Tuesday, June 10, 2014

McDonnell Close to Outright Victory in Updated Election Results

Long Beach Police Chief and leading LA County Sheriff candidate Jim McDonnell is getting closer to claiming outright victory in the June 3, 2014 primary election. McDonnell now has 49.73% of the vote, up from election night's figure of 49.15%.

The LA County Registrar-Recorder released the results of the second update as previously uncounted votes were verified and tabulated. Of the 160,000 such votes, 114,753 were found to be valid, according to today's news release. A further update is scheduled for Friday June 13, 2104, and will probably occur towards the end of the day. The Registrar-Recorder's News Room can be accessed by clicking here.

Of the 114,753 votes now validated, 108,948 included votes for Sheriff. The actual figures, taken from the election results website are:

Significantly, McDonnell polled 57,273 votes of the 108,948 votes counted in the second update, and that equates to 52.57% of second update votes going to McDonnell. If that trend continues in the remaining 50,000 or so votes to be verified, McDonnell will win the primary outright.

Even if Friday's third update does not put McDonnell over the 50% plus one vote victory line, the results of the primary makes the result of a runoff a foregone conclusion; one that is so overwhelming that it will likely cause the distant second place finisher Paul Tanaka to withdraw from the runoff.

In other news...

The updated election results also appear to confirm the trend in two of the closer races for Judge of the Superior Court. In Office No. 117, Deputy DA Carol Najera has increased her lead in the surprise defeat of sitting Superior Court Judge James B. Pierce. Najera now has 50.43% of the vote. In Office No. 107, Deputy DA Joan Chrostek remains in the lead with 51.71%.


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