Tuesday, May 13, 2014

LA Times Judicial Endorsements May Not Help Commissioners

Following our reportage, Monday, of the LA Times Judicial endorsements, comes this piece of news that may offer some comfort to those Deputy District Attorneys who were, perhaps, unjustly denied the Times endorsement in favor of Court Commissioners.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise reported, Monday, that Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Mitchell Block is retiring next month. I'm sure we all thank Commissioner Block for his years of service, but that's not the story. Towards the end of the article, the Met News recounts that Block, a former DDA himself, was appointed as commissioner in 1988 and "sought election as a Superior Court judge in 1994. He was rated 'Well Qualified' by the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Judicial Elections Evaluation Committee, but lost the contest to Susan Bryant-Deason, then a deputy district attorney."

The phrase that comes to mind is that of campaign consultant David Gould, who recently told the Met News that "commissioners, in general, do not necessarily do very well against D.A.s." 

Gould's remarks, coupled with Block's experience should provide some comfort to DDA Judicial candidates Amy Carter, Shannon Knight, Dayan Mathai, and Joan Chrostek, all of whom were denied endorsement by the Times in favor of three court commissioners and a former court referee.

Our promised piece on the remaining four DDA Judicial candidates also denied endorsement by the Times will appear Thursday.



Anonymous said...

You've nailed it. This will be a low turnout election with most democrats giving it a pass. That means a high proportion of informed voters most of whom will nevertheless be more focused on the big ticket races; sheriff and supervisor. when they scroll down to the judicial races, guess what? It's all about the ballot designations and the prosecutors will win handily over the commissioners and others lackluster titles. The only race thats hard to call is Stein vs Schreiner. That could easily go either way because of Stein's clever use of "gang homicide attorney" as his title. That and the $200k he has spent on mail...

Anonymous said...

or he could win because Schreiner is an awful candidate. enough DA's on the bench