Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Week Is A Long Time In Politics ...

With a week to go before the June 3, 2014 primary election, the campaigns are ramping up for what promises to be a record low turnout.

Yard signs are springing up countywide, with some candidates clearly relying on professional services to plant their signs, judging by the large numbers of signs in some cases.

In the race for Sheriff, Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell has dominated the airwaves with a radio advert featuring District Attorney Jackie Lacey urging voters to support McDonnell. The advert was paid for by an independent expenditure committee, unconnected with his campaign. McDonnell's main rival, Sheriff Baca's former number two - Paul Tanaka, briefly hit the airwaves with a radio advert, however, this appears to have been discontinued. Most observers expect a runoff in November between McDonnell and Tanaka, with McDonnell wining in November as more media attention turns to Tanaka's negatives.

The County Assessors Office looks like also being headed towards a runoff. Head Deputy District Attorney John Morris has swept the media endorsements, while his main rival, Jeffrey Prang appears to be relying on partisanship to carry the day - he is the choice of Democrats despite being right hand man to disgraced former County Assessor John Noguez. Given the low turnout by Democrats in this election cycle, and the high number of candidates in this race, a Morris Prang runoff is expected. Just as with the Sheriff's race, Morris has the advantage in November as media attention spotlights Prang's association with Noguez.

In the judicial races, those candidates with prosecutorial ballot designations look favorite to win. However, some experts are opining that as voters go down the ballot, their historical preference for prosecutors may wane as they reach the lower end of the ballot.


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