vote for Debbaudt which promises to take us back to the dark ages, where Area 51 conspiracies and hopeless expensive lawsuits condoning "improper and egregious conduct in violation of the law and the DAO policy" rule the day.

As a footnote, a small number comments could not be posted. Not because of the personal attacks made against the Dragnet, those merely show readers that there are some seriously unhinged people out there, but rather because those comments contain truly defamatory remarks about others.

Unfortunately, votes in ADDA elections are historically low, favoring small but highly motivated groups. In this election, it appears that those who favor a moderate and measured leader will have to make sure they post their ballots in time to be counted.


Anonymous said...

Put concisely, if you want your ADDA dues to fund Ipsen's termination related legal fees, vote for Debbaudt. And by "termination related," we DO NOT mean the federal lawsuit he and Seligman lost.

Anonymous said...

If you read what Marc says carefully, he is committed to taking the ADDA out of AFSCME. But what he does not say is whether the $75/month union dues will go down. Reading between the lines, Debbaudt wants the $75/month to fund his personal vendetta against the administration. That might be in his interest, but it is not in the interests of the rank and file. We need to bring an end to the Ipsen era. Vote for Donna.

Anonymous said...

Berger, you obviously do not know the first thing about unions. We need a powerful aggressive and yes litigious President to fight the fights that you decry as "hopeless." Steve Ispen, Hyatt Seligman and James Bozajian are modern day Cesar Chavez's. That is the kind of leadership we need; not the kiss and make up plain vanilla approach of Donna McClay. It takes courage to fight a fight for someone who has been tared with the administration brush like Ipsen was.

The termination letter you published contains only the administration's point of view. There may well be a strong and compelling defense of Steve's actions. Haven't you heard of the First Amendment? Seems to me that all Steve was doing was exercising a basic constitutional right.

Anonymous said...

Haha 8:06am compared Ipson and Bozajian to Cesar Chavez. I can't stop laughing right now. I snarfed my coffee!! Good one!!

Anonymous said...

The comparison of Steve Ipsen to Cesar Chavez is a disgusting new low by the tin foil hat crowd. I'm disappointed Debbaudt hasn't come forward to distance himself from that remark.

Anonymous said...

I think 8:06am meant Hugo Chavez.

Anonymous said...

Who does Debbaudt and his supporters get to replace AFSCME? Ipsen needs a job. Think about it.


Donna has Preserved DDAs’ Pay and Benefits
• Contract extensions in 2011 and 2012 saved our Megaflex and Flex benefits plans for health care premiums, 401(k), 457(b) and step increases from reductions that could have been imposed by the County through Impasse
• Pay raises for all DDAs –with new Contract, 6% paid over 24 months is same as Deputy Sheriffs, Firefighters and Probation Officers
Donna has the Temperament to work with management to get changes DDAs want without filing lawsuits
• Eliminated “mandatory” lunchtime seminars
• Stopped job description changes for DDAs that, if implemented, could have resulted in de factor demotions without administrative or legal remedies
• Has earned management’s trust so is effective at bargaining for new contract
• Has scheduled meetings with District Attorney management and Superior Court reps to discuss changes in metal detector security screenings and promotions process
Donna has Personal Integrity and Credibility
• No vendetta against County or District Attorney management
• No personal lawsuits or grievances against District Attorney or County
• No self-interest for promotion, assignment or money
Donna has been Fiscally Responsible
• She has not squandered DDAs’ money with new lawsuits
• ADDA’s re-payment of our AFSCME loans is on track for full payment when due

Donna has Plans for the ADDA’s Future Success
• Better communication with DDAs and inclusion of DDAs in the ADDA’s decisions
• Revise the ADDA’s bylaws to benefit DDAS
• Build relationships with political forces that will impact our next Contract

Anonymous said...

I don't have any gripes or complaints with the administration, sure I'd like easier promotions, and sometimes transfers suck. But let's not forget why most of us under 45 applied for this job; it's the best job in the world!

When I joined the office, there were 60 of us hired in two classes out of around 900 who applied. I hear the current round of hiring will be the same.

Ipsen, Seligman, Debbaudt and Bozajian all thought they were better than us; more qualified, too precious to do mundane duties. Well if you don't like your job, go find one you do like. Marc, I'll trade you for your top-step Grade IV salary and do any job they want me to do.

I'm voting for Donna McClay because she is the kind of person I want to represent me. Pretty much everyone I've spoken to is doing the same.

Anonymous said...

Holly crap, have you seen the Obituary for Hyatt in the LA Times?,0,5724495.story

Shameful, if they didn't have anything nice to say, why say anything at all?