Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday's Free For All: McDonnell Kickoff Fundraiser; Murillo for Judge Fundraiser; D-Day for Judge Candidates


LA County Sheriff candidate Jim McDonnell Kickoff Fundraiser

Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell's campaign to replace retired Sheriff Lee Baca got off to an impressive start last night at a private event in downtown Los Angeles. Guests invited by campaign supporters including DA Jackie Lacey, retired DAs Steve Cooley, Robert Philibosian and John Van de Kamp, and former State Assembly Speaker Robert 'Huggy' Hertzberg, crammed the downtown eatery to show their support for McDonnell.

LAPD Chief Beck (right) was amongst the crowded audience to support Jim McDonnell for Sheriff

It was, perhaps, no surprise to see LAPD Chief Charlie Beck in attendance. Beck has endorsed McDonnell to head the troubled Sheriff's Dept., doubtless based on his experience working with McDonnell when they worked together under former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton - who has also endorsed McDonnell.

District Attorney Jackie Lacey introduced LA County Sheriff candidate Jim McDonnell
Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey gave an introductory speech for McDonnell, innovatively using an iPad to deliver her speech. McDonnell, chose more traditional handwritten notes to thank the crowd for their support. McDonnell said he was uncomfortable asking for money, but said the time had come to for him to run and he was grateful for the support. Speaking with a Boston brogue, he left the audience in no doubt that he has the integrity, experience and independence needed to help the Sheriff's Dept. shake off the scandal-ridden legacy of the past administration.

LA County Sheriff candidate Jim McDonnell, flanked by DA Jackie Lacey and retired DA Steve Cooley

McDonnell faces six opponents in the June 3, primary election, and his chances of an outright victory in that election received two significant boosts today. The first was the LA Times report of new claims that his principal rival, former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka, had authorized attempts to hide an inmate working for the FBI as an informant from authorities probing allegations of misconduct in the county jail. The second, was a report at Witness LA that an independent expenditure committee has been formed to support his candidacy.

McDonnell's campaign website is
and his FaceBook Page can be accessed by clicking here.

DDA Serena Murillo's campaign for Superior Court Judge Fundraiser

DDA Serena Murillo (right), candidate for Judge of the Superior Court Office No 90,
pictured with The Hon. Hilda Solis and DDA Bobby Grace.
DDA Serena Murillo's campaign to become Judge of the Superior Court will get a boost this weekend at a Sunday fundraiser held from 1pm to 4pm at the home of former DDA Michael Kraut. OK, it's not a home it's a mansion, and Kraut wants as many DDAs who want to help Murillo to attend - just send an email to him at and he'll give you the address; you will not be disappointed. Kraut has hosted a number of lavish fundraisers at his Los Feliz mansion, (did I say it was a mansion) and as well as meeting Kraut and his family, you can also meet a duck called Elden. Kraut can explain. Please come and help Serena.


Serena's campaign website is

D-Day for Judicial Candidates
UPDATED: DDAs Chris Frisco (#72) Ann Park (#82) and Serena Murillo #90) are unopposed and will be elected Judges of the Superior Court on June 3, 2014. Full details of the remaining candidates to follow.

There are 14 open seats for candidates to become Judge of the Superior Court, and today is the day that 28 candidates chasing those seats have to decide which seat they will choose for their campaign, or whether they will run at all. By the close of business Friday, the candidates for the following seats will be known.

Office No 22
It seems certain that DDA Amy Carter will face former Referee Pamela Matsumoto .

Office No 48
DDA Carol Rose is one of 5 candidates who filed papers for Office 48, but Friday evening she will know whether her likely sole opponent, Charles Calerdon will withdraw in the light of the latest scandal to tarnish the Calderon political family. Thursday the Pasadena News-Star reported that Calderon paid his son Ian $40k for 'consulting' in his uncontested reelection campaign in 2010. That scandal comes in the heels of the other scandal involving his brothers who have been indicted on corruption charges by the US Attorney's Office. Of the three other filers for 48, Attorney Andrew Stein is expected to run for Office 87, DDA Amy Carter will run for 22, and it's anyone's guess as to which seat DDA Helen Kim will finally choose - she filed for 8 seats. Kim may decide that with Calderon looking very weak, she has a better chance against Rose than any other other DDAs she could run against.

Office No 54
DDA Shannon Knight will face Commissioner Debra Losnick.

Office No 61
DDA Dayan Mathai is currently opposed by Attorney Otis Felder, Commissioner Jacqueline Lewis, and DDA Helen Kim.

Office No 72
DDA Chris Frisco originally filed for office 72, but then DDAs Amy Carter and Helen Kim filed papers too. He knows Carter is out, and if Kim chooses 48, he will be unopposed.

Office No 76
DDA Alison Matsumoto Estrada was the sole filer until DDA Helen Kim filed papers. Alison will be anxiously waiting to find out whether DDA Helen Kim decides to take on Rose in 48 and leave her  unopposed, like Frisco.

Office No 82
DDA Ann Park now knows that DDA Amy Carter is likely out of this race, but DDA Helen Kim also filed papers. Kim vs Park is unlikely to be seen on the ballot, so it looks like Park will be unopposed.

Office No 87
DDA Steven Schreiner will likely face Attorney Andrew Stein and Deputy City Attorney Tom Griego.

Office No 90
DDA Serena Murillo, like Frisco, Matsumoto Estrada and Park, will be waiting to see what DDA Helen Kim decides. Serena could be unopposed (sounds like a broken record, doesn't it).

Office No 97
DDA Teresa Pineda-Magno will likely face Deputy City Attorney Songhai Miguda-Armsted, but of course, there's always the possibility that DDA Helen Kim could make this a three-way fight (unlikely).

Office No 107
DDA Joan Chrostek will face Commissioner Emma Castro, but of course, there's always the possibility that DDA Helen Kim could make this (her eighth and final seat) a three-way fight (also unlikely).

Office No 113
DDA Stacy Okun-Weise will likely face Attorney Steven Klaif and possibly former Referee Arnold Mednick if he decides not to run for Office 157.

Office No 138
DDA Donna Hollingsworth-Armstrong will likely face Attorney Marc Gibbons.

Office 157
DDA Andrew Cooper will likely face former Referee Arnold Mednick unless he decides to run for Office 113, in which has Cooper will be unopposed.

It certainly seems that a few people will be biting their nails waiting to see what Helen Kim finally decides to do.


Anonymous said...

Jim McDonnell has my vote. I was supporting Bob Olmsted, who was the obvious choice until McDonnell stepped up to the plate. Since then it has gone downhill for Olmsted - fundraising has dried up and he's doing a $100 a head fundraiser in a bar in Downey next week. That won't cut it in a countywide race where you have to hit the high propensity voters at least three times before the election. That takes the kind of millions that McDonnell and the independent expenditure committee has, not bar tips. Tanaka is screwed, any money he can raise won't overcome all the negative publicity about him. The other candidates will be names on the ballot, and that's all.

Anonymous said...

I like McDonnell and I want to support a complete outsider to LASD. But I can't get beyond the fact that he chickened out of a face-to-face challenge to Baca, and Olmsted had the balls to do just that.