Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Musings: New Sheriff Sweeps Clean, ADDA Elections

(Interim) Sheriff John Scott Dumps Baca's Boondoggle Boys

LA County's interim Sheriff was wasted no time shutting down one of former Sheriff Lee Baca's boondoggles; the scandal-ridden "Civilian Field Deputy" program that was costing taxpayers over a half a million dollars a year, with zero accountability.
Sheriff Scott shut down the Civilian Field Deputy program Friday,
firing the three remaining highly paid individuals.

This exclusive report from ABC Eyewitness News:

Rumors that there was yet another scandal brewing in the Sheriff's Department started last year when Field Deputy Bishop Edward Turner, one of "Baca's Boondoggle Boys" receiving $105,000 a year from taxpayers, as well as a county car, phone and badge, was discovered to be the landlord of an illegal medical marijuana shop. Turner, who said his duties included "drug-abuse prevention," could hardly claim not to have known what his tenants were doing in his store; it was located across the street from his church.

Turner was "relieved of duty" when Eyewitness News broke the story in November last year, but Baca continued to pay the three remaining members of his program. It took newly installed Sheriff Scott to shut the program down when he heard of Eyewitness News' latest scandal about one of the remaining civilian field deputies; Field Deputy Michael Yamaki, who made $171,000 a year on Baca's gravy train, but who seemed to spend much of his time on the links at the Riviera County Club, apparently on the county dime.

A Public Records Act request by Eyewitness News for records of Yamaki's work calendar and job description was responded to by the Sheriff's Department with the stunning statement that "those things do not exist" for the man who received $171k a year of taxpayer funds.

Sheriff Scott has launched an official inquiry into "possible misuse of public funds" and likely has his eye on other Baca Boondoogles, such as what is understood to be called the "Special" Reserve Deputy program, under which businessmen who are friends of Baca, get to carry guns and a badge - understood to be handy for getting out of traffic tickets.

ADDA Election Time

It's time to pick a new President and officers for the ADDA. Current President Donna McClay is being challenged by Marc Debbaudt who is a DDA, and (don't laugh) James Bozajian, who is understood to be retiring wants to be Vice-President.

This from Donna McClay:

This from Marc Debbaudt:

Debbaudt's campaign platform can be accessed by clicking here.

There is nothing from James Bozajian, but that's nothing new.


Marc Debbaudt said...

Two things: 1. ADDA President Donna McClay is trying to rescind the vote that will grant members the right to vote on the "Escape Clause" which will free them from AFSCME. 2. James Bozajian is not running for President.

Anonymous said...

Debbaudt has the right idea. We need to dump AFSCME. It is bad enough that we've been forced to pay off Ipsen and Seligman's legal bills through out dues, but now that we can get out of the relationship with AFSCME, we should do it. We won't get a second chance.

Anonymous said...

I urge all DDAs to re~elect Donna McClay and I hope the Dragnet will weigh in on the others running for seats on the board

Anonymous said...

2-3-2014 @2:20
If members don't want to be stuck with Steve Ipsen's and Hyatt Seligman's legal bills, Debbaudt may not be the candidate of choice. On a number of occasions he has expressed support for continuing to pay the legal bills of Ipsen, who he refers to as the ADDA's "founding president".

Anyway, Debbaudt may or may not be sincere about funding Steve Ipsen's legal bills. In the past he has passionately and repeatedly proclaimed that he doesn't want to be re-elected to the board (12-25-2012, 12-23-2012).

Then on 2-22-2012, Debbaudt commented to this board "Finally, please recall me. I've had enough. I have been doing this since 2004 I think, or maybe 2006. So 6 to 8 years. I would be happy to be replaced."

As to being the ADDA President, Debbaudt commented on 2-7-2012 "I don't want to be President. Please never suggest that again."

It's obvious most ADDA members are unhappy with the idea of paying legal bills for Steve Ipsen. The candidates for ADDA President should be expected to state, specifically, their positions on funding this litigation.

Anonymous said...

