Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday's Free For All - In Brief; McDonnell scores major media endorsement; DDA Candidates rated by LACBA

LA County Sheriff candidate Jim McDonnell scores first major media endorsement

The newspaper paper group with the second largest readership in LA County has endorsed Long Breach Police Chief Jim McDonnell for Sheriff in the June 3, 2014 primary election. In their editorial page, the Los Angeles Daily News said "When Lee Baca resigned unexpectedly in January after 15 years as sheriff, he left behind investigations and indictments related to jail beatings and other abuses, and created an opening for a new leader to clean up what some call a culture of corruption". 

"That new leader must be someone with experience running a law-enforcement agency, a clear eye for problems and the credibility to fix them."

"Of the seven men running, one has that combination of qualities: Jim McDonnell."

McDonnell now leads the field of seven candidates in terms of fundraising, community leader and law enforcement endorsements, and now media endorsements.

DDA Judicial Candidates Rated by LACBA

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News Enterprise reported that the LA County Bar Association's ratings as to the qualifications of those running for Judge of the Superior Court in the June 3, primary election are slowly becoming known.

Tuesday, the Met News reported that Commissioner Lewis had received the highest possible rating "exceptionally well qualified" in her three way fight with DDA Dayan Mathai ("well qualified") and wannabe jurist Otis B. Felder who "could not be reached for comment," but likely drew a "not qualified" rating given the deceptive nature of his candidacy.

Wednesday, the Met News reported that DDAs Shannon Knight and Alison Matsumoto-Estrada drew "well qualified" ratings.


Anonymous said...

Who needs a run-off in June? McDonnel will be the next Sheriff. Anyone still thinking that Alads or Popa is backing Tanaka, will be the same ones who will deny him when the remaining indictments go down. When and where is the victory party for McDonnell

Anonymous said...

@2:57pm, it doesn't look too good off Bob Olmsted, fundraising has pretty much dried up and loosing the endorsement was a big blow. McDonnell has all the momentum right now.