Monday, July 21, 2014

Brown Bans Deputy District Attorneys from Judicial Appointments

The Dragnet has learned that California Governor Jerry Brown has banned the appointment of any Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorneys to become judges of the Superior Court.

The move from the septuagenarian Democrat is believed to be a 'tit for tat' backlash reaction to the results of the June primary election where almost all Deputy District Attorneys running for Los Angeles County Superior Court were democratically elected; 13 Deputy District Attorneys will become Judges in January as a result of the voter's choices, a 14th faces a run-off in November.

Brown, who despite appearances is only 76, was said to have descended into an apoplectic rage upon learning that judges had deliberately announced their retirements during the period when the electorate decides replacements, thus denying the aged Governor appointment power. Many judges are believed to have been not only disappointed with some of the senescent Governor's prior 'partisan' appointments, but also outraged by his callous cuts to the Superior Court budget.

Brown's ban on appointing prosecutors as judges has so far failed to attract the attention of the mainstream media. However, Governor Moonbeam's apparent disapproval of, and lack of faith in, the electoral process could upset his hopes for reelection in November. Many fear that the soon to be octogenarian is hell bent on paying back Californian voters for 1986 when voters ousted Supreme Court Justice Rose Bird - one of Brown's proudest judicial appointments. Brown, it seems, is determined to leave a legacy of liberal, light-on-crime activist judges as the light fades on the Moonbeam.



Anonymous said...

No surprise here. Brown is philosophically opposed to prosecutors, the few that he did appoint were reluctant appointments at best. He knows he will be re elected in November and he's just flexing his muscles. Pay attention California, this jerk is going to set our state back 40 years to crime waves and liberal judges.

Anonymous said...

This is quite a one-sided post. Brown has appointed lots of prosecutors, just not as many and his predecessors. I wonder if the blog would have been equally unglued had Brown done what Duke and Wilson did, which was basically put in a black robe any and all DDA applicants. If this is Brown's payback, that's the way things work. The bench is still dominated by former prosecutors.

Now as to some of the prosecutors recently elected, OMG is all I have to say!

Anonymous said...

lets get real with this blog.. most DDA's are awful Judges, afraid to be fair and make the right call. a large group just won elections.. the Governor is trying to even out the bench... where was "dragnet's" blog when Gov Arnold refused to appoint defense attorneys...

Anonymous said...

While some DAs have good criminal trial experience, most are woefully deficient in civil litigation experience (recall candidate Mathai's bumbling his own writ?!). Most of the case filings in LA are civil matters (unless you count traffic infractions) where a DA's experience would be of little consequence. Moreover, most DAs don't come from the leading law schools or firms, and simple do not have much in the way of published scholarly work (look at those just elected - not exactly law review material). Brown, a graduate of Yale, is appointing the top legal minds to the bench.

Anonymous said...

@3:33PM. Your point is well taken - DDAs who are appointed to the bench are best suited to criminal cases. At the moment, thanks to Governor Brown's horrible AB109, the criminal courts are overwhelmed with cases. Misdemeanor trials have shot up because thanks to the overcrowding caused by AB109, there is no downside to going to trial and losing - whether a defendant takes a plea bargain of 30 days or loses ant trial and gets 180 or a year, he is still out on the streets before you can say 'Realignment.' In Felony trials, it's almost as bad now that state prison is not a threat for many cases. If Prop 47 passes, the situation will get even worse. Brown is a disaster for the criminal justice system, again.