Debbaudt is a douchebag who is part and parcel of the Ipsen cadre, along with Bozajian, who is a loser! God, I hope this organization has finally realized the damage these idiots have caused.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Like most DDAs who read the Dragnet, I expect a certain amount of anti-Ipsen era stuff. I don't understand why you are giving Marc Debbaudt a platform here? Surely he is the enemy and should be ignored? I have read his manifesto several times, and I see that he wants to part ways with AFSCME, which should save us $75 a month, but he seems to want to give that money to another union like ALADS or the Probation Officers Union? Why? Why do we need to waste money on these people? We don't need them, THEY NEED US.

I'll vote for Marc if he makes a solemn pledge to take us out of AFSCME and lower our dues. If we need ALADS, then let ALADS make us an offer - after all, the unions all want the prestige of representing DDAs - we are the prize to them. Ipsen, that smug self-serving piece of shit, gave it away like a San Pedro whore when he got us into bed with AFSCME.

How about it Marc? Show some guts and explain the whole situation regarding the fees. It was a 3 year deal to pay off the debts from Ipsen's failed lawsuit against Burke, wasn't it? That's where our money has gone - $900 a year for most DDAs going to pay for Ipsen's freakin incompetence. Are you going to stop that?

Anonymous said...

Donna McClay's incompetence is worse than any other in ADDA's past history. She continually fails to follow by laws and would make the Burke law suit look like flipping a penny into the gutter. If she stays around there will be no dues for anything else other than to clean up her mess. Jackie Lacey is her ice cream cone, and she doesn't care about DDAs being stuck with them. She is only there to promote herself and praise Lacey. She will never stand up for you and neither will AFSCME who lied to everyone. Both gotta go. Who do you trust to fight for you? Marc or Donna? The choice is simple. If it were up to Donna, she would have followed AFSCME like a little sheep and let our health care premiums increase. Baaaa.

Anonymous said...

Donna McClay is the clear choice for ADDA President. It was thanks to Donna that the ADDA has started to have some credibility in representing ALL DDAs, not just the personal interests of the malcontents who have historically used and abused the ADDA to advance their own interests. Why doesn't Marc come clean about his $450k payout? Nice bonus for doing nothing to help fellow DDAs but line his pockets off our sweat. Don't be fooled by Marc, he cares more about bogus fights with management than protecting the interests of fellow DDAs. Donna McClay was the first President to successfully negotiated pay raises for DDAs across the board; she didn't make up some bogus lawsuit about being discriminated against for being in the union to score a nice retirement pay day. I am sick of these closet narcissists who want to profit from our hard work. Kick them all out.

Anonymous said...

Donna didn't negotiate pay raises. It just shows how you can be swooned into believing anything. Everyone in the County got the same COLA increase. Nothing was gained by Donna or negotiating. She is a pointless waste of breath that only cares about kissing up to Lacey. She has fought for nothing and gained DDAs nothing. No one takes her seriously. She is thte narcissists who can't follow the ADDA by laws if it meant her life depended on it and DDAs will pay in future litigation because of her incompetence. She also held a meeting and put on the agenda that she would be paid by the ADDA her full salary while she took a 3 month leave of absence to work on ADDA matters. Everyone else in the past does it on their own time. Now she wants DDAs to pay 3 months of her $150,000 salary. No thanks, I don't want to pay for her vacation. Why don't you ask her about this little secret vote she sneaked into one of her meetings. I want to know, is the ADDA paying for her 3 month vacation?? Could some of the board members chime in on this?

Anonymous said...

To 2-4-2014 @ 7:43am,
Has McClay caused any ADDA legal victories to be erased? Judge Lavin, in negating the ADDA victory at ERCOM, specially mentioned Debbaudt's Ex Parte communications with Paul Causey when he overturned ERCOM's findings for the ADDA (yes, Debbaudt is mentioned by name).

Now, none of this comes close to the string of courtroom defeats caused by Ipsen's leadership, but please, if your gonna say Donna is incompetent, bring examples, not childish name calling.

Anonymous said...

The ADDA bylaws are written to make it easy for a very small minority of crazies to do as they please. All Donna is doing is trying to make the process more open and transparent. Interesting that the ADDA old guard are so opposed to change. What are they afraid of? Democracy?

