Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Governor Brown Dismisses DDA Ban as "Pure Fiction"

In response to our report, Monday, that Governor Brown has issued a ban on judicial appointments of LA County Deputy District Attorneys in response to the election of 13 DDAs to the bench in the June primary elections, a spokesman for the Governor stated the claim was “pure fiction” and “factually challenged.”

In support of the Governor’s claims, the Dragnet was contacted by a DDA who also disputed the existence of any ban. “I have the utmost confidence in the appointment process, and do not believe there is any ban,” the DDA said. “It is a long selection process and there are many qualified candidates.” The DDA further referred the Dragnet to the recent appointment of deputy district attorneys in other counties.

In the light of those comments we wish to make it clear that the comments attributed to the LA County DDA cited on July 21, 2014 regarding the Governor's judicial appointment process are fully retracted. The comments were based on inaccurate and incorrect information from a third party. Attributing such comments to that DDA was a mistake and inconsistent with her/his temperament and character. This reporter apologizes for not having looked into the alleged comments more carefully.

On July 16, 2014, the Governor appointed 10 lawyers to Superior Court judgeships in Orange, San Diego, Santa Clara and Contra Costa. Of the 10 appointees, 4 were Deputy District Attorneys in those counties. 9 appointees were Democrats.

The next round of judicial appointments will give the Governor the opportunity to prove that there is no ban on appointing LA County DDAs to judgeships. Watch this space.


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