Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Historic Victories in Primary Election

It may have been a record low voter turnout in Tuesday's primary election, but quality not quantity defines those who did show up and vote. An informed electorate made some wise decisions that overwhelmed the well-funded campaigns of bad candidates.

LA County Sheriff: Jim McDonnell Trounces Tanaka

Former DA Steve Cooley announces LA County Sheriff candidate Jim McDonnell's
historic win in the primary election.
LA County Sheriff candidate Jim McDonnell won the primary election by a landslide despite lagging behind disgraced former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka in fundraising. As we close for press with 73% of precincts reporting, McDonnell has 48.5% of the vote, 33.5% ahead of his predicted runoff challenger Tanaka.

LA County Sheriff candidate Jim McDonnell, surrounded by his wife and daughter
at his Election Party at the JW Marriott in Downtown Los Angeles.
The crushingly high lead held by McDonnell suggests that the November runoff may be a mere formality. Tanaka, who out raised and out spent McDonnell, was unable to match his campaign rhetoric with votes, polling a dismal 14.93%. Tanaka's campaign tried to distance the former number two to Sheriff Baca from the scandals that ran rife on his watch, but voter concerns over Tanaka being "under investigation" by federal authorities put paid to any dreams he may have had that he could fool voters into electing him as Sheriff. Tanaka will face McDonnell in the November runoff, unless he decides to withdraw in the face of what seems to be certain defeat.

LA County Assessor: John Morris secures place in runoff against Jeffrey Prang

Head Deputy District Attorney John Morris won enough of the vote to win a place in the November runoff that will pitch him against Jeffrey Prang.  Barely 2 percentage votes separate Morris and Prang; a political disaster for Prang who had the sweep of democrat endorsements. In the November runoff, Morris will likely defeat Prang as media attention focuses on all the reasons why Prang is utterly unfit to hold this office.

DDA Candidates sweep nearly all Judicial Races

As predicted, Deputy District Attorneys Amy Carter (Office No. 22), Andrew Cooper (Office No. 157), Donna Hollingsworth Armstrong (Office No. 138) and Stacy Weise (Office No. 107) won their races handily. Of the 'races to watch' there were some surprises.

Office No. 48: Carol Rose wins with almost 67% of the vote.

Office No. 54: Shannon Knight defeats Commissioner Debra Losnick. It seems that Political Campaign Strategist David Gould's prophecy that "commissioners, in general, do not necessarily do very well against D.A.s." was on the money; all commissioners and referees failed to best their DDA rivals.

Office No. 61: Dayan Mathai will face Commissioner Jacqueline Lewis in the November runoff. Mathai polled 46.5%, Lewis 41% and phony "Los Angeles Prosecutor" B. Otis Felder 12.5%. Mathai would likely have won but for Felder's candidacy, but November will see if David Gould's prophecy continues to hold true.

Office No. 76: Alison Matsumoto Estrada polled a crushing 56.7% of the vote, demolishing part-time "Criminal Prosecutor" Helen Kim who, despite spending over $800k of special interest money to buy the seat, failed miserably.

Office No. 87: Steven Schriener failed in his bid to best Andrew Stein and the totally unfit and unqualified Deputy City Attorney Tom Griego. Stein, who polled lowest in the early results, emerged top of the polls as late votes were counted. Stein will face Griego in November, and will likely crush him.

Office No. 97: Teresa Magno beat race card player Deputy City Attorney Songhai "Sunny" Armstead.

Office No. 107: Joan Chrostek beat alleged work shy Commissioner Emma Castro.

Office No. 117: As we close for press, Carol Najera is surprisingly holding the slenderest of leads over incumbent Superior Court Judge James B. Pierce.

Expect a recount in this race.



Anonymous said...

It must blow to b Helen Kim this morning. $845k tossed down the drain, think how many shoes she could have bought instead? Alison Matsumoto Estrada beat Kim with 20% of the money Kim burnt. Good Job Alison!

Anonymous said...

B. Otis Felder - a*hole. Did you really think running with more or less the same ballot title that sunk the SS Trutanich was going to work for you? Very poor judgment.

Anonymous said...

Joe, I don't know why you choose to publish some comments and not others. The stuff I sent you about DCA Sunny Airhead would have made her defeat perfect. This entire election was a goldmine of stories, only a few came out. Grow a pair and be a little bolder with the comments you publish - the peeps at the CA's Office enjoy reading the truth about these sacred cows. I guess I'll find out soon enough if you have the guts to publish this.

Anonymous said...

Joe, you need to look into the insulting post placed by Andrew Stein shortly after he got into the runoff. By personally insulting several prominent attorneys, by name, and thanking the Long Beach defense bar "for nothing" he has shown he was well deserving of his NQ rating. In one day, Stein has shown a complete lack of Judicial temperament, and a lack of maturity that is absolutely unbelievable. He has also done something I didn't think possible, and that is to gain support for his opponent.