Sorry, but I'm voting for Donna.

Anonymous said...

Donna is a afraid of Democracy, which is why she hasn't told you any of the AFSCME BS over the past year. Read Marc's campaign statement. Why is Donna soft pedaling and praising ASFCME? Because Lacey wants her to so she can benifit politically next election. Donna cares about one thing, herself. Everything Donna does has a hidden agenda. She's gotta go. You are right about one thing. She is trying to erase the legal victories, and doing so, she is not smart enough to realize that it binds DAs in the long run and prevents other legal victories. The better she can make Lacey look, the better she fairs later on. Who cares about DDAs raises, health premiums etc. Nothing the ADDA has gained was her idea. Ipsen is stupid about one thing, that is for sure, that he supported Donna and helped her become president of the ADDA. She turned on him and all other DDAs the minute she took the crown. Donna first and DDAs, well who cares what they want.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone reading these comments must surely be beginning to get some idea of just how dis functional the ADDA is.

You've got Ipsen puppets like Bozajnand Debbaubt telling you how the rules are being broken my McClay, while they're the ones who gave Ipsen the green light to break the rules when it suited them. You cannot trust anyone who served with Ipsen. Before it did not matter so much, but now we're paying $900 a year for this farce. End it. Donna is the only one who cares about the rank and file the rest are self promoting egomaniacs.

Anonymous said...

Yes end the farce. Electing Donna prolongs it. It will keep DDAs affilitated until December, then they are stuck with AFSCME unless the union decertifies altogether, which will be very difficult, but would be necessary at this point. Your dues will go up, not down and AFSCME will increase them at will. You make your own case and the mental midgetry here is a reflection of how Donna hasn't told you any of this because she benefits by your ignorance. Maybe that is what Lacey wants in the long run. The union to completely dissolve altogether, then she answers to no one. She and the next elected DAs down the line benefit greatly. The County never has to give a single pay raise at that point. Can you NOT think forward beyond your friendship to the queen? She doesn't even understand the legal ramifications of anything that has gone on over the past 8 years. There is no assurance of any protection with Donna in office.

Friend of all DDAs said...

How embarrassing to read DDAs calling each other names like little children. Let's try to elevate the debate.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Lets elevate the debate. Can anyone tell us why we need to have this union in the first place?

Anyone? Because its not for more pay - its obvious that the County would never give us a penny more than the PDs, so if they aren't with us in the union it seems like we are pissing into the wind.

And as for "protection from management" the only people that need it are the broken toys that formed the ADDA and create axes to grind out of thin air. Its not hard to get a long by getting along - we are working for the County if we do our jobs in my experience we get left along. Actually, we all know that if we do even a portion of our jobs they are going to leave us alone. So I don't see the need to be protected, and I don't see the need to pay, collectively, $350k a year for a union that can't really deliver...anything.

Anonymous said...

@2:42 is 100% right. We don't need a union that has done nothing for the 99% of DDAs who do their job. The ADDA exists only for the 1% who think they are so special, so privileged, so much better than us that they don't have to work at their jobs. They don't have to drive too far to work. Some don't have to even go to work! Wake up and smell the roses, it's costing you $900 a year to get a bunch of losers sucking off the county tit. 3 months pay for a leave of absence to whoop it up with a bunch of union hacks? Is that what you want? Well that's what you will get. Think carefully and instead of voting for any of these losers, write "Disband the ADDA" on your ballot. That's what I'm going to do.

Anonymous said...

I initially supported the union and certification. I didn't even complain when all the money started getting taken out of my pay. But I'v gotten really tired of the stupid diatribes and Debbaudt's level of vitriol. Much of the stuff that comes out of him or Ipsen is all about their personal vendettas. And I'm beyond anyone telling me another election will fix it. Hand me a decertification petition and I will gladly sign it.

Anonymous said...

You need to "man-up" and acknowledge whether or not you plan to continue to support paying Steve Ipsen's legal bills. It's an important issue to many members.

Anonymous said...

