Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mayor Eric Garcetti endorses Jim McDonnell for LA County Sheriff

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti became the latest elected official to endorse Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell for Los Angeles County Sheriff.

LA Sheriff's candidate Jim McDonnell speaks after receiving the endorsement
of Mayor Eric Garcetti, right, outside City Hall (Credit: KPCC)
Garcetti joins what is likely the longest list of prominent supporters for a candidate in electoral history. According to KPCC's Frank Stolze, Garcetti stood "with McDonnell on the steps of City Hall, the mayor pointed across the street to LAPD headquarters. McDonnell once was second in command there. 'Jim was able to lead this department out of a federal consent decree - exactly the kind of leadership we need now for the Sheriff’s Department,' Garcetti said."

Stoltze also reported that McDonnell's opponent, disgraced former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka "did not return calls for comment." and that "He has all but disappeared from the campaign trail." Indeed, the last that was heard from Tanaka's kamikaze campaign was in August when Tanaka Tweeted that he was still in the race, but giving his supporters time to enjoy the summer with their families.

The last word from the Tanaka campaign was in August, 2014.
In the absence of any news from the Tanaka campaign, it would appear that he has given his supporters an endless summer.


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