Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Briefs: City Attorney Feuer, Judge Candidates Cooper & Rose

City Attorney Mike Feuer fulfills promise

During the closing phases of the 2013 City Attorney race, City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer participated in the Italian American Lawyers Association's City Attorney Debate alongside soon to be defeated incumbent Carmen Trutanich. Feuer promised that, if elected, he would return and Wednesday night, Feuer lived up to his promise appearing as the IALA's keynote speaker.

In a humorous contrast to Trutanich's reputation for breaking promises, Feuer was introduced with the master of ceremonies stating that no threats of full page advertisements were needed to secure Feuer's attendance. Fulfilling promises was the theme of Feuer's keynote with the City Attorney speaking at length about the way he had fulfilled a campaign promise to restaff the City Prosecutor Program that had been decimated by his predecessor. Feuer went on list many of the early changes and achievements under his administration, often peppering his presentation with humorously self-deprecating anecdotes.

DDA Judge candidates Cooper and Rose press the flesh

Former DAs Robert Philibosian and Steve Cooley joined DDA Andrew Cooper at the IALA dinner.
Also in attendance at the IALA dinner were a couple of DDA candidates for the Los Angeles Superior Court. DDA Andrew Cooper, was pictured above with former District Attorneys Robert Philibosian and Steve Cooley, both of whom have endorsed him. Cooper is running for Office 157, currently held by Judge Jessica Perrin Silver, who retires at the end of the month. Cooper has drawn a challenge from former Referee Arnold Mednick who was a late entrant to the race. Cooper certainly appears to be up the challenge; he has a slew of campaign events scheduled and is clearly taking every opportunity to advance his candidacy.

DDA Carol Rose was also doing the rounds at the IALA dinner. The 35 year veteran prosecutor was a late entrant to the race and is running for Office 48, currently held by retiring Judge Ronald Sohigian. That race appears a crowded one currently, with DDAs Amy Carter, Efrain Aceves, and Helen Kim all having filed papers for the Office, as well as former President of the Criminal Courts Bar Association Andrew Stein and former state Senate and Assembly Majority Leader Charles Calderon. It is understood that Rose may not ultimately face quite so many challengers as most have filed for other seats and have until March 7, 2014 to make their final decision.

For an excellent review of all those running for Judge, click here to read the Metropolitan News-Enterprise.


Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...


As You know I strongly supported Mike Feuer during his campaign to get elected City Attorney. I did so not because I expected any favors from him, but because his opponent, Carmen the Liar Trutanich, who I had met and spoke to gave me the impression of a liar, of a thug and of an irresponsible public official who claimed that "they do not do due diligence when they get cases from the police or the health department and that he did not know what the 500 attorneys under him were doing!!!". I supported Fuer therefore in the hope that we will get a better City Attorney.

UNFORTUNATELY, Feuer is proving himself to be just another corrupt Los Angeles policitician. I have challenged him repeatedly to come out in public and explain why he is using his public office to support criminals that have participated in a RICO enterprise, why he is withholding important evidence from the Courts and why he is lying to the Courts?

I am expecting an answer to my questions Mr. Feuer.


Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, Ph.D.

Panagiotis Theodoropoulos said...

Hey Berger,

What is going on. You did not like my comment? The truth is at times not very pleasant; I understand.