@3:13PM Instead of writing "Disband the ADDA" I suggest you write "I vote to Decertify the ADDA, and cease affiliation with AFSCME."

If a sufficient number of DDAs submit their ballots in this way, we can stop paying $900 a year for basically nothing and put an end to the various little fiefdoms that Ipsen, Debbaudt and McClay want for their own ends.

I thought Donna was going to be a good thing, but frankly that business about her wanting a 3 month leave of absence with pay to take care of union business has made me realize that none of these people can be trusted.

We've paid $900 a year for 3 years, that's $2,700 taken out of our pay, and we have got nothing. The 2% Cost of Living Allowance was NOT negotiated. It is exactly what the County offered to all employees, not a penny more and not a penny less. It required no effort, skill or expertise from the ADDA, unless saying "Yes please, thank you very much" to what the County offered is considered "negotiation."

I warned you all that the union shop was a downward slippery slope, and a very expensive one. Now you see the evidence for yourselves. The only sensible thing to do is to use the election ballot as a Decertification Initiative. Under labor law, if enough of us sign the ballot as indicated above, we can end this sorry mess, and get an extra $900 a year on top of the 2% COLA.

Anonymous said...

There was plenty of opportunity to gain things during negotiation, but instead Donna wanted to get along and go with the county to be friends with managment. If the negotiations were in the proper hands, we would have forced the county to do something and Lacey wouldn't benefit by saying how she now has a great relationship with the ADDA. The union is supposed to fight and litigate, in turn costing the county money so that they are forced to budge, at least on working conditions. Lacey didn't even do that. She gave us nothing. Those at the negotiating table ie. Donna didn't know what she was doing.
You want something, you elect the fighters or get nothing, decertify, lose insurance, pay and benefits that will cost you well over $900 a year. Debbaudt has lived the process and knows every twist and turn the county has pulled. Donna came in late, doesn't understand the legal ramifications of any of it and just wants to get along and get paid by the union to kiss up to the union thugs that promised to help us, but didn't. Writing BS on your ballot is like voting for Ross Perot. Waste of your vote. Pick someone, then get involved. Pick Donna and get stuck with AFSCME forever. She won't lead efforts to decertify. Pick Debbaut, get rid of AFSCME, decrease our dues and get involved in helping ADDAs gain with the rest of the prosecutors in the state get, which will better your retirement.

Anonymous said...

Sad news, Hyatt Seligman passed away after a horrible illness. Hyatt served as ADDA President during the difficult times when his friend and brother worker Steve Ipsen was forced to step down. Hyatt will be remembered as a true friend of workers and for his sense of humor. RIP.

Anonymous said...

11:49am you shouldn't politicize Hyatt's passing by linking him to Ipsen. If anything the other side can just resend the email where Hyatt praised Donna and entrusted the union to her hands.

Anonymous said...

@11:13 "the union is supposed to fight and litigate, in turn costing the county money so that they are forced to budge..."
Are you KIDDING ME? You think that the role of our union - which is supposed to be representing its membership, is to seek conflict and litigate against our employer? We are lawyers, so we know there is always a role for litigation - and that role should be as a last resort, not as a party trick you can pull out to make yourself feel strong and powerful.

If you ask me, this attitude is exactly indicative of the "broken toys" in the ADDA leadership. But I don't think its representative of the DDA population - we do don't think we've been treated unfairly, and we don't see any reason to pay money to litigate against our employers!

If you don't like this job, please just go to private practice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Hyatt. I know it meant a lot to him to be honored at the ADDA Awards Dinner, and it was thanks only to Donna McClay that the event went of so well with Hyatt being able to hold his head up proud and high and receive the praise and honor he so richly deserved. You people aren't fit to utter his name. He must be turning in his grave hearing the way the union has split. Maybe on Saturday morning, at the seminar, while we honor Hyatt with a moment of silence, you might care to put your differences aside and unite as one to show management that we cannot be bought with cheap tricks. We can only overcome the oppressive management storm troopers by being truly united. Hyatt would have wanted it that way.

Anonymous said...

Berger. Please delete the comments about Hyatt. This is very inappropriate.