Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday's Free For All

McDonnell leads fundraising in race for LA County Sheriff

He may be a late entrant to the race to replace former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca, but Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell is ahead in fundraising, according to AM870. McDonnell raised over $307k in the short time before the reporting period a the end of March. McDonnell, the only viable outsider in what will be a closely watched primary, recently garnered the endorsement of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who will co-host a fundraiser for McDonnell on April 15, 2014. Harris recently announced her engagement to Los Angeles lawyer Douglas Emhoff, and the fundraiser is likely to be well attended by those keen to support McDonnell, as well as those looking for a photo op with Harris and her fiance.

McDonnell is also slated to be participating in a debate co-sponsored by the ADDA on April 17, 2014.
The debate will be moderated by soon to be retired Judge Lance Ito with panelists Professor Laurie Levinson from Loyola Law School, Manny Medrano of Medrano & Carlton, and LA Times reporter Jack Leonard.

DDA Judicial Candidates Amy Carter and Shannon Knight join forces for fundraiser

DDAs Amy Carter and Shannon Knight have combined forces in their campaigns to become Superior Court Judges, and will hold joint fundraisers Friday, April 18 and Saturday April 19, 2014 in Manhattan Beach at the Neptunian Women's Club, 920 Highland Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Friday's event is from 5pm to 8pm, Saturday from 2pm to 5pm.

DDA Judicial Candidate Steven Schreiner endorsed by former DA Steve Cooley  

In his race for Judge of the Superior Court, Office No. 87, DDA Steven Schreiner recently gained the endorsement of his former boss, retired District Attorney Steve Cooley.  Schreiner faces two opponents in the June 3, 2014 primary election; former Criminal Bar Association President Andrew Stein, and Deputy City Attorney Tom "I have never tried a serious felony" Griego. Cooley had endorsed Stein before Schreiner entered the race, decided to co-endorse Schreiner believing both to be well qualified.



Anonymous said...

I am disgusted that you have deliberately chosen not to pay tribute to Mort Allen, who died suddenly and will be buried today.

The Daily News article described Mort as an 'icon' and an 'activist' who was 'loved throughout the San Fernando Valley.'

Here's the link:

I know you had your differences with Mort, mostly because he stood in the way of your one man vendetta to destroy Carmen Trutanich, but you had a grain of decency you would put your differences aside at times like these. You should pay tribute to Mort for his service to the San Fernando Valley, and to our nation. But you probably won't even publish this comment. You are a petty hate-filled hack.

Anonymous said...

McDonell will be the next Sheriff for Los Angeles County. The silent majority of ALADS is unofficially backing him. Of course they can't say right now, however, endorsement or not....The general concensus is that EVERYONE that lives or works in Los Angeles County wants CHANGE and he totally fits the bill. Any other candidate should save their money by facing the facts. Their money could be better spent by saving for their pending retirement.

Anonymous said...

The perfect "One - Two" combo would be McDonnell & Olmsted, Sheriff & Under Sheriff, respectively. Out with the "OLD"" In with the "NEW".

Anonymous said...

With McDonnell getting endorsements from the California's State Attorney General, and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and Los Angeles County District Attorney....He is a shoo-in to win. The only question is, who will he pick as his staff. He is actually saving ALADS and POPA millions or dollars which can the be spent on assisting all the deputies that were indicted. With that being said, there should not be any excuses from either union.